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Outdoor Kitchen Photos: 24 Gorgeous Examples – RTA Outdoor Living

By James King

June 10, 2024

So, you know you want a new outdoor kitchen, but you’re not sure where to begin.

First, you should ask yourself: “Why do I want to build an outdoor kitchen?”

Are you interested in cooking outdoors for yourself and your family?

Do you want to entertain large groups of friends with an al fresco dining experience?

Or do you simply want to impress the neighborhood?

Our team at RTA Outdoor Living has helped thousands of customers dream up and build their perfect outdoor kitchen ideas. From the smallest DIY grill islands… to extravagant banquet-style kitchens.

contemporary outdoor kitchen photos

Before you get ready to start your own project, it might help to peruse some of our favorite completed projects from happy customers.

Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… So let’s get to it.

24 Jaw-Dropping Outdoor Kitchen Photos

1. Simple Outdoor Kitchen Design

modern concrete outdoor kitchen photo on patio

Coming out of the gate, we have a simple, yet fully functional grill island setup. It is perfect for beginners to backyard design and outdoor cooking.

No bells and whistles, just a short island with a grill and storage space underneath. Of course, you need the outdoor kitchen countertops off to the side for food prep and tool storage while cooking.

An added refrigerator means you can keep marinating meat or other ingredients ready to go… And maybe a cold beverage (or two!) to pop when it’s time to fire up the grill.

You’ll earn bonus efficiency points for building the counter space right next to the stairs… So if you have long arms you can simply reach over.

2. The Functional Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen photo of grill island on deck

Adding a bit more to the basic linear set up, this island features a grill with room for counter space on either side.

It may surprise you how much more functional an island grill can feel with the simple addition of more surface area.

The handy left-to-right layout means you can keep prepped ingredients and raw meat to the left of the grill before firing them. Then, you can progress over to a separate surface for cooked items. (Remember to let them cool!)

Add in the small outdoor refrigerator, island storage, and pull-out trash bin and you’ve got an efficient outdoor kitchen.

3. The Off-Set Deck Dining Area

outdoor kitchen design photo with two bbq islands
small linear grill island with griddle and dual side burner

Getting a little more complex, this kitchen example features two islands, off-set on the same deck of this home.

In variation from a typical style, the design doesn’t include a traditional grill but rather favors a flat top and dual side gas burner on the main island. The secondary island features a sink, storage and a pull-out trash can.

The long, empty countertops on the secondary island would make this setup perfect for catering or setting up a buffet.

4. Outdoor Entertaining Oasis with TV & Bar

covered outdoor kitchen photo with storage cabinet

This outdoor kitchen is tucked perfectly into the covered patio of this house. It efficiently sits against the side wall so it doesn’t interfere with the sitting area.

Likewise, a basic patio chair and table can help keep guests out of the way while you are working on the grill. A wall-mounted television adds some extra entertainment to the mix.

Placing an outdoor kitchen sink right next to the grill means you can keep your hands clean while grilling. The minifridge add-on will help with keeping cold ingredients or drinks at arm’s length.

This setup would be perfect for entertaining a small group outside or grilling out while watching the television.

5. Gas and Charcoal Outdoor Kitchen Design

rustic outdoor kitchen photo with two grills

Next we have an eye-catching design of a linear island featuring a gas grill as well as a charcoal grill, storage drawers, and a stacked stone finish.

If you just can’t choose between both cooking methods… this is the setup for you. You can either use gas to quickly cook and maintain stable heat… or charcoal to reach higher temperatures and impart smoky flavor.

It’s a deceptively simple, (but actually quite flexible!) setup.

6. Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Photo at The Farm House

stacked stone outdoor kitchen with gas grill and side burner

This rustic outdoor kitchen is giving an early-morning farm house vibe. Somewhere in the countryside, where your closest neighbor is miles down the road.

The linear setup is quite traditional, placing the grill in the middle with storage and some extra counter space.

