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Outdoor Deep Fryer: Expert Tips for Purchasing & 5 Best Options to Consider in 2024

By James King

June 3, 2024

Fried food is versatile… Easy to make… And just tastes darn incredible.

So it’s no surprise you’re thinking about getting an outdoor deep fryer!

When you have your very own deep fryer… You can make that salty, fatty, crispy goodness to your heart’s content!

Whether it be chicken, fries, pickles, beignets, or even a whole turkey… It’s all at your fingertips with an outdoor deep fryer. (Plus, you keep odors and splattered oil outside of the house!)

Trouble is…

How do you know which one to get?

There are four distinct types of fryers out there… And multiple brands to choose from!

But worry not! We’re going to cover all of this… And much more.

Consider this article your shopper’s guide on purchasing an outdoor fryer.

Let’s begin.

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person taking basket out of deep fryer

Considerations for an Outdoor Deep Fryer

Before you settle on your dream outdoor deep fryer… You need to know what you’re looking for!

In our eyes, there are four primary things to keep in mind.

Outdoor Fryer Types

First and foremost, you’ll have to decide on what type of outdoor fryer you want.

Based on the type of food you want to fry… One will likely speak to you more than the others.

Let’s review.

Outdoor Turkey Fryer

If you want to take your outdoor frying experience to the extreme… An outdoor turkey fryer might be right up your alley!

How does fried turkey for Thanksgiving sound? (Pretty fantastic!)

Outdoor turkey fryers are primarily fueled by a propane stand. There will be a giant pot on top of it, often with a basket or stand inside to house your bird.

While simple… These fryers aren’t a one trick pony. You can fry smaller foul like chicken, quail, or duck… And even use it for seafood boils!

outdoor turkey deep fryer

Fish Fryer Outdoor

When someone tells you to imagine what a deep fryer looks like… You’re likely thinking of a fish fryer!

While it isn’t just designed for making fish and chips… These outdoor deep fryers often have 2 or 3 baskets to make it easy to swap food in and out.

They’re deep enough to fully submerge your food… While maintaining a manageable size.

You’ll often find them sold for indoor use as a single basket, powered by electricity. However, there are outdoor models available in both propane and electric.

close up of a deep fryer basket

Outdoor Air Fryer

Air fryers are the new, trendy, indoor appliance. They’re an excellent way to enjoy the flavor and experience of fried food… Without using so much oil!

Interestingly, this trend is just beginning to shift to the outdoor space.

While there’s only one brand making an outdoor air fryer right now… (We’ll discuss it later!) This could be a great option if you love to be on the cutting edge of new technology.

An outdoor air fryer will also add a ton of versatility to your outdoor cooking experience. You can fry, bake, roast, and crisp all your favorite foods!

For fuel source… These are electric outdoor fryers.

Speaking of fuel…

air fryer with french fries in basket

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Propane vs Electric Outdoor Deep Fryers

deep fryer with lid open
propane deep fryer outside

Alright, so you’ve thought about what type of fryer you want.

Should you get a propane outdoor deep fryer or outdoor electric deep fryer?

As you’ve seen… Some options are restricted to one fuel source or the other.

Outdoor air fryers will only run off of electricity… And outdoor turkey fryers are generally only propane-fueled.

Fish fryers are where you see the either/or!

So… What are the pros and cons of each?

Outdoor gas fryers heat up far faster and offer a higher BTU output. This makes it faster and easier to get your food fried to perfection. (Just like grilling on a built-in gas grill!)

The downside, of course… Is you’re working with an open flame and hot oil! So you will have to be extra careful and keep safety in mind. (Wear gloves and goggles!)

Electric fryers are the opposite. They’re slower to heat up and don’t pack as much of a punch… But they are generally safer to use due to the lack of an open flame.

Once you’ve decided which fuel source is your preference… You’ll also have to consider quality.

Quality of Your Deep Fryer Outdoor

outdoor deep fryers

The quality of your appliances is always important… But this is especially true of outdoor appliances, like a deep fryer!

It’s going to be sitting outside, after all. It needs to be able to handle rain, snow, and anything else Mother Nature will throw at it while you’re frying.

