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Outdoor Kitchen With Stove: Excellent Oven and Stovetop Options Plus 4 Inspiring Ideas

By James King

June 8, 2023

Year after year… The versatility of outdoor kitchen islands continues to expand.

With built-in grills, flat top griddles, power burners, and pizza ovens…

There’s not much that you can’t cook in an outdoor grill island!

As the functionality of outdoor BBQs continues to increase… You may be wondering if there’s a stove for outdoor kitchens.

An outdoor stove would be a wonderful addition to expand your outdoor cooking endeavors!

But before we tackle this question… We want to make sure we’re all on the same page.

So… We’ll start with a quick definition before jumping into the different options.

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What is a Stove?

The word stove tends to function as an umbrella term for a number of different things.

You’ve probably heard the word used to describe ovens, ranges, burners, furnaces… The list goes on and on.

So for clarity’s sake… We want to make sure we’re all picturing the same appliance.

Here’s how Merriam-Webster dictionary  defines stove:

“A portable or fixed apparatus that burns fuel or uses electricity to provide heat (as for cooking or heating)”

According to this broad definition… Any outdoor kitchen with a grill has a stove.

But that’s likely not the answer you were looking for!

Per a helpful article by Maytag“A stove or range is an appliance that combines both an oven and a stovetop.”

Chances are… This definition is a better fit, and you’re looking for a device akin to the one you have in your indoor kitchen…

An apparatus with an enclosed oven (for baking or broiling) directly attached to a cooktop with burners (for searing, boiling, or frying).

If you’re doing most of your cooking from an outdoor living space… It makes sense that you’re looking to bring the full functionality of your indoor kitchen outside!

But… Does an outdoor stove kitchen even exist?

Let’s see.

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Outdoor Stoves: Do They Exist?

stove on patio

Truthfully… There’s really no outdoor equivalent for the classic indoor oven and stove top unit.

But there are some fantastic options for outdoor kitchen ovens and cooktops… They just don’t come in one cohesive appliance.

So if you’re looking for the functionality of an indoor kitchen stove in your outdoor cooking space…

You’ll have to include both an outdoor oven and separate outdoor cooktop.

To show you what we mean, let’s outline some outdoor oven examples.

Outdoor Kitchen Ovens

Modern outdoor kitchens have almost all the capabilities of an indoor kitchen…

So it’s no surprise that there are workarounds to compensate for the lack of outdoor stoves!

If you’re looking to add an outdoor stove to bake, broil, or roast outdoors…

There are outdoor ovens that are actually quite versatile… And open up a realm of possibility when it comes to outdoor baking.

We’re talking breads… Roasted veggies and meats… And even desserts!

Is your mouth watering yet?

Now… It’s time to discuss the most multifaceted outdoor oven options out there. 

Let’s start with an option you may already be familiar with… Pizza ovens. 

Pizza Ovens

pizza coming out of alfa gas pizza oven

Pizza ovens come as either freestanding or built in appliances… And are fueled by natural gas, wood, or dual fuel (gas and wood).

High quality pizza ovens heat up fast, have great heat retention, and can bring delicious, smoky flavors into your outdoor baking (if you’re using a wood-fired pizza oven).

While the name may imply that outdoor pizza ovens are only meant to cook one thing… This couldn’t be further from the truth!

Many outdoor pizza ovens are actually highly versatile.

As well as delicious pies… Outdoor pizza ovens can be used to bake breads, casseroles, meats… Or really anything else that will fit in the cooking chamber!

Of course… The versatility of outdoor pizza ovens isn’t guaranteed across brands.

The functionality really depends on the shape and size of the pizza oven.

As you can imagine… Larger pizza ovens can fit so much more than delicious, cheesy pies!

Sole Gourmet, Gozney, and Alfa offer high quality pizza ovens with larger cooking areas for increased outdoor cooking versatility.

But despite this… Many pizza ovens can really only cook one dish at a time.

So if you’re looking for an even more multifaceted option… An outdoor oven with baking racks may be a better alternative.

Outdoor Ovens with Baking Racks

Though not as widely available as outdoor pizza ovens… There are still some great options if you’re in search of an outdoor oven with baking racks.

Often referred to simply as outdoor ovens… These multipurpose solutions are a fantastic choice for expanding your outdoor cooking.

Separate baking racks will allow you to bake or roast multiple dishes at a time in your outdoor kitchen!

As with pizza ovens… The sky’s the limit when it comes to what you can make in your outdoor oven. 

From meats, seafood, and veggies to breads and desserts… You’ll have the full functionality of your indoor oven outside!

There are wood-fired and propane fueled options… As well as options for built in or freestanding appliances (depending on your outdoor kitchen design preferences).

Though most outdoor ovens will not be able to reach super high temperatures (like certain pizza ovens)… They will be able to cook with similar (if not better) functionality to your indoor oven.

