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Outdoor Kitchen Outlet: 3 Unique Options, Key Considerations, & Insider Tips from an Expert Designer

Do you want your outdoor kitchen to run a rotisserie, blender, crockpot, or charging station? Well, in that case… You’re going to need an outdoor kitchen outlet. (Maybe several of them!) The trouble is, there’s not much information out there on the topic. How do you plan for electrical outlets in your island? How much … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Vent: Why They’re Essential & Shocking Safety Risks You Can’t Ignore

outdoor kitchen vents

You’re in the process of planning your outdoor kitchen… And the topic of ventilation has been brought to your attention. The importance of outdoor kitchen ventilation is often overlooked… But it’s essential to the safety of your island. Then the question becomes… How do you know what your outdoor kitchen vent requirements are? Will you … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Concrete: 4 Compelling Reasons to Consider One & 3 Unique Options

linear outdoor kitchen with stacked stone finish

With concrete being such an abundantly used building material… It’s no surprise you’re considering it for constructing your outdoor kitchen! It’s sturdy… It’s durable… And it lasts a long time. However, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to concrete. Some construction methods simply make use of cement board or concrete cultured stone… … Read more

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