For cooking pots, you’ll often see aluminum used. Aluminum pots are an okay material for the cooking vessel. They won’t rust, but can corrode! (We’d prefer to see high grade stainless steel, like 304).

For the rest of your fryer… You’ll want to search for outdoor deep fryers with stainless steel components. This will ensure your fryer is resilient to rust and corrosion!

Stainless steel will also ensure your outdoor fryer can handle continuous flames and high heat.

Unfortunately… It’s difficult to pin down the grade of stainless steel on most fryer models. (We always recommend 304 grade.)

In this case, a long-term warranty will be a better indicator of quality. And you can always check with the brand first!

Some fryers will use cast iron for the burner portion. It’s a rugged material, but will be highly susceptible to rust!

Regardless… You may prefer to store your outdoor deep fryer in your garage when it’s not in use! This will keep it out of harm’s way most of the time.

But what if you want an outdoor kitchen deep fryer as part of your BBQ island?

Built In Fryer for Outdoor Kitchen

Many homeowners want to know… Can you incorporate an outdoor deep fryer into an outdoor grill station?

As popular as this desire is… Interestingly, there’s no option for a built in outdoor deep fryer.

There are various reasons why this may be the case.

First of all, there’s the problem of the open flame. Most outdoor deep fryers sit low to the ground… Which wouldn’t work when incorporated into an island.

Outdoor deep fryers also tend to be difficult to clean. And when built directly into your island… This makes the process even more challenging!

However, there is a workaround to get a deep fryer for outdoor kitchen.

If you opt for an accessory like a power burner… This can also double as an outdoor turkey fryer!

coyote power burner with wok accessory

You just need a giant pot! You can also use a shorter pot for shallow frying.

But if you’re set on a dedicated fish fryer or air fryer… You’re better off bringing it outside on the days you plan to use it.

An outdoor air fryer will sit perfectly on your countertop… And you’ll be able to use all your counter space for prep work!

Same goes for the fish fryer… But it will stand on its own, not on the countertop!

Alright, we’ve gotten into quite a bit about deep fryers… But what are your best options?

Best Outdoor Deep Fryers

As you know… There are a dizzying amount of outdoor deep fryer options out there!

And if we went through all of them in detail… This article would never end!

So we’re going to keep it simple.

We’re going to give you the best options from each type: turkey fryers, fish fryers, and air fryers.

Here we go!

Best Outdoor Turkey Fryers

If you’re set on impressing your family this Thanksgiving with a deep fried turkey… Or just love to fry foods on a large scale…

You’re going to love these turkey fryers.

CreoleFeast Turkey & Fish Fryer Boiler Steamer Kit

creole feast turkey and fish fryer

If you’re looking for a versatile propane deep fryer outdoor… Look no further than this offering from CreoleFeast

While primarily designed as a propane gas turkey fryer… This kit comes with accessories for steaming seafood, boiling soup, and even frying fish!

It comes with a 30 quart pot, 10 quart pot, lid, perforated fryer steamer basket, thermometer, perforated turkey rack, lifting hook, marinade injector, stove stand, LP hose, and regulator to relieve high pressure.

The 50,000 BTU burner offers plenty of power for a full pot of hot oil!

For materials… CreoleFeast uses aluminum for both pots and the turkey rack.

The lifting hook and stove stand are made from steel… And the burner is cast iron.

Currently, this fryer is listed on Amazon for $119.99.

And for a warranty… CreoleFeast covers this turkey fryer for one year.

Bayou Classic 44 Quart Turkey Fryer Kit

This large outdoor fryer from Bayou Classic  sure is a looker!

While this kit doesn’t come with quite as many accessories… Where it shines (literally) are the materials.

Aside from the cast aluminum burner… Every other material used in this fryer is stainless steel. (Although, you’ll have to confirm with Bayou Classic on the grade!)

Not only does it look beautiful… The stainless steel used in this fryer should be more resilient to the outdoor environment.

So, what comes in this outdoor fryer kit?

You’ll receive a 44 quart stockpot with a vented lid, poultry rack & lift hook, stainless steel cooking frame, cast aluminum burner, thermometer, and seasoning injector.

