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Outdoor Kitchen Drawers: Shopper’s Guide and Top 4 Brand Options for 2024

By James King

January 5, 2024

There’s nothing quite like a well-designed outdoor kitchen.

Copious amounts of counter-space… Some awesome appliances to make the job easier… And all the tools you need to cook right at your fingertips.

But when most people start envisioning their new grill island… Storage is the last thing on their mind.

We admit that it might not be as exciting as a new grill or side burner…

But there’s nothing more convenient than a few good outdoor kitchen drawers to hold all of your utensils, dishware, and more!

So let’s get started.

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Types of Outdoor Kitchen Drawers

While there are many outdoor kitchen storage options… Outdoor kitchen drawers are a bit more specific.

You’ll probably be storing things like utensils and dishware… But it doesn’t stop there!

Here are the types of outdoor kitchen drawers you’ll encounter.

Classic Outdoor Kitchen Drawers

Your classic outdoor kitchen drawers are similar to the storage drawers in your indoor kitchen!

These are the perfect spot for all kinds of necessities. Everything from cutlery to dishes and more.

They typically have a fairly large amount of storage space… But you can choose the size you need.

You’ll find single drawers… But also double drawer and triple drawer combination sets.

man opening outdoor kitchen drawer

Warming Drawers

woman opening warming drawer in outdoor kitchen

When you’re cooking a bunch of different types of food… It can be nearly impossible to finish everything all at once. (And you don’t want your food to get cold, either!)

That’s why some people opt for a warming drawer!

They can keep your food warm inside… And heat up to about 140ºF.

They run off of electricity… So you’ll want to make sure that your BBQ island has access to utilities before you try to install it.

Dry Storage Pantry

dry pantry being used in outdoor kitchen

A dry pantry is a sealed spot to store foods that don’t need refrigeration.

It typically looks like a double access door… With two drawers hidden behind one door and an open space for storage behind the other door.

You won’t have to worry about any rain getting inside because of the seal… And they typically have magnetic latches for closing!

Spice Rack

spice rack open in rta outdoor kitchen

No one likes a plain chicken breast or steak… So you need your seasonings out with you!

You can store everything inside a thin outdoor kitchen single drawer.

You’ll have several rows of storage space inside for a plethora of spices!

Pull Out Trash Can & Recycle Drawers

woman opening pull out trash in outdoor kitchen

No one wants a smelly trash bin around while they’re trying to cook… That’s why you can stow yours away!

Depending on your needs, you can opt for a singular trash can… Or add on a recycling bin as well. 

You simply pull the drawer handle to reveal your bins. It’s easy to access and stows away perfectly in your outdoor grill station!

These drawers are an effortless way to keep your island and backyard tidy.

Paper Towel Holder

Paper towel holder

A paper towel holder is a great addition to any BBQ grill kitchen.

Having a roll handy is always a good idea when you’re working with sauces or marinades.

Some paper towel holders will have a spot to hang a roll on the outside of the door… While others give storage space to store a few rolls inside, safe and dry. You simply pull the handle down to access your paper towels!

Combo Outdoor Kitchen Drawers

straight outdoor kitchen island with combo storage on deck

If you need more than just drawers… Why not get a drawer combo?

You can get an access door combined with a classic drawer!

Why get them in a combo option? Because it’ll save you space on your island if you have them all together!

An access door can give you the space to store a propane tank… Or check on your utility lines, so they’re really a must for every outdoor kitchen.

And that’s a wrap on outdoor drawer types! Now that you’ve seen what options are available… Another question arises.  

What is the best material for your outdoor kitchen drawers?

Want to bring your idea to life?

Use our free 3D design tool to bring the outdoor kitchen of your dreams to reality in just a few minutes.

The Best Materials for Outdoor Kitchen Drawers

rta outdoor kitchen cabinet drawers

Just like with other appliances… We will always recommend 304 stainless steel.

304 stainless steel outdoor kitchen drawers will be protected from the elements… And are significantly more resistant to rust and corrosion than other grades of stainless steel are.

