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Twin Eagles Pellet Grill: Expert Review of 9 Important Features

By James King

January 5, 2024

You’re in the market for a new pellet smoker… But not just any old brand will do.

You’re after only the best of the best for your backyard.

Hence, why the Twin Eagles pellet grill has crossed your path.

This pellet grill is certainly what we’d call “upper crust!” (And of course, it has the hefty price tag to prove it.)

But before you go all in… Is the Twin Eagles wood fired pellet grill really worth dishing out all that dough?

Today, that’s what we aim to find out.

twin eagles pellet grill featured image

We’ll apply our in-depth knowledge of outdoor kitchen appliances — and consult with a real-life Twin Eagles pellet grill owner — to see just what makes this high end smoker sing.

Let’s dive in.

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Twin Eagles Grills Company Overview

twin eagles logo

If you’re not familiar with Twin Eagles… Allow us to catch you up to speed.

Prize-winning engineer Dante Cantal founded Twin Eagles Grills in 1999. Today, the brand is owned by Dometic, a corporation specializing in mobile living solutions.

The California-based company is composed of highly skilled craftspeople who manufacture, test, and refine their products right here in the USA.

Twin Eagles is best known for their luxurious built-in gas grills, which they’ve been perfecting since 2006. (They also offer griddles, side burners, refrigeration, patio heaters and a handful of other high-brow, high-spec outdoor kitchen components.)

In 2018, they decided to expand their selection even further with the Twin Eagles pellet grill.

But as you’ll soon find out… This isn’t your run-of-the-mill pellet smoker.

Living up to their reputation for greatness, Twin Eagles set out to produce a prime pellet grill that would be a cut above competitor brands.

And of course, that’s what’s on the docket today.

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Twin Eagles Pellet Grill & Smoker Selection

Twin Eagles Built-In Pellet Grill (TEPGB36)
twin eagles built in pellet grill
Freestanding Twin Eagles Pellet Grill (TEPG36)

This header may actually be a bit misleading… Seeing as Twin Eagles doesn’t really offer a selection of pellet grills.

Instead, they have just one single 36” pellet grill model.

This is available in either a built-in or freestanding configuration.

Of course, the built-in model is designed for installation in an outdoor kitchen cutout. 

The freestanding model is simply the built-in model on a rolling grill base. (The cart comes with stainless steel side shelves, a self-latching pellet storage drawer, and two soft-close access doors.)

As of right now, it’s unclear if Twin Eagles has any future plans to broaden their pellet grill selection.

But for the time being, let’s see what makes the Twin Eagles 36” pellet grill tick.

Addressing The Hefty Twin Eagles Pellet Grill Price Tag

Twin Eagles built in pellet grill in outdoor kitchen grilling food

We don’t usually address price until the end of our product reviews.

But for the Twin Eagles pellet grill, we’re switching things up.


Because cost is a major point of contention surrounding this particular grill.

Twin Eagles is far and away the priciest pellet grill option on the market.

Some have even referred to the Twin Eagles pellet grill as the “Rolex” of the BBQ scene.

So, exactly how much will it set you back?

Currently, online retailers have the built-in grill listed at approximately $9,000… And the freestanding pellet grill at about $11,000.

Adding on the optional integrated rotisserie system will tag another $700 onto the total price.

It goes without saying… These aren’t small sums. (Not by a long shot!)

For some perspective… Memphis Grills is the next most expensive pellet grill option available, with prices averaging between $4,000 and $6,000.

And the majority of other pellet smoker brands hover around the $1,000 to $3,000 mark.

Point is, before you make this hefty investment… You’ll want to be 110% certain that this grill is actually worth the wages.

So to help you see if the Twin Eagles pellet grill is for you… Let’s get down to the brass tacks.

In-Depth Twin Eagles Pellet Grill Review

To get you better acquainted with the Twin Eagles pellet grill… We enlisted the help of RTA’s very own Jason Bunch.

Not only is Jason an expert on outdoor kitchen appliances… But he’s also been a proud owner of the built-in Twin Eagles pellet grill going on three years.

So with his firsthand experience to guide us… We’ll cover all the key features, and see if this smoker really lives up to that price tag.

Wi-Fi Enabled, Trouble-Free Touch Screen Control

wifi control on twin eagles pellet grill

Pellet grills are renowned for their astounding ease of use… And the Twin Eagles pellet grill delivers splendidly on this front.

The large, weatherproof, touchscreen LCD control panel allows you to manually set temperatures.

To make your cooking experience even easier, you can also select from several preprogrammed food items… And set your desired levels of doneness in seconds.

Three individual temperature probes come standard with the Twin Eagles pellet grill… Which’ll let you keep tabs on the internal temps of multiple different foods at a time.

The best part? You can do all of this from anywhere. The golf course, the top of a mountain, even your bed… Yup, anywhere.

A user-friendly app (compatible with Apple and Android) makes this possible. It allows you to monitor and manage temperatures from your mobile device, no matter where you are.

To avoid any confusion, the app interface is an exact replica of the manual touch screen control panel.

Jason confirms for us that the digital touch screen is functional, “works great” and is “easy to change modes and adjust temperatures.”

As for the WiFi app, he says, “I use the app on every cook, and it’s really nice to be able to track/check temps from afar. It works fine and looks good.”