To give you an idea… Indoor ovens average 16,000 BTUs. So, keep this in mind when researching outdoor oven alternatives! 

lynx pizza oven
Lynx Pizza Oven
Fontana Forni Outdoor Oven
summerset pizza oven
Summerset Pizza Oven

LynxFontana Forni,  and Summerset offer some of the most versatile outdoor ovens with baking racks to provide you with adequate cooking space.

So if you’re looking to cook multiple dishes at a time from your grill station… These are all worthwhile considerations.

But before we move on to discussing which stovetops to consider pairing with your outdoor oven…

We wanted to introduce a final outdoor oven contender.

Pellet Grills

built in pellet grill in moks

That’s right… Pellet grills can be used just like your indoor oven!

Popular brands like Traeger, Twin Eagles, and Coyote offer built-in or freestanding pellet grills.

Pellet grills have easy temperature control and are great at maintaining even heat. Fueled by flavored wood pellets… They add a layer of flavor to your outdoor cooking.

This makes pellet grills a great solution for roasting meats and veggies… As well as baking breads and a wide range of desserts (even pie)!

Most pellet grills have grates as well as a cooking rack…

So not only can you roast and bake on your pellet grill… You can also sear and smoke.

Plus… Pellet grills can also be used for rotisserie.

This means that pellet grills are one of the most versatile outdoor oven options… And probably one that you wouldn’t have expected.

When considering which outdoor oven is best for you… Pellet grills should undeniably be a top contender!

But to give your outdoor BBQ island the complete capability of your indoor kitchen… You’ll have to pair your outdoor oven with a stove top.

Let’s see what outdoor range options are available.

Stove Top for Outdoor Kitchen Options

So, you have some great considerations for your outdoor oven.

To round out your makeshift outdoor stove… You’ll need to incorporate a cooktop into your kitchen design!

An outdoor kitchen with cooktop will allow you to stir fry, sear, and more while you roast or bake in your outdoor oven.

We’ll discuss the most practical outdoor kitchen with stove top solutions…

Starting with flat top grills!

Flat Top Grills

breakfast cooking on a coyote flat top grill built in moks outdoor kitchen

Depending on what you’re planning to use your outdoor kitchen stove top for… A flat top grill may be well suited to your needs.

As you can infer from the name… Flat top grills have a flat cooking surface.

A flat top grill works just like a flat pan on your indoor cooktop… It’s just larger!

So anything you can make inside on a pan… You can make outside on a flat top grill. 

Whether you’re looking to sear meats or cook food at a lower temp… There are plenty of built in or standalone flat top grills to meet your specific needs.

Many flat top grills also have separately controlled cooking zones… Which makes it easy to cook multiple foods at once.

Popular flat top grill brands include: Blackstone, Blaze, Le Griddle,  Twin Eagles, Lynx, and Coyote.

While flat top grills are great at adding variety to your outdoor cooking… There’s also only so much they can do (they can’t boil or make sauces, for instance). 

So if you’re looking for a more versatile stove top for your outdoor kitchen… A side burner may be a better alternative.

Side Burners

dual burner in grill island

Side burners are a fantastic addition to make your outdoor kitchen more functional!

Just like the burners on your indoor stove… Side burners are used with pots and pans for cooking sides, sauces, or full meals outside.

Depending on your preferences… There are options for single or double side burners.

Side burners can either be built into an outdoor kitchen countertop or come attached to a standalone outdoor grill.

Most outdoor grill brands offer side burners.

Familiar options include: Summerset, Blaze, Bull, Cal Flame, TurboLynx, and Coyote… But the list goes on and on.

If you can’t decide between a flat top grill and a side burner for your outdoor kitchen range… There’s another option that you may find more appealing.

Let’s see what a power burner can do.

Power Burners

built in gas grill with power burner and combo storage

Power burners are like side burners… But much larger and more powerful!

Most power burner options are designed to be built into an outdoor kitchen countertop.

A power burner is great if you’re looking for max efficiency with your outdoor cooking, boiling, or deep frying.

The size and increased heat output makes it easy to boil corn, shellfish, or other BBQ favorites for large groups.

Not only are power burners a heavy-duty alternative to the traditional side burner… They also are a more multifaceted option.

With a power burner… There’s no need to pick between a flat top grill and side burner.

Many power burners have a griddle attachment available… So you can still enjoy your favorite flat top grill recipes!

Plus, there are power burners with removable grates for wok cooking. 

Again… There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to power burners.

Hestan, Twin EaglesAlfresco GrillsFire Magic,  and Coyote offer power burners with a griddle attachment for multipurpose use.

At this point… We’ve given you a lot of options to consider for both outdoor ovens and cooktops.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed… Don’t worry!

We’re happy to help point you towards a fantastic solution!

Bring cooking outdoors

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The Best Outdoor Kitchen with Stove Alternative

When it comes to bringing the functionality of your indoor stove to your outdoor cooking area… You have plenty of options to choose from!