If you want your outdoor kitchen doors and drawers to last… This is the best option for you.

Next up… You might find that some drawers out there have different features!

What are some of the features you might want to look out for?

Outdoor Kitchen Drawer Features

While most outdoor kitchen drawers are fairly similar… There are a few features you can look for if you want an upgrade from your standard drawers!

These may be more expensive… But the payoff is often worth it!

First of all… You may find soft-close drawers.

Soft-Close Outdoor Kitchen Drawers

soft close access drawers

No one wants to slam their drawers. It makes a loud sound… And you could damage your drawers if you make a habit of it.

That’s why soft-close drawers are so nice.

The gentle slide is a relief every time you close them… And no one will jump from the sound of clanking metal!

Motion Activated Interior Lights

motion activated interior drawer lights

Nighttime cooking is one of the best parts of owning an outdoor kitchen… But you don’t want to have to grab a flashlight every time you go out to cook!

Many built-in grills will have interior lights just for this reason… So why shouldn’t your drawers, too?

You can find some drawers with motion-activated lights that will brighten up your storage space anytime you open them.

Sealed Outdoor Kitchen Drawers

sealed outdoor kitchen drawers

If you’re concerned about rain getting into your summer kitchen… You might be interested in sealed outdoor kitchen storage drawers!

These will be tightly shut… So regardless of the weather, nothing inside will get wet!

While most drawers will do a fairly good job of keeping things dry… This will seal the deal and ensure it. 

It’s the same reason why dry pantry drawers are so useful!

Next, you might be wondering how you’ll take care of your new drawers!

How to Clean Your Outdoor Kitchen Drawers

rta outdoor kitchen with full kitchen cover

When you’re working with food… Sometimes your drawers won’t stay perfectly clean.

Maybe food will get inside… Or they’ll just gather dirt over time.

Since your outdoor kitchen drawers will likely be stainless steel inside and out… You’ll want to use mild soap and water to clean them!

It’s as simple as that.

Just be sure to avoid using any abrasive scrubbers. A soft rag will do just fine. (Otherwise, you may scratch the finish!)

Another tip is to never leave food in non-sealed drawers! You don’t want to attract insects or animals.

Finally… Keep your entire outdoor kitchen island covered!

You should use an outdoor kitchen cover… But an outdoor roof is another great option!

This will protect your outdoor kitchen drawers and doors year-round.

It’s also the best way to keep cleaning to a minimum!

Now that you have an idea of what drawers you might want… How do you decide which brand to purchase?

Well, we have a few brands we’d like to suggest!

Best Outdoor Kitchen Drawer Brands

When you’re looking for outdoor kitchen appliances… You want to make sure you’re buying the best options for your needs.

That’s why we’ve included some of the most popular and well-rated retailers for BBQ drawers (and other outdoor products) on the market.

Coyote Outdoor Living

linear outdoor kitchen with side burner refrigerator and pizza oven

Coyote has a great assortment of drawers and other outdoor kitchen storage options.

They’re known for their high-quality outdoor cooking appliances… And their fantastic durability!

They have each of the outdoor kitchen drawer options we mentioned above… And all in 304 stainless steel.

Just like with their Coyote grills… Their drawers use 304 stainless steel and have a lifetime warranty.

They look beautiful with a professional-style door handle and beveled trim.

This brand is our personal recommendation… And it’s what we use for our outdoor kitchens because of their high quality!


Vevor sells all kinds of equipment for outdoor kitchens, restaurants, and more.

They have lots of drawer options… So there’s sure to be something that speaks to you!

However, they do not specify the grade of stainless steel or a warranty. This means that how long they will last is not guaranteed.

vervor stainless steel access drawers


Lynx has a variety of drawers that match their gas grill series.

Some of these drawers are 304 stainless steel… But a warranty is not specified.

They have a great variety of standard drawers… But don’t have specialty items like spice racks or warming drawers.

