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Ikea Outdoor Kitchen: Detailed Guide on 5 Modular Options, Quality, & More

By Daniel Cdebaca

February 6, 2023

If you’ve ever taken on a home improvement project… Chances are you’ve heard of Ikea.

Ikea is best known for its wide variety of affordable furniture, appliances, and home goods.

And of course… A big draw of Ikea for many homeowners is the DIY element.

All Ikea designs are shipped ready to assemble… Including their selection of outdoor kitchens!

While the price tag of Ikea’s outdoor kitchens is definitely appealing…

Let’s discuss why an Ikea outdoor kitchen may or may not be the best ready to assemble solution for your outdoor living space.

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Ikea Family Overview

Ikea Logo

Founded in 1943… Ikea is a Swedish company that began as a mail order catalog business selling home furnishing products.

Almost a century later, Ikea is a global household name. The business relies largely on e-commerce to sell and ship their products worldwide.

Today, Ikea’s focus is still on products for the home.

From small household items like dining tables or cabinetry… To products for large interior design remodels… Ikea has it all!

Their mission is “to offer a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them.”

Sounds like a pretty solid business goal… But how does it reflect in their outdoor kitchens?

It’s time to take a closer look at Ikea’s Grillskär Outdoor Kitchen selection.

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Ikea Grillskär Outdoor Kitchen

Ikea offers their own unique collection of Grillskär outdoor kitchen modules.

While  there are linear and L-shaped Grillskär outdoor kitchen kits… All of their designs are truly modular units fitted together.

But what exactly is included in an Ikea outdoor kitchen kit?

Before we get into Ikea’s pre-designed options…

We’ll begin by looking at what modules make up an Ikea outdoor kitchen.

Ikea Outdoor Kitchen Modules

Ikea currently offers five modules from their Grillskär outdoor kitchen collection.

All of Ikea’s modular units stand at just over three feet tall.

We’ll break down the different options.

Kitchen Island Shelf Unit

Let’s kick off with Ikea’s simplest outdoor kitchen module… The kitchen island shelf unit.

This unit features a 33 7/8” x 24” counter top to function as a work surface in your outdoor kitchen.

The counter is safe for food prep (and easy to clean).

Underneath the counter are two shelves for storage.

The unit does not come with doors… Though many opt to purchase doors separately to protect their storage space from the elements.

If you do decide to add the doors… They shut with a magnetic lock to keep your shelves safe and dry.

Ikea’s shelf unit is incredibly lightweight… Weighing in at approximately 40 pounds. 

Let’s move onto their next module…

Ikea Kitchen island shelf unit

Sink Unit

Next up… The Ikea outdoor kitchen sink module.

The same dimensions (33 ” x 24”) and roughly the same weight (45 pounds) as the kitchen island unit… This module features a built in sink ready to be connected to a hose to add running water to your outdoor kitchen.

Though you certainly can have a water line run to your sink module… It’s not necessarily worth the extra time and money.

Since an Ikea outdoor kitchen isn’t a permanent structure… There’s not really a point in spending thousands of dollars to run utility lines (which will cost more than the Ikea kitchen itself)!

But we’ll talk more about the price of an Ikea outdoor kitchen later.

This unit also comes with additional shelving… But if you want doors, you’ll have to purchase them separately.

 A sink is an incredibly popular addition to many outdoor kitchens… And makes cleaning up after cooking al fresco easy as can be!

ikea sink unit

But there’s a catch with Ikea’s outdoor sink…

The module does not include a sink faucet… So it will have to be purchased separately.

When buying a sink faucet… You’ll want to make sure it’s built for outdoor use.

Side Burner

For cooking in the fresh air… Ikea has a side burner outdoor kitchen accessory.

This module doesn’t take up much space… Measuring in at 18 7/8” x 24”.


It’s the lightest unit yet at just under 40 pounds. 

The side burner is gas powered… And is controlled by one burner with low to high temperature settings.

This addition makes it easy to cook multiple dishes at a time in your Ikea outdoor kitchen!

But let’s get to the real star of the show when it comes to outdoor cooking…

ikea side burner

Grillskär Gas Grill

Most of Ikea’s predesigned outdoor kitchen kits come equipped with a gas grill.

Ikea’s gas grill comes in one size, with a cooking surface roughly 28” x 24”.

The gas grill is the heaviest Ikea module, but still weighs in at just 110 pounds. 

Access doors underneath the grill open to a storage space (for holding the propane tank).

The grill has four independently controlled burners with low to high temperature settings.

A built-in thermometer on the hood makes it easy to check the temperature.

Ikea lists the heat input as 12,000 BTUs… This is an extremely low amount of power for an outdoor grill.

