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Outdoor Wok Burner: Buyer’s Guide & The 6 Best Picks Of 2024

By Daniel Cdebaca

January 5, 2024

If you love to push the boundaries of your culinary creativity… Wok cooking is a worthwhile pursuit.

It’s ultra-efficient and easy to learn (you might even say it’s a wok in the park)… And the end result is smoky, fresh, and delicious.

If this has your taste buds tingling… There’s no better way to master the craft than with an outdoor wok burner.

And today, we’re here to help guide you towards the best burner options on the market.

But before we get going… What gives us a seasoned perspective on this topic?

outdoor wok burner featured image

We’re well versed in all things outdoor cooking… As an outdoor kitchen company, it’s kind of our thing.

We partner with a reputable outdoor appliance brand, so we know what to look for in high quality outdoor stovetops.

And in the past, we’ve conducted in-depth research of similar products, including turkey fryers and side burners.

So today, we’ll be applying all of that know-how to uncover the best outdoor wok burners for you.

Ready to dive in?

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A Brief History Of Outdoor Wok Cooking

If you’re already a well-seasoned wok master… You can jump ahead.

But if you’re not up-to-speed on these classy pieces of cookware… Allow us to catch you up with an annotated history lesson.

Translated as “cooking pot” in English… The wok is believed to have originated from ancient China during the Han Dynasty.

This traditional Chinese cooking vessel has a deep, round bottom, conical shape, and sloping sides.

They’re designed just-so to evenly and efficiently distribute high heat around the pan.

Most commonly used for stir frying and fried rice… Wok cooking is all about achieving wok hei: a complex, charred profile resulting from high heat cooking and direct flame contact. (If you’ve ever enjoyed authentic Cantonese cuisine, you’re familiar with this coveted flavor.)

Traditional outdoor wok cooking was done in wood or coal fueled fire pits… But today, the craft is completed on high-BTU propane or natural gas outdoor wok burners.

But that begs the question… What type of burner is best for outdoor wok cooking?

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Comprehensive Outdoor Wok Burner Buyer’s Guide

To master the craft of outdoor wok cooking… You need a burner that’s fit for the task.

Below are the top considerations to mull over in your quest for the best outdoor wok burners.

Look For High Heat Output & Excellent Efficiency

Before anything else, a good wok burner must be able to rapidly and reliably heat a wok. Otherwise, you won’t be able to achieve that smoky wok hei.

To quickly get your wok smoking hot, and ensure that heat is retained… A good wok burner needs to have a hefty BTU (British Thermal Unit) output. 

To be exact, you shouldn’t settle for anything below 50,000 BTUs. (To put it in perspective, home kitchen gas stoves put out between 5,000 – 10,000 BTUs.)

If you’re looking for restaurant-grade wok burners… These typically push 100,000 BTUs and above.

But for the more casual crowd… Anything above the 50,000 BTU mark should sufficiently produce that delicious wok hei without taking an inordinate amount of time to preheat.

The Burner Shape Should Be Just Right

Next, let’s talk about burner shape.

This consideration is twofold. The shape of the burner ring directly plays into how the flame is distributed around your wok… And it also keeps your round bottom wok steady as you cook.

If the burner shape spreads the flame out in a wide pattern (wider than the bottom of your wok), the heat produced will be lost to the air too quickly.

This will make it difficult to achieve the red-hot temperatures you need for wok hei. (And it’ll increase the risk of singeing your fingers on the open flame… Ouch!)

Additionally, if the burner ring is too wide (or too small, for that matter), your wok won’t be secure while cooking, opening the door to spilled stir-fries and potential fire hazards.

To curb these challenges, look for burners that will fit the dimensions of your beloved wok.

And even if you wind up with a burner ring that isn’t a snug fit… Don’t despair. It’s not the end of the world.

Wok rings are a practical workaround!

These metal, circular attachments can be placed on your gas burner to support the round bottom of your wok, allow for more even heat distribution, and keep things steady as you cook.

Simply buy one of these bad boys to fit your wok… And you’re good to go.

Keep An Eye Out For Quality

As with any type of outdoor cooking appliance, opting for quality construction is always key.

This sentiment rings true especially for outdoor wok burners. When swirling or tossing a wok over an open flame… You shouldn’t have to worry that your entire burner is going to give out.

That’s why choosing a burner made with solid, stable, and heat-resistant materials is non-negotiable!

Generally, you’ll find outdoor wok burners made with cast iron, alloy steel, or stainless steel.

These metals aren’t flimsy, are heat-resistant, and should be fine for a time… But they’re not guaranteed to last forever.

