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Outdoor Kitchen Long Island: Climate Considerations, 7 Local Contractors, & A Convenient Solution

By James King

March 24, 2023

If you’re thinking about adding an outdoor kitchen to your backyard… That’s fantastic!

Especially if you live in Long Island… Outdoor kitchens are a popular choice for spring and summer entertaining.

When the weather is nice, the sun is shining, and the days are long… An outdoor kitchen would look absolutely stunning anywhere on Long Island’s 1,500 miles of shoreline.

But even if you live in central Long Island… A grill station is a great way to elevate your outdoor space.

No matter where you are, you’ll want the outdoor kitchen of your dreams… Which means it must be a perfect balance of beautiful, functional, and reliable.

long island cover image

If you’re wondering how to get started… We’re here to help guide you down the right path.

Let’s start with climate considerations for your outdoor kitchen Long Island. 

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Long Island Outdoor Kitchen Climate Considerations

It’s extremely important to take climate into account when planning an outdoor kitchen project… Especially when you live in a place like Long Island!

While Long Island summers are perfect for outdoor cooking… The winters can be harsh.

Between November and April, temperatures often drop below freezing.

And though less than the rest of New York state, there’s still an average snowfall of 20” to 35” per year… Which means you won’t be able to use your outdoor kitchen year round.

Despite not being able to use it in the winter… You’ll still want a BBQ island that will hold up in Long Island’s off season.

Let’s talk about common outdoor kitchen materials, and which is best for an outdoor kitchen on Long Island.

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BBQ Island Materials

When building an outdoor kitchen from scratch… Wood and metal are commonly used to construct the frame.

Wood outdoor kitchen frames are inexpensive and easier to build… But there are a number of major issues with this method.

Since wood is combustible, it runs the risk of catching fire when supporting hot built in appliances.

Furthermore, when exposed to moisture… Wood outdoor kitchen frames will swell, warp, rot, and mold.

Especially in a place like Long Island (where snow and moisture are more common)… A wood outdoor kitchen will not hold up.

wood frame rotting out on an outdoor kitchen after a few years

Metal outdoor kitchen frames are more popular… But they’re also not without their faults.

When exposed to frequent temperature changes… The finish of a metal outdoor kitchen (stone veneer, brick, stucco, tile…) will crack or fall off and leave the inner workings of your outdoor grill station exposed.

When in contact with moisture or humidity… Metal will rust and corrode, and ultimately lead to the downfall of an outdoor kitchen’s structural integrity.

If you live on the coast… The salty air will further compound the issue of rusting and corrosion.

So what material should you use?

a metal frame outdoor kitchen falling apart after a few winters

The Best Grill Island Materials for Long Island

a simple small outdoor kitchen design installed on a patio

For an outdoor kitchen in Long island… It’s clear that wood or metal won’t hold up.

But this doesn’t mean you need to give up on your outdoor cooking dreams! There are materials that are great at withstanding harsher conditions.

Though more expensive and challenging to transport… Concrete is by far the most durable outdoor kitchen material! It won’t face any of the structural issues posed by wood or metal, so a well made concrete outdoor kitchen should last a lifetime.

The build process for these materials is more involved… But brick, stone, or cinder block are also great, durable options that will hold up well to Long Island’s winter weather (as long as the mortar is rated for freeze/thaw cycles, and the structure is built correctly)!

But all in all.. Concrete is by far the best outdoor kitchen material. It’s highly durable, and more expedient than building with brick, stone, or cinder blocks. 

So now that we’ve gone over materials for the BBQ island itself… What about the quality of appliances? How will a built in grill, side burners, and other accessories hold up? 

Appliance Quality

The Long Island climate won’t only impact the kitchen frame itself… So you’ll want to make sure your BBQ appliances are just as durable!

If you live on the coast… This is even more vital! You don’t want the salty air to quickly corrode your appliances.

304 stainless steel is the best material for quality outdoor appliances. It’s great at withstanding rust and corrosion, no matter the climate. 

Appliance covers are also a must-have for Long Island outdoor kitchens. Not only will you need covers to winterize your grill island… But if you live on the coast, they’ll also provide an additional layer of protection against salty air when your kitchen is not in use.

At this point, we’ve talked a lot about what materials you should use to make your outdoor kitchen last.

But how will it take shape?

Let’s talk about outdoor kitchen builders, and how to determine if you need to hire one.