To give you an idea… Grills in a similar price range (around $500) usually average 25,000 BTUs.

ikea gas grill

Grillskär Charcoal BBQ

Ikea offers only one other grill: The Grillskär charcoal BBQ.

Ikea’s built-in charcoal grill has an approximately 33” x 24” cooking surface.

Like the gas grill… The hood has a built-in thermometer.

It comes equipped with an ash tray that is easy to remove and empty.

Underneath the charcoal grill are “durable utility surfaces” for storing cooking utensils or other accessories.

The charcoal grill weighs just under 77 pounds. 

Now that you’ve seen the outdoor Ikea kitchen units… Let’s see how Ikea packaged their modules into pre designed outdoor kitchens.

Ikea Outdoor Kitchen Islands

As we mentioned earlier… Ikea offers linear and L-shaped outdoor kitchen kits.

These predesigned kits are composed of individual modules which are purchased and shipped together to form a cohesive outdoor kitchen design.

Depending on your outdoor living space accommodations and how you intend to use your outdoor kitchen… There are a few different pre designed kits to choose from.

To be exact… Ikea has 12 pre designed outdoor kitchen options in a range of sizes, with varied functionality, and with slight variations in layout.

There are 7 linear options, 4 L-shaped options, and 1 “back-to-back” layout (with the grill and sink on one side, and counter space on the other).

linear ikea outdoor kitchen

Only 4 options come equipped with Ikea’s charcoal BBQ.

And if you like an Ikea outdoor BBQ kitchen kit but it’s missing an element… You can always add a module to your design by purchasing it separately.

So, we’ve covered the various Ikea products available for your outdoor kitchen design.

Now it’s time to talk about what they’re made of!

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Ikea Outdoor Kitchen Materials

Outdoor kitchen materials will affect more than the way your barbeque island looks in your outdoor space…

They also play a huge role in the way your outdoor kitchen withstands the elements and holds up over time.

It’s time to see how an Ikea outdoor kitchen will fare.

Ikea Outdoor Kitchen Frame

ikea outdoor kitchen

An outdoor kitchen frame is effectively the skeleton of your outdoor kitchen… And it’s very important that the frame is durable.

Ikea claims that their modules are sturdy… Which is good! But let’s see if this sentiment holds true.

The legs, shelves, top frame, and brackets that form the foundation of each Ikea outdoor kitchen module are made of galvanized steel with a polyester powder coating.

Galvanized steel is steel coated in zinc to add a layer of protection against corrosion. Despite this… The zinc coating is still susceptible to chipping and cracking over time (which will invite rust to your structure)! 

Polyester powder coating is sprayed onto the galvanized steel to add yet another layer of protection. While it will not rust easily… Polyester powder coating is not indestructible.

If polyester powder coating is chipped or damaged… Moisture can seep in and lead to corrosion.

While Ikea outdoor kitchen frames are made with materials that are okay at holding up to damage… They are ultimately cheap alternatives for more durable and corrosion resistant solutions (like concrete or 304 stainless steel).

And when these materials corrode… Your entire outdoor kitchen structure will be jeopardized. 

When discussing the quality of Ikea’s outdoor kitchen frame, it’s also worth noting that Ikea’s modules are extremely lightweight. 

While this may make assembly easier… It also means that an Ikea kitchen will not be great at holding up to even infrequent, moderate wind. 

The last thing you’d want is for your entire kitchen to blow over! 

Ikea Outdoor Kitchen Countertops

Ikea’s outdoor kitchen countertops are made with stainless steel.

Stainless steel can be a great material for outdoor kitchen countertops! But it has to be the correct grade.

304 stainless steel is the best grade for outdoor use… It’s extremely durable and not prone to rust. 

Ikea doesn’t specify what grade of stainless steel their countertops are made with… Yet they do claim that their counters are resistant to rust.

But without knowing the grade of stainless steel used… It’s hard to tell if this is true. If you’re considering an Ikea outdoor kitchen… Check with Ikea before you purchase to confirm the grade. 

Though stainless steel is easy to clean and can be quite durable… It’s also worth mentioning that it’s reflective and may get too hot to work on when exposed to direct sunlight.

Ikea Appliances

l shape ikea outdoor kitchen with appliances

As a quick recap… Ikea has few outdoor kitchen appliance options.

These include outdoor kitchen sinks… A side burner… And, of course, the Grillskär outdoor grill.

All of Ikea’s appliances are made with stainless steel. However… The grade of stainless steel is not specified.

As with the countertops… It’s difficult to say whether or not the stainless steel will hold up unless the exact grade is known.