You’ll just have to check in with customer service to determine warranty information.


Hestan has all kinds of stainless steel access doors and drawers.

Many are soft-close… And have motion-activated interior illumination for visibility during nighttime grilling.

They’re also made to match Hestan’s grill series.

These drawers have a one-year limited warranty.

At this point, you probably have a pretty good idea of how you might like your outdoor kitchen drawers to look and work…

But it’s a whole other experience trying to visualize the entire grill island with your drawers!

16" Hestan Outdoor Double Storage Drawers

Custom Outdoor Kitchen Storage

Create an outdoor kitchen that can accommodate all of your storage needs! Use our free design tool to create your free 3D model today.

Outdoor Kitchen Drawer Ideas

Outdoor kitchen drawers are really pretty simple… But it’s still hard to visualize your completed outdoor kitchen when you have so many options!

Here are a few ideas so you can see how they look with the rest of your outdoor kitchen appliance options.

Stainless Drawers for Outdoor Kitchen

straight outdoor kitchen island with combo storage on deck

This BBQ grill island is simple… But it has it all.

The combo option has double drawers with two different sizes… And a double access door!

Because all of the storage was combined into one area… There’s plenty of room for the outdoor refrigerator, too!

The Essential Drawers for an Outdoor Pizza Oven Island

u shaped outdoor kitchen with pizza oven

This U-shaped outdoor kitchen with an outdoor pizza oven is a great example of using space well.

They have tons of outdoor kitchen storage in general… And several well-placed outdoor kitchen drawers.

A large drawer under the pellet grill holds plenty of pellets… The spice rack drawer is perfect for seasoning your pizzas and more… And a trash bin drawer keeps the trash at bay while you cook.

Everything is spaced out well… And it all works together!

Stainless Steel Drawers for Outdoor Kitchen

reclaimed brick outdoor kitchen on patio with built in pellet grill

If you’re eyeing a pellet grill… You need a dry place to store your fuel!

The single drawer has tons of functionality… And is the perfect spot for your pellets!

This outdoor kitchen stainless steel drawer holds the essentials… And the trash bin drawer right next to it will keep your space clean with easy access.

Double Drawers Stainless Steel

modern concrete white rta outdoor kitchen with 2 grills

This beautiful outdoor kitchen has a great outdoor kitchen drawer for charcoal… And two extras for any other needs!

They could hold cutlery, dishware, and so much more!

You’ll have whatever you need… Where you need it.

We love how spaced out everything is… So you can see more of this stunning finish!

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Classic Outdoor Kitchen Drawers and Cabinets

linear outdoor kitchen with built in grill and side burner

While the last outside kitchen we shared had smaller drawers and more open space… This is also a great look.

This stacked stone outdoor kitchen works as a nice backdrop for the stainless steel of the appliances and drawers.

This homeowner has also gone with the popular combination of a trash bin drawer and two drawers stacked on top of each other…

Plus double access doors to get to the inside of the island… Just in case.

Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Combo Outdoor Kitchen Drawers

Linear Outdoor Kitchen with big green egg and outdoor kitchen combo drawers

These combo drawers have a ton of room for anything you need!

And it’s a great way to make the most of your small outdoor kitchen

You can reach the propane tank and a bag of charcoal for the Big Green Egg through the access door… And everything else in the drawers!

Modern Outdoor Kitchen with Stainless Steel Drawers

rta outdoor kitchen with dark plank finish and coyote appliances including a power burner and asado

Stainless steel drawers always have a shiny, sleek look… But they really stand out with a dark outdoor kitchen island!

The charcoal plank finish and black Coyote Asado cooker couldn’t look better with the bright stainless steel!

If you’re looking for a modern outdoor kitchen… This is a great way to achieve that.

Modern Concrete Outdoor Kitchen with Stainless Steel Drawers

linear moks outdoor kitchen with stainless steel drawers and double access doors

While a dark outdoor kitchen has a distinctive and dramatic look when paired with stainless steel drawers… A white outdoor kitchen has the same modern vibe with a whole new flair!