Should You Hire a Builder?

contractor in Florida building an outdoor kitchen

If you’re unsure whether or not you need to hire a professional to bring your outdoor kitchen project to fruition… There are a few key factors you should consider.

Start by assessing the scope of your project and your skill level.

Are you an experienced builder with vast construction knowledge… Or are you simply an ambitious amateur?

Next, consider the type of outdoor kitchen you’re looking to add.

Is it fully custom, ready to finish, or ready to assemble?

If the kitchen is ready to assemble (like our outdoor BBQ islands)… There’s no prior experience required, and you’ll likely be able to complete it on your own within a few hours!

If the method is ready to finish… The process will be a bit more involved. Depending on your skill level and the project’s complexity… You may want to hire a professional to apply a finish to your grill island.

But if you’re looking to build a fully custom outdoor kitchen design with complex masonry work… It’s more likely than not that you’ll want to hire a builder. 

Determining what type of outdoor kitchen you want will help you decide whether or not you need to hire a builder.

But if you are hiring a professional… The next step is tracking down the right one to bring your ideas to life.

How to Find a Long Island Outdoor Kitchen Builder

two contractors finishing an outdoor kitchen with natural stone veneer

Outdoor cooking and hosting is incredibly popular amongst Long Island homeowners…

So there’s no shortage of outdoor kitchen builders in the area!

But how do you find a good one?

First and foremost… You should determine if you’re looking for an outdoor kitchen builder or a general contractor.

Contractors are generalists who work on a wide variety of household projects… And while they may have experience building an outdoor kitchen, it’s not guaranteed.

On the other hand… Outdoor kitchen builders are specialists. They only build custom outdoor kitchens, so you won’t be taking a gamble on whether or not they have the proper skillset to get the job done.

Generally, outdoor kitchen builders tend to work on a quicker timeframe than contractors. They’ll do the work expeditiously without leaving your backyard an ongoing construction zone for weeks or months.

But whichever route you choose to take… You’ll want to make sure you’re working with a quality, reliable company.

Telltale signs that a company is up to snuff are good customer reviews and a portfolio of past work to prove they have adequate experience.

Customer reviews are the best way to tell what kind of company you’ll be working with… They’ll reveal other homeowners’ experiences, if they felt supported throughout the process, if their needs were met, if the value was fair, and if they were happy with the end result.

Looking through images of a builder’s past work will show off their style… Which will be a good indication of whether or not they can execute your ideal outdoor kitchen.

And more importantly, it will show the quality of their work! 

With all of that in mind… It’s time to discuss some of the top rated contractors for your outdoor kitchen Long Island, NY.

Note: None of the Long Island outdoor kitchen builders below are endorsed or recommended by us. We are simply providing a comprehensive list for you to browse and collect information.

Outdoor Kitchen Contractors Long Island

Many of the contractors below serve towns throughout Long Island (Whether you’re on the coast, in the Hamptons, or in a central location like Westbury, Brookville, or Deer Park…). 

Let’s dive in.

Mighty Pavers

Starting off our list is Mighty Pavers. 

Mighty Pavers has been serving Suffolk County and Nassau County Long Island for nearly two decades.

As well as patios, driveways, fire pits, and landscaping or hardscaping design projects… They have a portfolio of custom outdoor kitchen designs using primarily stone or brick masonry.

Their customers are happy homeowners… Earning them an impressive 5 star rating on over 130 Google Reviews!

It’s important to note that Mighty Pavers are general contractors… They’re not solely outdoor kitchen builders, so many of these reviews are for other home improvement projects. 

mighty pavers logo

Flawless Masonry

The next custom outdoor kitchen builder on Long Island, NY is Flawless Masonry. 

Flawless Masonry serves Western Nassau County to Eastern Suffolk County, and they’re an outdoor kitchen builder in the Hamptons, Long Island, New York.

Referring to themselves as the “top outdoor kitchen contractor on Long Island,” they have a portfolio of custom outdoor kitchens to back up this claim.

For the kitchen island itself… They offer brick, cultured or natural stones, paving stones, and interlocking wall blocks (concrete blocks that fit together without mortar).Countertop offerings include granite, bluestone, tile, marble, quartz, and cast colored concrete.

They also do driveways, patios, poolscapes, landscape design, water features, waterfalls, fire pits, and more… As you can tell, they’re also general contractors, so do with this information as you will!

With over 300 Google reviews… Flawless Masonry boasts a 4.9 star rating. Again, it’s hard to tell how many of these reviews are specific to outdoor kitchen designs.  