This kitchen would be perfect for slowly grilling out sausages or skewers for lunch. Meanwhile, you can scramble up some fresh eggs for breakfast using the dual side gas burner on the side. (Now that’s multitasking!)

The pull-out double drawers, storage, and pull-out trash bin offer even more versatility to this simple set up.

7. Outdoor Kitchen by the Pool

contemporary outdoor kitchen photo with grill island and pool

This linear design is perfect for a poolside outdoor living space, ideal for grilling burgers and hotdogs for a party or weekend hang out.

This island offers some storage but no refrigeration or trash bin, which implies the indoor kitchen is likely close by for easy access.

That’s good, because you can take advantage of those savings to get another appliance, like an outdoor pizza oven or smoker.

The addition of a Coyote asado smoker adds some versatility to the island. With that, you can always smoke something slowly throughout the day.

8. The L-Bar Dining Area

modern stone l-shaped bbq island with refrigerator

This functional L-shaped island with outdoor kitchen bar seating is perfect for entertainment.

The small refrigerator and storage drawers will make a smooth cooking experience. That way, you can keep up a conversation while you’re working.

Bonus points for the functionality of the bar providing a small space for additional ingredients, tools, or cooked food items.

The modern stone ash finish blends well into the stone patio, creating an elegant dining area to entertain a small group or even a date seated at your bar.

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9. Poolside Pergola Outdoor Kitchen

l-shaped outdoor kitchen next to pool

Now we are getting into some fancier designs with a few extra perks… starting with this multi-appliance setup under a poolside pergola.

The L-shaped island provides a solid base for plenty of outdoor kitchen appliances and accessories. The Coyote S-Series grill and built-in single side burner are the main players here.

Plenty of storage, a small refrigerator, and a sink round out this outdoor kitchen.

This grilling and refreshment area is perfect for outdoor entertaining, with plenty of room for bar seating alongside the island.

10. Covered Outdoor Kitchen Photo with a Mounted TV

covered outdoor kitchen photo with bar island and bar chairs

This outdoor cooking space begins with a grill island, complete with a built-in flat top and plenty of storage. The L-shaped bar provides some extra counter space, as well as a dining area for your guests.

With the bar stools set up to face the wall-mounted television, it’s clear that this outdoor kitchen is a space for entertaining. You and your friends could sit out here all night watching movies or sports with some grilled snacks.

11. The Counter Culture Patio Kitchen

covered outdoor kitchen photo with grill

Extra counter space can be a luxurious feature for an outdoor kitchen, in some cases even more so than kitchen appliances.

If all you have in mind is a built-in grill and a space to entertain folks, it might be worth the investment to build out some additional islands.

Extra islands means more space for outdoor weatherproof storage. It also means more accessories, including refrigerators, spice racks and outdoor kitchen cabinets.

Even if you don’t fill out the counter space with smokers or pizza ovens… you can still use the surfaces for other fixtures or decorations.

You could imagine celebrating a family birthday or holiday in this outdoor kitchen. There’s plenty of room for your guests to sit around the grill to chat with the cook (or even help with the cooking!)

12. Outdoor Pizza Oven Patio Kitchen

rustic outdoor kitchen photo on patio

It’s just starting to snow in this outdoor kitchen photo, which depicts a cozy outdoor dining space complete with a wood fired pizza oven.

The setup is pure efficient functionality. You waste no square footage integrating an outdoor kitchen into an established patio backyard space.

The Alfa pizza oven is a perfect addition to the grill island. It provides a platform for easy cooking and entertainment for guests at the table or couch seating area.
This would be another great space for a birthday party or even a gaming setup. It utilizes the outdoor furniture as a central gathering space to connect the cook with the party.

13. Doggy Dining Area

l-shaped patio kitchen with german shepherd in front

A full outdoor kitchen integrates perfectly into the backyard of this home. This homeowner clearly already spent a lot of time outside, tending to their plants and hanging out with their dog.

A new grilling space is a great way to enhance that experience and entice guests to join you.