Particularly when it comes to cast iron, alloy steel, and lower grades of stainless steel (201 and 430) Rust and corrosion are right around the corner.

If you opt for a cast iron or low-grade steel outdoor wok burner… You’ll want to store it somewhere dry after each and every use to stave off the inevitable and keep it structurally sound.

On the other hand, high quality outdoor wok burners will be constructed with 304 stainless steel.

This heavy duty metal has superior rust and corrosion resistance, and a 304 stainless steel wok burner will last year after year, even when left outdoors.

Consider Configuration

Finally, where do you want your outdoor wok burner to reside?

Depending on your preferences, you’ll have two options: freestanding or built-in to an outdoor kitchen.

Here’s a brief overview of each configuration…

Freestanding Outdoor Wok Burners

The majority of outdoor wok burners are freestanding.

In simple terms, this means they stand alone… Typically on legs or placed on a table.

Freestanding outdoor wok burners are for those without a dedicated outdoor cooking setup… Homeowners who want an impermanent option… Or for chefs who enjoy taking their culinary pursuits on the go.

Generally, you’ll encounter freestanding outdoor wok burners on three or four legs, which can be adjustable, removable, or both.

Both leg designs are suitable, if well-built… Though the three-legged tripod burners do tend to offer better stability (especially on uneven surfaces).

We’ll dive deeper into the specifics, shortly… But freestanding outdoor wok burners are typically the less expensive, lower caliber option. They’re generally made with cheaper materials.

That said, they do bring on the BTUs… But unfortunately they’re not usually built to last.

It’s also worth noting that if you opt for a freestanding outdoor wok burner, you’ll want to be sure to have a sturdy prep table to pair it with.

Wok cooking calls for tons of special tools and accessories that you’ll want to have on hand…

Plus, high heat wok cooking is a speedy affair… Which means you won’t have time to run back and forth for ingredients once the burner is on. The food should be prepped and within easy reach to add to the hot wok immediately.

If this is sounding like a hassle and a half… A built-in wok burner may be the better alternative.

Built-In Wok Stoves (AKA Power Burners)

What if you want your outdoor wok burner seamlessly integrated in a BBQ island?

Well, there are no true built-in outdoor wok burners… But many outdoor power burners offer a solid workaround.

Power burners are multipurpose appliances… And can be used for a variety of cooking tasks, from deep frying, to large stockpot boils, to — of course — wok cooking.

Unlike freestanding outdoor wok burners… Built-in power burners are designed specifically to be included in an outdoor kitchen island.

This provides plenty of counter space for getting food prepped and ready to go… Storage for your wok accessories… And even a sink or pull-out trash for easy clean upAll right beside your wok burner.

Generally, built-in power burners are a much larger upfront investment… Though they’re typically higher quality, longer lasting, and lower maintenance.

They also make outdoor wok cooking so much more convenient!

To better illustrate the differences between built-in and freestanding outdoor wok burners (and reveal which is better suited to you)… Let’s look at some specific models.

The Best Freestanding Outdoor Wok Burners

Now, it’s time for the outdoor wok burner reviews.

To begin, we’ll have a closer look at a few top freestanding models.

What are some best sellers?

Eastman Outdoors Portable Kahuna Burner

eastman outdoors portable burner
Product Highlights

Price: $91.86

Materials: Alloy steel

Warranty: 1 year limited 

Let’s kick things off with the Eastman Outdoors portable propane outdoor cooker.

If you’re just testing the waters of wok cooking… This is a solid, budget-friendly starter option.

This freestanding outdoor wok burner stands on three adjustable height legs, from 18-26 inches. These legs are fully removable… So you can easily take your wok cooking on the road.

It’s suited for woks up to 18 inches… And comes with sturdy brackets to hold your cookware in place.

Now, this outdoor propane burner for wok may not quite hit the “restaurant-quality” mark… But it still packs a punch with 65,000 BTUs.

It comes with an adjustable propane regulator hose and a burner safety shut-off feature to ensure secure flow of pressure from the fuel source to your burner.

At just 12.3 pounds… This isn’t exactly the heaviest duty outdoor burner for woks, and build quality is where this model falls short.

It’s constructed with alloy steel… So unfortunately it’ll be prone to corrosion. To extend its lifespan… Keep it stored somewhere dry when not in use.

On a similar note… This propane wok burner is backed by a short one-year limited warranty. It won’t last forever.

Now, the price tag. At the time of writing, you can buy this wok outdoor burner for just $91.86.