The Outdoor Kitchen Factory

It’s clear that the Outdoor Kitchen Factory’s speciality is, well, outdoor kitchens!

These outdoor kitchen suppliers on Long Island actually have a couple physical locations, in Bellmore and Bohemia.

They offer custom U-shaped, L-shaped, and linear kitchen islands… As well as premium appliances from Twin Eagles, Broilmaster, and Blaze.

The Outdoor Kitchen Factory stands behind their work… They guarantee that “you’ll be completely satisfied with every part of the process before they consider the job complete.”

It looks like most of their kitchens are made from stone masonry, but you’ll want to confirm with them.

They also don’t have a super extensive photo gallery… It looks like they’ve only done a few outdoor kitchen builds, despite being “specialists!”

The Bohemia location is rated 5 stars on 9 Google reviews… While the Bellmore location has 5 stars on 3 Google reviews.

the outdoor kitchen factory logo
the outdoor kitchen factory outdoor kitchen

Long Island Pool and Patio

As well as pools and patiosLong Island Pool and Patio offers kitchens and outdoor structures throughout Nassau and Suffolk County.

They offer 9 designs for linear and L-shaped outdoor kitchens and bars, from 8 to 12 feet… So you’ll be limited to these dimensions and layouts. 

Long Island Pool and Patio works solely with Bull Grills for their kitchen appliances… And the islands are custom built with Cambridge wall stone and granite countertops. This means you’ll also be limited to these finishes!

While they have an entire showroom dedicated to their pools and patios… Their outdoor kitchen portfolio isn’t as extensive. 

With 81 Google reviews… Long Island Pool and Patio is rated 4.4 stars (though many of these reviews may be specific to pool or patio work). 

DesignScapes of Long Island

Next up is DesignScapes of Long Island. 

DesignScapes has been building outdoor living structures throughout Long Island since 1985.

Their areas of expertise are in pools, patios, outdoor fireplaces, roofs, pergolas, and outdoor kitchens. Again, they’re generalists rather than outdoor kitchen specialists! 

That being said, DesignScapes is willing to take on large projects… From initial landscape design to a completed outdoor kitchen (if that’s what you’re looking for). 

They have a portfolio of custom stone kitchens… Though it’s admittedly not as large as you’d expect if they’ve truly been building outdoor kitchens for four decades, as they claim.

They’re rated 5 stars on Google with one review… Though they do have a handful of positive testimonials on their website, as well. Again, you’ll have to sort through these to see if any are outdoor kitchen-specific!  

designscapes of long island logo
designscapes outdoor kitchen

Above All Masonry Design

Let’s talk about Above All Masonry Design.

Like many of the other Long Island outdoor kitchen designers… This company also offers general contracting services with landscaping, patios, pools, and more.

They claim that “even with Long Island’s seasonal weather, their family of artisans can help craft a summer kitchen that you can utilize all year long.” However… They don’t go into much detail as to how they’ll do this. If this is something you’re interested in… It’s worth checking with the company!

Their fully custom outdoor kitchen services include everything from initial plans, sourcing appliances and cabinets, to backyard brick oven design and masonry.

They have a helpful photo gallery of past outdoor kitchen designs for prospective customers to browse… Mainly featuring stone masonry outdoor kitchens. 

On Google, this company has earned themselves a 5 star rating with 19 reviews. Again… It’ll be up to you to filter out unrelated reviews. 

above all masonry design logo

Sivilli Landscape Contracting Corp

Last but not least is Sivilli Landscape Contractor Corp.

They offer general contractor services throughout Long Island, including landscape design, masonry services, concrete services, paving, and outdoor living (including outdoor kitchens). 

“The sky is the limit” for Sivilli Landscape Contracting Corp’s custom outdoor kitchen designs… They’re happy to incorporate fireplaces, custom wood-fired outdoor pizza ovens, and more!

It looks like they source appliances for their kitchen designs from Fire Magic, Alfa, Twin Eagles, Delta, and Primo. 

Their outdoor kitchen gallery showcases a few distinctive stone and brick outdoor kitchen islands (it’s worth confirming with the company whether the brick is real or simply a frame). As with many of the other companies… Their outdoor kitchen portfolio isn’t super extensive. 

With 11 Google reviews, they have a 4.5 star rating.

sivilli landscape contracting logo
sivilli outdoor kitchen

Alright… That concludes our list of builders for your outdoor kitchen design Long Island.