If Ikea uses 304 stainless steelThat’s great! It means their appliances will be fantastic at withstanding rust and corrosion.

But if not… The appliances won’t last. Again, it’s worth reaching out to Ikea directly to confirm what grade of stainless steel is used.

And in regard to the most important appliance in an outdoor kitchen… It’s worth noting that Ikea’s grills fall below the low end of the economy grill price range ($500 – $1500).  

Economy grills are made with low grade materials that aren’t built to last (as opposed to premium and luxury grills, which are made with great materials and can last a lifetime)! 

So, do with that information as you will… But the extremely low price doesn’t bode well for Ikea’s quality! 

Ikea Cooking Grates

Perhaps the most important element of your outdoor kitchen is the surface you’ll be cooking on…

The grill grates!

Ikea’s grill grates are made with a “high grade” stainless steel, which Ikea claims is “durable and rustproof.”

But we’ll say it again… Without knowing the grade of stainless steel… We can’t say for sure that Ikea’s grill grates will really hold up against corrosion.

With materials in mind… Let’s move onto how Ikea prices their outdoor kitchens.

ikea grill grates grilling food

Ikea Outdoor Kitchen Pricing

Ikea’s claim to fame is their low prices… So it’s safe to assume that their outdoor kitchens will be priced accordingly.

Of course… The total price of your outdoor kitchen will be determined by a few factors including the size and functionality of your outdoor cooking area.

Obviously if you’re planning a small outdoor kitchen… You won’t spend as much as someone looking for a bigger BBQ island!

Ikea’s least expensive module is the shelf unit at $150.00.

Their most expensive module is the gas grill, which costs $499.00.

As far as their complete outdoor kitchen designs… The least expensive is the smallest linear charcoal BBQ, costing just $365.00.

And the most expensive is their largest L-shaped kitchen at $1,333.00.

The cost of their most expensive kitchen is drastically lower than the national average cost of an outdoor kitchen project ($12,000 – $13,000).

The low price point indicates that an Ikea outdoor kitchen may not be the best long-term solution for your outdoor space. 

However, If you have a tight budget and are looking for an outdoor kitchen that might last you a few years (at most)… Ikea may be a worthwhile consideration! 

On that note… Let’s see how an Ikea outdoor kitchen ships.

Shipping an Ikea Outdoor Kitchen

man delivering ikea outdoor kitchen

Ikea has been shipping their products for almost a century… So chances are they know what they’re doing.

Though Ikea does have physical locations throughout the United States… There are only 53 as of 2023. So… For most people, having their outdoor Ikea kitchen delivered is really the only feasible way to go (it’ll be a headache to try to track one down in store)!

One advantage of Ikea delivery is their flat pack shipping.

By shipping deconstructed furniture that is ready to assemble upon delivery… They are able to keep shipping costs down.

For large orders… Ikea has a few different options to choose from.

Standard delivery Ikea shipping starts at $29 for non-members and varies based on how close you live to an Ikea store.

With standard delivery… Your outdoor grill station will be dropped off at your doorstep.

The next option is Scheduled Doorstep Delivery… Which starts at $49.

With this option… You pick a day to have your order delivered, and Ikea will provide you with a 4 hour time slot within which they’ll deliver your outdoor kitchen.

Finally, Ikea offers Scheduled In-Home Delivery. Starting at $79… Ikea will deliver your outdoor kitchen to a specific area of your choosing within a 4 hour window on a day that works best for you.

Express In-Home Delivery starts at $89… And your order will be delivered as fast as the next day!

Of course… The true cost of shipping really boils down to where you live and how much you ordered.

So now that we’ve covered how your Ikea outdoor kitchen gets to you… Let’s talk about what happens if you need to send it back. 

Ikea Outdoor Kitchen Return Policy

If you receive your Ikea outdoor kitchen and need to return it… It shouldn’t be an issue!

As long as the outdoor kitchen hasn’t been modified or damaged… Ikea accepts returns on new and unopened products within one year.

If the product is opened… You have 180 days to get a full refund.

Just make sure you have proof of purchase!

Ikea also offers a pick-up service (though not available in every zip code) to pick up the item(s) you wish to return.

So if you’re not happy with your Ikea outdoor kitchen… No worries! You can easily return it.

But if you do keep your Ikea outdoor kitchen… How long can you expect it to last?

Ikea Outdoor Kitchen Warranty

When making any big purchase… It’s important to review its warranty.

If you want your outdoor kitchen to last a long time… You should invest in one with a lifetime warranty.

An outdoor kitchen with a lifetime warranty will withstand the test of time… And be protected as long as you use it!

So what do the warranties on Ikea outdoor kitchens look like?