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GasOne B-3600 Outdoor Wok Burner Propane

GasOne Propane burner with cover
Product Highlights

Price: $99.99

Materials: Cast Iron

Warranty: 1 year 

Originally designed as a brewing and boiling burner stove… The GasOne B-3600 can double as an outdoor wok burner, with some adjustments.

The burner ring is on the wide side… And the flame spread results in some heat loss.

To harness the full potential of this high-BTU burner… You’ll want to pair it with a wok ring. This will prevent wobbling woks… And keep the flame contained.

If you’re after a generous BTU output… This simple adjustment may be more than worth it. This outdoor wok burner churns out a colossal 200,000 BTUs!

A heat control knob, high-pressure adjustable regulator, and heat-resistant steel braided gas hose come standard with this jet burner for safety and ease of use.

Additionally, this little cooking powerhouse has a few other handy features in the box. This includes a cover, a full windscreen, and a heat dial.

As with the previous option… You’ll get removable, adjustable legs, if you’d like to use this burner as a camp stove. (This model stands on four 15-30” legs.)

It weighs just 15 pounds… So again, not the sturdiest option out there.

Speaking of build quality… GasOne claims cast iron construction.

While heat resistance shouldn’t be an issue… This burner isn’t a good match-up for the outdoor elements. Keep it inside and dry when not in use, or it’ll readily take on rust.

Like the previous model, you’ll again get a one-year warranty.

And at the time of writing, you’ll pay $99.99.

PowerFlamer Outdoor Wok Burner

powerflamer outdoor wok burner
Product Highlights

Price: $149.98 – $269.98

Materials: Cast Iron

Warranty: Not specified

The final freestanding model we’ll observe today is the PowerFlamer Propane 160 single burner from

This freestanding outdoor wok burner stands on three legs. You can choose an 8” short leg model for tabletop use… Or a 30” long leg model for freestanding usage. The legs can also detach, if desired.

Now, the manufacturer suggests purchasing “long leg stabilizers” if your cooking style involves wok tossing… Which indicates that this particular burner may not be inherently heavy duty. (At this point… We can’t say we’re surprised!)

That said, this is the heftiest model so far, weighing in at 27 pounds.

No materials are specified, though at a glance it appears to be made primarily with cast iron.

There’s also no clear warranty for this model.

Despite this lack of clarity, this wok burner may still be a solid choice… And we’ve included it on our list for its top-notch performance, thoughtful features, and smart design.

This wok stove uses a 20 psi regulator to deliver high pressure propane gas for extreme cooking power, with heat output continuously adjustable from 0 to 160,000 BTUs.

Other useful features include a burner ring to concentrate heat at the center of your wok, a built-in heat guard to protect your hands from the open flame, and an adjustment valve at the end of the stainless steel braided gas line, which allows you to adjust your flame as you cook without messing with your propane tank.

It also comes with a stove wind guard, spider web guard, top burner plate, and a stove cover.

Currently, this model is the most expensive yet, with pricing set between $149.98 and $269.98.

Note that this product has a long lead time. Should you place an order, it may take as long as two months for the burner to ship.

The Best Built-In Outdoor Kitchen Wok Burners

Not blown away by the freestanding outdoor wok burners?

Perhaps the following built-in models will speak more to your tastes.

Let’s see if these power burners live up to their name…

Blaze Professional Built-In Wok Burner Outdoor

blaze power burner
Product Highlights

Price: $1,399.00

Materials: 304 stainless steel

Warranty: Lifetime

We’ll start with the Blaze Professional power burner.

This unique power burner boasts a one-of-a-kind narrow design… Allowing you to save some valuable real estate on your outdoor kitchen countertops. (More room for food prep!)

Designed for multipurpose use, from boiling to simmering… Blaze’s power burner also comes standard with a nine inch inner burner ring tailor-made for wok cooking.

Simply remove the stainless steel cooking grid… Bust out your wok… And start stir-frying.

Blaze’s power burner features a heavy duty cast stainless steel double burner.

It has independent controls for easy, precise heat control… And it delivers a BTU output of 60,000.

A stainless steel guard surrounds this burner, protecting it from wind and concentrating heat.

As for construction… Blaze’s burner is on a different level than the freestanding models in our review. This burner features high quality 304 stainless steel throughout.

What’s more… A lifetime warranty grants you peace of mind that this burner is built to last.

As for pricing, you can currently purchase it for $1,399.00.

Alfresco Built-In Power Burner

alfresco power burner
Product Highlights

Price: $2,299.00

Materials: Stainless steel

Warranty: Lifetime warranty on exterior, interior, cooking grates and main burners. 