Perhaps you’d like to bring in the functionality of your indoor oven by including a pizza oven and a power burner in your outdoor kitchen design…

Or maybe you’re more inclined towards the pellet grill and side burner combo…

And you might even want to throw a flat top grill in, too… 

Point is, your choice of accessories boils down to your preferences and how you intend to use your outdoor kitchen.

If you need some inspiration on the best way to mix and match appliances for your makeshift outdoor stove… We’re happy to help!

Let us point you towards some BBQ islands with the functionality of an indoor stove to get the ideas flowing.

Linear Island with Pellet Grill and Side Burner

reclaimed brick outdoor kitchen on patio with built in pellet grill

This linear RTA kitchen setup brings all the functionality of an indoor stove to this outdoor patio!

The Coyote pellet grill is perfect for searing, smoking, or baking (and acts as the oven in this outdoor kitchen)

While the freestanding Coyote side burner brings all the capability of an indoor stovetop… Outside!

Not to mention… The stainless steel grill and appliances look sleek and stylish against the modern reclaimed white brick finish.

L-Shaped BBQ Station with Pizza Oven, Side Burner, and Pellet Grill

bbq station with pizza oven

With a large wood-fired Alfa pizza oven and a Coyote pellet grill… What can’t this L-Shaped kitchen do?

And snug between these two outdoor oven alternatives sits a Coyote built in side burner for whipping up delicious sauces and sides.

Talk about versatility!

Indoor Outdoor Kitchen Design with Pellet Grill, Pizza Oven, and Side Burner

outdoor kitchen with pizza oven and side burner

Another L-Shaped kitchen to serve as inspiration… 

This BBQ island has a built in Coyote gas grill and pellet grill! 

Plus… The Alfa pizza oven brings even more outdoor cooking possibilities to this indoor outdoor space. 

And while you’re baking in your pellet grill or pizza oven… The built in side burner is the perfect outdoor stovetop solution! 

U-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen with Pizza Oven and Power Burner

This large U-Shaped outdoor kitchen truly has it all (and then some)! 

An Alfa pizza oven and Coyote power burner seamlessly bring the stove functionality to this homeowner’s backyard. 

But they didn’t stop there… This island also boasts a Coyote gas grill and Asado smoker, an outdoor sink, refrigerator and ample counter space for prepping whatever meals they can dream up! 

Feeling inspired yet?

Let’s discuss the easiest way to make your outdoor kitchen with stove workaround a reality!

u shaped outdoor kitchen with pizza oven and power burner

The Perfect Kitchen for your Outdoor Stove Appliances

mike pyle with his family at their custom outdoor kitchen with a modern concrete finish

When it comes to accommodating your workarounds for an outdoor stove… You’re probably wondering if there’s an easy solution to planning your kitchen design. 

Luckily for you, there is. 

RTA Outdoor Living is the easiest DIY outdoor kitchen solution out there… Offering both custom ready to assemble and modular outdoor kitchen options.

Our free and easy-to-use online design tool helps streamline the process… From layout, finish, countertops, outdoor kitchen cabinets, and appliances… We’ve got you covered.

Our partnership with Coyote gives you full access to their wide range of high-end 304 stainless steel construction pellet grills, side burners and power burners.

And we also partner with Alfa for your outdoor pizza oven needs! 

Alfa’s heavy duty 304 stainless steel pizza ovens are handcrafted in Italy… With wood-fired, gas, and dual fuel options, they’ll not only look amazing in your outdoor kitchen… But they’ll also be highly functional. 

This makes it easy to incorporate your choice of outdoor oven and stove top appliances into your design (and why not include an outdoor refrigerator and sink while you’re at it)?

But whether you’re going with Coyote, Alfa, or both… Our Design Experts are happy to help accommodate any and all appliances to incorporate into your BBQ island design! 

And as for the BBQ grill island itself…

All of our outdoor kitchens come with a lifetime warranty.

We use high performance concrete panels to guarantee that your structure will last in any climate.

That means no rusting, rot, or other structural risks.

Plus… Our kitchens are shipped ready to assemble, and come together in just a few hours!

So if you’re looking for an easy outdoor kitchen with stove solution that will last for years to come… An RTA outdoor kitchen may be the best workaround. 

And once your kitchen is assembled and you have the full functionality of an indoor stove…

You may never cook inside again!

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You should not put an indoor stove in an outdoor kitchen!

Indoor stoves are not built to withstand the elements and will quickly rust and corrode.

Though there is no outdoor stove unit… There are outdoor ovens and stove tops that can bring the functionality of an indoor stove to your outdoor living space.

There is no outdoor stove unit with a stove top and oven.

The best outdoor stove alternative is an outdoor oven and cooktop in your outdoor kitchen!

Good outdoor ovens and cooktops will be constructed to withstand the elements.

Coyote Outdoor Living offers high quality 304 stainless steel appliances that can bring the capability of an indoor kitchen outside!

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