Like CreoleFeast’s fryer… You can also use this kit for stews and seafood boils.

However, you will pay more for this outdoor fryer. This Bayou Classic outdoor deep fryer costs $328.88 online.

While it is over $100 more than the previous offering… The upgrade in material quality can easily justify this added cost. (Same goes if you’re thinking about an outdoor kitchen!)

It’s also fueled by propane. So be sure you have a portable propane tank on hand!

For a warranty, this Bayou outdoor deep fryer is covered for one year.

Now, let’s take a look at the best outdoor propane fish fryers!

bayou classic turkey fryer

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Best Outdoor Fish Fryers

Maybe you’re looking for something… A little more manageable in size.

In that case, your eye might be on a fish fryer!

French fries, fish, chicken, and more are all on the menu with these fryers… So let’s take a look!

King Kooker 24 Inch Outdoor Cooker

This fish cooker from King Kooker keeps things simple and clean!

Like the turkey fryers already mentioned… This is another propane outdoor fryer!

But of course, the King Kooker outdoor deep fryer is a lot smaller in size.

What you’ll get in this package is a 24” stand, cast burner, 15 quart aluminum fry pan, 2 punched aluminum frying baskets, liquid propane hose, and a thermometer.

While the aluminum fryer pots will do just fine outdoors… We were unable to confirm what materials the stand and burner are made from. (So make sure to follow up with King Kooker!)

The burner itself is rated at 54,000 BTUs, which offers plenty of power!

Currently, this outdoor double fryer is listed for $152.99 online.

As far as a warranty goes… King Kooker offers a one year warranty on this outdoor propane deep fryer.

This small outdoor deep fryer is a great no-frills, entry-level offering for beginners. It’s not a large investment, and can easily fit in your outdoor living area.

king kooker outdoor cooker package with rectangular fry pan

Bayou Classic 4 Gallon Outdoor Fish Deep Fryer

Once again, Bayou Classic makes it on the list with their large outdoor fish fryer!

This offering looks a lot more similar to the commercial deep fryers out there… But it’s designed for residential use!

And if you’re looking for a heavy duty outdoor double deep fryer… Bayou Classic has you covered.

This outdoor propane fryer has a few features to improve the frying experience.

Instead of the oil being directly heated from the flame… Hot air is circulated from tubing inside the fryer. This provides far more stable and even heat.

Additionally, this large outdoor deep fryer is designed with a V-bottom. This collects loose batter at the bottom of the fryer, leaving clean oil to remain at the top.

This prevents scorching and allows your oil to last longer. It’s a win-win!

The Bayou Classic 4 gallon fryer comes with stainless steel housing, two stainless steel strainer baskets, thermometer, drain valve, pressure regulator, and liquid propane hose.

bayou classic stainless fryer

For the improvements in design and upgraded materials… This fryer will cost quite a bit more than King Kooker’s option!

Bayou Classic has this outdoor deep fish fryer listed on their website for $548.00.

And just like their turkey deep fryer… This option will come with a one year warranty.

There’s one more category of fryers left to review. Yes, it’s air fryers!

Best Outdoor Air Fryer

We’ll be honest… Saying “best” outdoor air fryer here might seem misleading.


Well currently, there’s only one in existence!

So by default… It will be considered the best!

At the same time, there is a lot of good to say about it. So let’s take a look!

Masterbuilt 6-in-1 Outdoor Air Fryer

We all know that indoor air fryers have become a beloved appliance in recent years… So it makes sense you want to bring this experience to the outdoors!

And Masterbuilt’s outdoor air fryer achieves just that.

First, you’ll notice this fryer is advertised with a 6-in-1 functionality… So what are those 6 functions?

You can air fry, bake, roast, convection bake, broil, dehydrate, and even smoke in this unit! So yes… There’s plenty of potential here!

Other features of this unit will include a temperature control knob, convenient top loader, side handles, slot for wood chips, and a grease tray for accessibility and easy cleanup.

The Masterbuilt air fryer will come with three different accessories as well. You’ll get a single large basket, 4-stack basket, and a poultry stand! (Yes, you can use it as an outdoor chicken fryer!)