While Ikea offers limited warranties on many of their Indoor kitchen products… It doesn’t look like there’s any warranty covering their Grillskär outdoor kitchen products.

This isn’t a great sign… It indicates that Ikea’s outdoor kitchen modules weren’t built to last.

But before jumping to any conclusions… Taking a look at product reviews will reveal what other homeowners have to say about their Ikea outdoor kitchens.

Ikea Outdoor Kitchen Reviews

Full transparency… There aren’t a ton of reviews for Ikea’s outdoor kitchens modules.

The reviews that we could dig up averaged 4 stars or higher.

Many of the reviews expressed positive feedback about the look of the Grillskär products… As well as ease of assembly.

People seemed to be happy with their shelf unit and sink.

However… There are no reviews for the power burner available.

A recurring complaint regarding Ikea’s gas grill was that it did not include a back cover (which is important for heat retention!)

Yet the general consensus with both the gas grill and charcoal BBQ was that they functioned ‘fine.’

Ultimately… There were really no reviewers who were blown out of the water by Ikea’s products… But there were also few who were disappointed by their purchase.

Due to the lack of reviews for many of the modules… It’s worthwhile to reach out to Ikea directly if you have any specific questions regarding their products when planning your outdoor kitchen.

Is an Ikea Outdoor Kitchen for You? 

At this point, we’ve talked about Ikea’s outdoor kitchen options, materials, shipping, and more.

If you’re looking for an easy DIY solution for an outdoor kitchen on a tight budget…Is Ikea the way to go? 

An Ikea kitchen outdoors is incredibly inexpensive… Ships straight to your door… Is lightweight… And is easy to put together on a deck or patio.

But just because Ikea is a cheap and easy solution for building an outdoor kitchen… It isn’t the best option (by a long shot)! 

To reiterate… Ikea’s outdoor kitchen frames are extremely lightweight and made with materials that will most likely rust over time… So they weren’t built to withstand even moderate weather conditions. 

As far as the appliances… We can’t say much for sure since the grade of stainless steel used is unclear. However… The drastically low price point implies that the materials used don’t even come close to the top of the line. 

So, If you want an impermanent structure that will last you (at most) 2 – 4 years, then Ikea is worth considering.

But more often than not… If you’re interested in an outdoor kitchen, it’s an investment that you’ll want to last a long time. 

You don’t want to have to replace your structure every few years! 

So if you’re looking for an outdoor kitchen that’s just as easy to put together with more long-term reliability…

You may want to consider other options.

An Alternative Ready to Assemble Solution...

mike pyle modern large u shaped outdoor kitchen with pizza oven and bar seating

You may have been drawn towards the low price point and ease of an Ikea outdoor kitchen… But what if they’re no longer sounding like the best solution? 

If you want a BBQ island that you’ll be able to reliably use for years to come… We strongly suggest that you look at other options! 

And if you’re looking for an outdoor kitchen that will be easy to assemble and stay durable for years… 

RTA outdoor kitchens are a fantastic DIY option with a lifetime warranty. 

With both modular and ready to assemble options… RTA rivals Ikea when it comes to ease of assembly.

In fact, RTA outdoor kitchens are delivered 95% complete… And just take a few hours to put together! 

As far as quality… Our kitchens are made with high performance concrete built to last in any climate… Which means there’s no risk of your structure rusting or falling apart! 

And we can’t forget to mention… All of our outdoor kitchens are equipped with appliances from Coyote made with top grade 304 stainless steel that will hold up as long as you use your outdoor kitchen.

You’ll have your choice of built-in gas, charcoal, or pellet grills… Outdoor sinks… Side burners… Refrigerators… And so much more to make your outdoor kitchen as functional as possible. 

Plus… There are options to customize your design to perfectly match your outdoor space.

This includes the dimensions, layout, countertops, finish, outdoor kitchen cabinets, appliances, and more!

We stand behind our work to guarantee quality in all of our products!

So… What are you waiting for? Start brainstorming outdoor kitchen ideas by customizing your ideal BBQ island with our free and easy-to-use design tool!

And if you want to know more… Visit our Learning Hub to help you start planning your outdoor kitchen!

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Absolutely! Ikea offers cabinets designed for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Ikea’s outdoor cabinets are constructed with powder-coated galvanized steel intended to prevent rust. 

However, if the exterior coating of an Ikea cabinet gets damaged or chipped… The risk of rusting is much higher. 

Ikea offers a range of standard sizes for their outdoor kitchen cabinets… As well as the option for custom sizing. 

The standard sizes offered are 12”, 15”, 18”, 21”, 24”, 30”, 36”, 38” and 47”. 

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