The white of this island and concrete outdoor kitchen countertop pairs nicely with the brightness of the stainless steel drawers and other appliances.

Overall… It gives a cohesive look that still makes a statement and looks luxurious.

Combo Drawers with Trash and Recycling

linear outdoor kitchen with storage drawers and pull out trash and recycling

This beautiful grill island under a roof has some great storage!

The set of three drawers together will give them so much space to keep their grilling tools organized… 

And the trash and recycling bin double drawers are a great way to be green and organized!

We love to see it.

L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen with Drawers

tamara day l shaped outdoor ktichen with refreshment center power burner and combo storage

What’s one of the best parts of having an L-shaped outdoor kitchen?

You can have drawers on all of the islands!

This outdoor kitchen is a perfect example.

They have a drawer under their power burner… Plus a classic drawer and a warming drawer under the grill.

…Not to mention the access door as well!

Then, on the other island… They still have plenty of room for a built-in trash can!

This outdoor kitchen on a deck is an all-star for space usage.

Outdoor Kitchen with Sink and Storage

linear outdoor kitchen with sink and storage

This linear outdoor kitchen is jam-packed with great stuff!

An outdoor kitchen sink, power burner, grill, outdoor fridge, access doors…

And some fantastic outdoor kitchen drawers!

They have a double drawer combo installed… And a pull-out trash can!

We love how this island combines fun and functionality!

Now that you’ve seen some excellent examples… How do you get your own outdoor kitchen with storage drawers?

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The Best Outdoor Kitchen with Storage Drawers

It’s fun to dream about the perfect outdoor kitchen and all the storage you’ll have… But it’s a lot harder to make it actually happen!

This process used to take weeks to months of planning appointments, choosing appliances, and creating a good design… Not to mention how long it took to actually build an outdoor kitchen!

But no longer… We’ve streamlined the process to make it easy (and fun) for you!

You’ll start off by creating your very own custom outdoor kitchen with our simple-to-use and free Design Tool.

This tool lets you choose everything… From the size, configuration, layout, appliances, countertops, and finish.

…And of course, the drawers!

After that… You’ll get a free 3D rendering of your design.

Want to take it further? With the push of a button… Your design will be sent to our team of Design Experts!

They’ll listen to your wants and needs… And offer expert one-on-one advice.

Your Design Expert will then create a beautiful blueprint of your design… And our production team will take it from there!

Your completed outdoor kitchen will be shipped straight to your door in panels (with the appliances and countertops included!) for easy backyard access… And you’ll be able to put it all together in just a few hours!

Want to know more? You can visit our Learning Center to find out more about our services… As well as outdoor kitchens in general.

We hope to work with you soon!

Need Help With Your Plans?

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Outdoor kitchen drawers are a great addition to any BBQ island! They allow for additional storage. You’ll have the opportunity to keep your grilling tools, utensils, cutlery, dishware, and more all right beside you. You can also find specialty drawers that are designed to hold paper towels, dry foods, or spices. On top of that, you can find drawers that come with soft-close features, motion-activated interior lights, or that are sealed. You can even purchase a warming drawer to keep your food hot and ready while you work on other dishes!

While you can find a variety of sizes for your outdoor kitchen drawers… They tend to stay around 15″ x 32″ x 21”. This is a standard size… But you will be able to find larger or smaller drawers as needed.

Outdoor kitchen drawers are fantastic for all kinds of storage. Almost anything you could need nearby while you cook can be kept in a drawer. Many people keep utensils, trash bags, and dishware. You can also purchase paper towel holder drawers to keep your paper towels safe, dry, and easy to reach. There are also specially designed options for spice racks, dry foods, and more. A warming drawer will keep your food hot while you cook other dishes. The possibilities are endless!

You can put as many drawers on your outdoor kitchen island as you have the space for! Purchasing combo drawers will help maximize your space so that you can fit even more in.

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