Also note that this is the only electric fryer on the list. So if that’s a requirement for you… This will be your best bet for outdoor use. (It will sit nicely on a summer kitchen countertop!)

master built 6 in 1 outdoor air fryer

This is no small outdoor fryer, either! The Masterbuilt air fryer has a 20 quart capacity. This is much larger than indoor versions!

As far as materials go… We cannot confirm what exactly is used in this fryer. The exterior appears to be made from plastic… While the interior appears to be some kind of metal.

For details, you’ll need to reach out to Masterbuilt!

Currently, this fryer will cost you $229.99 online.

When it comes to a warranty… The Masterbuilt outdoor air fryer is covered for one year.

At this point, we’ve reviewed quite a few fryers! Anything catch your eye?

If so… Allow us to suggest a way to get the most out of your new outdoor fryer!

The Best Companion to Your Outdoor Deep Fryer

mike pyle modern large u shaped outdoor kitchen with pizza oven and bar seating

Once you’ve got your outdoor deep fat fryer… You’re going to be chomping at the bit to get started with it!

But if your backyard isn’t set up properly for outdoor cooking… You might be in a bit over your head!

Do you have counter space for preparing and serving? Do you have a place for utensils and BBQ tools? What about a sink to keep your hands clean?

If you’re missing these things… Your outdoor frying excitement will quickly be deflated. (The whole process will feel like a chore!)

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be this way. Quite the opposite, actually!

We’d posit that the best companion to your new outdoor fryer… Is an outside kitchen.

You’ll get all of the above conveniences, and so much more!

A BBQ island will provide you with a countertop for serving, prepping, and even dining!

Your island will have plenty of storage for utensils, fryer accessories, and more.

Plus… You can incorporate an outdoor sink to keep your hands clean!

But beyond that, the possibilities are endless.

Consider built-in gas grills, charcoal grills, outdoor griddles, grill island smokers, or even an outdoor pizza oven to boost the cooking potential.

You don’t have to give up on your hopes of an outdoor kitchen with deep fryer, either.

And as mentioned earlier… You could use a power burner as your outdoor kitchen fryer instead!

There’s also refrigerators, warming drawers, kegerators, wine coolers, and ice makers to think about.

Point is… A BBQ island will not only enhance the outdoor deep frying experience. It will turn your backyard into a complete outdoor cooking station.

So you can cook the best food… Throw the best parties… And host the moments that matter.

Feeling curious about getting a BBQ island yet?

If so… Check out our Learning Hub! You’ll learn how to get started and everything you need to know about outdoor kitchens!

And when you’re ready to begin your project… We’ll be ready to help!

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Outdoor deep fryers, of course, are made for use outdoors! Most outdoor deep fryers are quite large in size. That way, you can fry large quantities of food all at the same time. Often, they can also be used to deep fry a turkey.

The obvious difference here is fuel source! However, there are some deeper differences between propane and electric fryers. Propane fryers rely on an open flame for heat and tend to heat up far quicker. Electric fryers don’t use an open flame, which is safe for indoor use. Additionally, they take longer to bring up to temperature.

You can cook any number of foods in an outdoor deep fryer! French fries, fish, fried chicken, turkeys, Cajun fried corn, and more!

There’s a few reasons to deep fry your food outside. For one, it keeps odors and splattering oil out of your house! Outside, these annoyances become a non-issue. Additionally, you can fry larger quantities of food outside. You can use a propane fryer safely for things like turkeys, bulk batches of fries, etc.

Most often, the difference between an outdoor deep fryer and indoor deep fryer comes down to fuel type. Outdoor deep fryers tend to run on propane… Whereas indoor deep fryers run on electricity. Indoor fryers tend to be on the smaller side as well.

You can absolutely use a deep fryer outside! It’s best to use a fryer that is specifically designed for outdoor use.

It depends. If your deck is made from non-combustible materials, you can use a deep fryer on a deck. But if your deck is made from combustible materials… Under no circumstances should you use an outdoor propane fryer set. This is a safety hazard! Instead, consider an outdoor electric fryer like Masterbuilt’s outdoor air fryer.

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