This L-shaped island includes a Coyote grill, asado sleeve, small refrigerator, and an outdoor kitchen sink.

Unfortunately, we can’t provide a German Shepherd with our outdoor kitchens. But if you do have your own furry friend at home, you can be sure they’ll enjoy the smell of grilling meat as much as you do. SIT, no begging!

14. Covered Outdoor Kitchen Photo with a Smoker

stacked stone terra outdoor kitchen with pellet grill and kamado

This kitchen’s close proximity to the house means you can pop in and out of the house while cooking outdoors. Otherwise, you could stick around outside to chat with guests.

The Coyote pellet grill is bookended by an asado smoker and an L-shaped bar island. There, you can use the counter for extra surface space or guests can pull up a stool around the other side.

A small refrigerator, pull-out trash can, and drawer storage round out the utility of this outdoor kitchen design.

Imagine you have some meat slow-cooking in the smoker, while guests mingle at the bar, in the yard, or even inside the house.

This grilling and smoking space provides a lot of versatility for entertainment.

15. New York Contemporary Outdoor Kitchen Photo

contemporary outdoor kitchen photo in new york

This rooftop patio kitchen overlooks the skyline of New York City. It showcases the flexibility and ease of construction that a ready-to-assemble grill island can provide.

The Coyote grill is the centerpiece of the island. It is coupled with a double side burner, and accessories including storage, drawers, a small refrigerator, and a pull-out trash can.

The L-shaped bar provides some extra kitchen countertops or a place for guests to sit.

You could spend a full evening outside in this modern outdoor kitchen, cooking on the grill and grabbing drinks from the fridge. The bar even provides a place to set your drink while you look out over the railing, watching the city from up above.

16. Smoker Bar Outdoor Kitchen Design Photo

linear outdoor kitchen with gas grill and ooni pizza oven

Outside this home, a clean linear kitchen island provides a space to grill out for an evening or spend a weekend entertaining guests. 

This island centers on a Coyote grill with storage and a pull out trash can.

 An asado smoker adds more utility to this outdoor kitchen. It provides the extra capability to slow cook meats or other items while resting indoors. 

With no outdoor bar seating, it’s hard to imagine your guests crowding around the cooking space… but that actually can be practical (even ideal!) for a grill cook who prefers to utilize their outdoor kitchen alone or away from the distractions of a party.

17. Corner Cooking Kitchen Island

backyard deck with sectional seating and outdoor kitchen
large outdoor kitchen with corner unit and pizza oven

This L-shaped island is full of style… it completes the space with a dining table and multiple seating areas.

You can tell this kitchen gets some use from a real outdoor cooking enthusiast by the practicality of the design as well as the aesthetic appeal…

And with so many seats available, your whole family or friend group can enjoy a cookout together.

A Coyote grill and flat top bookend a prized Alfa pizza oven, supported by plenty of storage, a small refrigerator and a pull-out trash can.

This L-shaped island is full of style… it completes the space with a dining table and multiple seating areas.

You can tell this kitchen gets some use from a real outdoor cooking enthusiast by the practicality of the design as well as the aesthetic appeal…

And with so many seats available, your whole family or friend group can enjoy a cookout together.

A Coyote grill and flat top bookend a prized Alfa pizza oven, supported by plenty of storage, a small refrigerator and a pull-out trash can.

18. Pergola Banquet Covered Outdoor Kitchen Photos

u-shaped outdoor kitchen with pizza oven
covered outdoor kitchen photo with pizza oven on deck

Looking across the central outdoor fireplace feature of a swanky patio, we can see an elaborate cooking area under a well-lit pergola.

The actual U-shaped kitchen is compact and efficient. It provides enough space and utility for one or two cooks to work together to provide for a large group.

This outdoor kitchen design is clearly meant to entertain medium to large-sized groups. No problem for the Coyote grill, large flat top, and Alfa wood fired pizza oven.

You could imagine a celebration here… maybe a birthday party, or even a small wedding in this wide-open neighborhood space. It’s obvious that a kitchen like this is meant for a homeowner who aims to entertain and to impress.