Next up to bat is the Alfresco 24” natural or propane gas Versa Power cooking system.

This is another multipurpose power burner, equipped with a handy wok attachment to take its versatility a step further.

This heavy duty cooktop can be used for anything from small sauce pans up to 100 quart stock pots…

Or, it can be paired with Alfresco’s 22” commercial carbon steel wok (this is sold separately).

Simply remove the center ring of the burner… And you’re ready to whip up delicacies in your round bottom wok.

As for the specs… This burner churns out 400 to 65,000 BTUs.

The all-commercial-stainless steel cooking system has dual burners with independent controls… For ease of use.

It also boasts a recessed top for wind protection.

Like Blaze, Alfresco’s warranty doesn’t disappoint. You’ll get a lifetime of coverage on the exterior, interior, cooking grates, and main burners.

While the grade of stainless steel isn’t exactly specified, this warranty hints that it is indeed 304 stainless.

At the time of writing, this model costs $2,299.00.

Coyote Built-In Power Burner

coyote power burner
Product Highlights

Price: $1,749.00

Materials: 304 Stainless steel

Warranty: Lifetime warranty

Last but certainly not least… The built-in Coyote power burner.

This heavy duty natural gas or propane power burner features a dual cast stainless steel ring burner with independent controls… And it easily and efficiently powers up between 1,000 and 60,000 BTUs.

Perfect for culinary escapades small or large… Wok cooking is no exception to its wide versatility.

Remove the heavy duty stainless steel cooking grates… And you’re ready to use this power burner with Coyote’s high quality 304 stainless steel wok attachment.

But, back to the burner itself…

This also boasts durable, 18-gauge 304 stainless steel construction… And a stainless steel cover to top things off.

As with the other built-in brands… Coyote stands behind their power burner with a lifetime warranty.

And as for the price… The Coyote built-in power burner can be yours for a one-time investment of $1,749.00.

The Overall Best Outdoor Wok Burner

coyote power burner in outdoor kitchen island

We’ve seen a variety of outdoor wok burners, both freestanding and built-in…

So now… Which earns the spot as our number one pick?

Before we spill the beans… Bear in mind that this decision is truly up to you. Only you know your preferences, what you’re looking for, your budget, and your cooking style… And now you have some solid contenders to consider!

That said, here’s our take:

First things first, we’d rule out the freestanding models altogether.

Though they pack an impressive BTU output… These outdoor wok burners are unfortunately not built to last.

You’ll have to drag your wok burner out of storage each time you want to use it… Hook it up to your propane tank… And haul out a table to keep your tools and ingredients within reach.

All in all, this doesn’t equate to a convenient outdoor cooking experience.

And in our eyes, the efficiency you’ll gain from the higher BTU output will be overshadowed by the hassle of setting everything up (and taking everything inside when you’re done).

So although they may cost a pretty penny… Our vote is for built-in outdoor wok burners.

These are higher quality, have better warranties, and will certainly hold up outdoors for quite a time.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about dragging these appliances indoors after each and every use.

And the best part?  They’ll be flawlessly incorporated in an outdoor kitchen island, providing you with convenient storage for all of your wok accessories… Plus dedicated counter space to keep your tools and ingredients on hand as you cook.

Now that it’s down to built-in power burners… That leaves three contenders. 

And of those three, we’d select Coyote!

Now, how is Coyote any different from the other power burners we discussed?

The BTU output is similar, the design and build quality is on-par… And pricing falls smack dab in the middle of our other two options.

Well, it’s simple. 

This power burner is a high quality appliance, without a shadow of a doubt…

It can be paired with Coyote’s heavy duty stainless steel wok…

And even better, it’s the easiest to include in an outdoor kitchen.

Get Started On Your Outdoor Kitchen With Wok Burner

linear outdoor kitchen with power burner and coyote asado smoker

When you opt for the Coyote power burner… You’re not only walking away with a high quality wok cooker…

You’re also setting yourself up for a simple custom outdoor kitchen solution.

That’s because here at RTA… We partner with Coyote for all of our outdoor kitchen components!

Their vast selection extends far beyond just power burners. There’s also storage… Sinks… Refrigerators Built-in grillsAnd more.

You’ll have your pick of appliances… And can easily customize as you see fit with our free online design tool.

Within just minutes, you’ll have a tailor-made 3D rendering of your outdoor wok station!

Want to see the full extent of your options? Check out or Learning Hub, or start designing.

We’re firm believers that outdoor cooking should be convenient as can be, from the start… So we’re happy to help you get going!

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