As you can tell… Nearly all of these builders are generalists rather than specialized outdoor kitchen builders. 

While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing… It just means you’ll want to conduct thorough research and make sure these contractors are capable of executing a successful outdoor kitchen project! 

It’s also important to ensure that a builder quote includes everything up front, so there are no surprises. 

And don’t forget that many general contractors work on slower timelines… So your backyard may be disturbed for a longer period of time than you’d like! 

So before you commit to a builder… We’d like to reiterate that it’s not a necessity to achieve a high quality, functional outdoor kitchen. 

Unless your kitchen design involves complex masonry that only a skilled professional could achieve… There’s an undeniably more convenient, efficient solution for adding an outdoor kitchen to your backyard. 

Let us direct you towards a different option for your brand new outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor Kitchen for the City

Our outdoor kitchens are the perfect fit for

The Best Long Island Outdoor Kitchen Solution

If you’re not quite sold on hiring a general contractor to execute your outdoor kitchen project… What if we told you there was another option? 

One that’s more convenient than trying to find the perfect builder (and then wait weeks or months for them to finish your project)? 

What is it?

RTA outdoor living.

Our outdoor kitchens are an incredibly simple, convenient solution for a Long Island outdoor kitchen… But don’t take it from us! Let’s see what two happy Long Island homeowners have to say about their RTA kitchens. 

High Praise from RTA Customers in Long Island

We spoke with Eric Maresca, a happy RTA customer living in Long Island. 

He was already working with a local contractor for other home improvement projects… But ultimately decided to work with RTA for his outdoor kitchen. 

What motivated him to make this switch? 

Well, he “loved the freedom to design every aspect of his kitchen” with our online design tool, and found exactly what he was looking for with RTA’s options for customization. 

As well as this… He wanted to take charge of his backyard renovation, and working with RTA allowed him to do so, from start to finish. 

l shape outdoor kitchen in long island

And the end result? 

He’s “extremely satisfied.” 

He says, “The best part is having company sitting at the bar having a drink and watching the ball game while I’m at the grill.” 

We love to see it! We’re happy we could help this homeowner make his outdoor kitchen dream a reality. 

Let’s take a look at another Long Island customer’s experience…

Another Happy Long Island RTA Customer

This customer’s story is a bit different… But the end result is the same.

From the start… Long Island homeowner Eric Lawton knew he wanted a project that he could take the lead on, and his research led him to RTA. 

He said from a climate perspective, “RTA made the most sense.” Our concrete islands are built to withstand harsh weather conditions… Even Long Island winters! 

As far as the process itself… He feels that working with RTA was “definitely more convenient” than working with a contractor would have been. 

He enjoyed the ease of working through his outdoor kitchen design online, and the ability to DIY his BBQ island was a huge plus. 

From beginning to end, he found the process super simple, and he was happy with how quickly our team responded to his questions. 

All in all… He describes working with RTA as a “Really, really, really good experience.”

So, there you have it. 

If your interest is piqued… What’s the next step? 

RTA Outdoor Kitchen: Next Steps

small built in grill in new york

At this point, you may be intrigued by RTA. 

You heard it from two happy Long Island customers… But what can you really expect if you decide to work with us? What sets us apart from the contractors? 

Well… From initial design to delivery and installation… Everything is clear and straightforward.

From the beginning… One of our professional design experts will help guide you through the process.

And our free and easy to use online design tool makes choosing appliances and deciding layout a breeze! 

You won’t have to work around a contractor’s busy schedule, and your backyard won’t be disturbed for long periods of time… Once your kitchen is delivered, it takes only a few short hours to set up before it’s ready to use!

Since our kitchens are ready to assemble… This means there’s no internal frame to build, so there’s no construction experience required! All you have to do is set it up, place countertops, slide in appliances… And you’ll be ready to start cooking!

Of course, if you don’t want to assemble your kitchen yourself… We have an extensive contractor network to do so for you. 

But back to appliances… We offer high quality, 304 stainless steel accessories from Coyote Outdoor Living that are backed up by a lifetime warranty.

So whether it’s a built in grill, refrigerator, sink, smoker, or otherwise… There’s no need to worry about your appliances holding up to Long Island winters or coastal air.

And for the kitchen itself? Our outdoor kitchen panels are made with high performance concrete rated for 100 years, and backed by a lifetime warranty. They’re designed to last, no matter the conditions!

If you’re ready to learn more… We’re ready to help you get started. Check out our Learning Hub for more useful info, or give us a call today!

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