19. U-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Design Photo

u-shaped outdoor kitchen with modern finish on the water

This U-Shaped outdoor kitchen fills out the backyard of this California home… It comes complete with a finished outdoor patio floor amongst the surrounding greenery. 

The Coyote grill forms the main cooking arm of this modern outdoor kitchen. It is supported by plenty of cabinetry, a small refrigerator, pull-out trash can, and a drop-in cooler. 

The real driver of this kitchen is the wide and ample kitchen countertops. Those can be used for plating, additional utility, or an outdoor bar space for your guests.

20. The Tropical Galley Outdoor Kitchen Design

galley outdoor kitchen photo under tiki hut
linear outdoor kitchen under tiki hut with tv

Galley-style kitchens combine a linear outdoor grill island with the benefits of bar seating and extra counter space.

The compact main island forgoes the gas grill in favor of a flat top cooking surface. At the same time, a kitchen sink and outdoor refrigerator cabinet are perfect for making drinks or snacks.

Pull-up bar seating, a mounted television, and an island-style patio cover complete this little slice of paradise in Key Largo, Florida… Perfect for a grill-out party or a weekend sports event.

If you are looking to feel like you are on summer vacation in your own backyard, this outdoor kitchen photo might just be the inspiration you need.

21. Gazebo Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor bar center under gazebo with seating area and outdoor tv

Covered gazebos are the perfect place for an outdoor kitchen. They provide a functional cooking area to a natural entertainment space. 

This bar island is tucked into the corner of the gazebo. This creates a distinct bar center that’s perfect for bringing your bartending dreams to life!

22. Stone Outdoor Kitchen Design Photo

outdoor bar center under gazebo with seating area and outdoor tv

This galley backyard kitchen fits right into the stone patio of this home.

With a gas grill, refrigerator, and pull out trash can on the grill island… And storage with an open countertop on the other end… You’re more than set up to cook for a stunning waterfront soiree. 

We love the tasteful use of decoration on both islands, as well. 

The only thing that’s missing? 

A fire pit to seal the deal on a beautiful evening al fresco!

23. The Red-on-Red Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen design photos with matching red appliances

Setting up your outdoor kitchen front-and-center of your home is a great way to make your neighbors jealous.

Just imagine parking this absolute social statement right next to the cul-de-sac. (Not to mention the neighborhood mailboxes!)

A large Coyote grill and flat top burner form the centerpiece of the grill island. A matching red asado smoker and Alfa home pizza oven sit proudly on the flanks.

A small outdoor refrigerator, pull-out trash bin, and ample storage complete the package.

You really want your outdoor kitchen design ideas to be the talk of your neighborhood… so why not consider dropping it right in the front of your house for all to see and envy?

24. Poolside Patio Kitchen

stacked stone outdoor kitchen photo with pizza oven and power burner

This homeowner pulled out all the stops to turn their covered outdoor pool and kitchen area into a backyard BBQ dream. 

A Coyote grill and power burner drives the main island. A matching pizza oven commands the room, mounted on the corner island.

You couldn’t ask for more counter surfaces or storage space to accommodate this large outdoor living room and kitchen. 

Who’s ready to grill?

Time To Design Your Own Outdoor Kitchen

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It can be tough to reach the grandeur of some outdoor kitchens… But you might find some inspiration from these beautiful outdoor kitchen photos.

All that remains is to figure out the kind of kitchen you are looking for… We hope you’ve been taking notes!

Surely, after admiring all the ways these homeowners designed their outdoor kitchens, you’ve got some ideas of your own now.

We can be flexible to almost any idea you throw at us… That’s because our outdoor kitchens are made from easy-to-assemble panels, cut and shaped to fit your custom design.

We can accommodate designs for any size of island, decked out with appliances and accessories from Coyote. Gas, charcoal, and pellet grills, even smokers and pizza ovens. You name it, because you’re in the driver’s seat now.

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