He only had one gripe about the controls in the three years he’s had the grill: “I did have a goofy problem a few weeks ago where Twin Eagles was having some sort of issue with their servers, and I couldn’t connect to the app,” he confesses.

But all in all, this seems like the exception and not the rule… And for the most part, the Twin Eagles mobile and manual controls shouldn’t give you any trouble.

Impressive Range of Cooking Temperatures

Moving right along… What kind of cooking power is the Twin Eagles pellet grill capable of?

Yet again, Twin Eagles doesn’t hold anything back.

You can set your grill as low as 140 degrees for low and slow smokes… Or as high as 725 degrees for hot and fast grilling. (Direct sear inserts crank up the heat even higher… But we’ll circle back to those later on.)

Considering the average pellet grill tops out at 500 degrees… We really can’t complain.

Thanks to this ultra-wide temp range, the Twin Eagles pellet grill will enable astounding cooking versatility.

For Jason, this incredible versatility is, in fact, his favorite thing about owning the grill.

“Low and slow, hot and fast, or anywhere in between,” he says, the Twin Eagles pellet grill wears many hats when it comes to outdoor cooking… Which is what we’d expect from a wood fired pellet smoker of this caliber.

Temperature Precision 

On top of a wide temperature range… Jason was also singing the praises for “a complete lack of temperature fluctuation.”

He says, “Whether I’m smoking something at 225, or grilling chicken thighs at 550-600, once the grill gets to its target temp, it does not vary a single degree.”

This is all thanks to a variable speed fan… Which works wonders when it comes to temperature precision and consistency.

And ultimately, this outstanding accuracy gives the Twin Eagles pellet grill another leg up over the competition.

Unlike many lower-end pellet grills, which can only be set in increments of 5-10 degrees (or more)… The Twin Eagles pellet grill will allow you to set your desired temperature down to the very degree.

And you won’t have to hover over your grill during those longer cooks… Because it’ll maintain those extremely accurate temperatures for you.

Pretty convenient, right?

Looking At The Front Load Hopper

Twin Eagles pellet grill pellet hopper

Now, let’s take a closer look at Twin Eagles’ front load hopper.

With a 13 pound capacity, it can hold a decent amount of fuel to get you through one long or multiple shorter cooks.

It’s easy to pull out and keep track of your pellet level… And refueling should be an all-around painless process.

But really, this is a pretty standard hopper design. There’s nothing super special here.

And we’ve got to say… Many less expensive brands have taken much more creative liberty with their hoppers.

Take Traeger smokers, for instance. These grills boast pellet view windows, pellet sensors, and pellet dump features… And it would’ve been nice to see Twin Eagles factor some of these conveniences into their own design.

That said, Twin Eagles may not have jumped through any hoops when designing their pellet hopper… But it certainly isn’t going to hinder your cooking experience.

The Perfect Pellet Grill Station

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The Maintenance Process: Is Cleanup Easy? 

twin eagles pellet grill drip trays

Now, let’s address everyone’s not-so-favorite part of the grilling process… The cleanup.

We won’t lie… Cleaning pellet grills can be a huge headache.

Not only do you have grease and drippings to deal with… But cooking with wood pellets also leaves behind a lot of ash.

The good news? Twin Eagles has taken some steps to make the cleanup process less of a time-suck.

There are two drip trays to catch ash and grease. Both trays are designed to hold removable, disposable pans that’ll need to be swapped out from time to time.

But aside from the double drip trays… The cleaning process is pretty much as you’d expect.

Here’s what Jason’s routine maintenance process looks like:

“I run the grill hot for 10 minutes or so after every cook, then let the cooldown cycle run as that helps blow ash out of the firepot.”

He continues, “About every three cooks, or if I’ve just ran a long smoke for a pork butt, brisket, etc.; I’ll pull out the grates, scrape the tray below with a plastic putty knife, then pull that as well so I can vacuum up all the ash buildup and burnt food bits from inside of the grill and firebox.”

“If you’re coming from a gas grill, cleaning up the ash is the only new thing you really need to add to your routine,” Jason points out.

So there you have it.

The cleanup isn’t the easiest thing in the world… But it shouldn’t take too much effort to maintain your grill.

Other Bells & Whistles

We can’t talk about the Twin Eagles pellet grill without giving some attention to all the add-ons.

Arguably, this is where this pellet smoker really shines.

So, what comes standard with your purchase?

  • Extra-Thick Vaporizer Plate: Best suited for low and slow smoking… This add-on will turn drippings into flavorful smoke and prevent flare-ups.
  • Lump Wood or Charcoal Direct Heat Insert: This’ll allow you to sear proteins at temperatures well over 1,000 degrees… And get smokier flavors while you’re at it.
  • Direct Sear Briquette Tray: These ceramic briquettes will give you access to direct, radiant heat for a more traditional grilling experience… And can bring max temps up to 1,000 degrees.
  • Hanger Hooks: Each Twin Eagles pellet grill comes standard with three adjustable hooks… Perfect for evenly cooked, smoky foods.
  • Smoke Plus Feature: Exactly as it sounds, this’ll take the smokiness up a notch. According to Jason, he’ll use this feature if he “wants a little more smoke flavor.” He says “It’s not a drastic difference, but does increase the smoke flavor a bit.”
  • Heavy Duty Rotisserie System: For an additional cost, you can add an integrated rotisserie system. This heavy duty chain-driven motor has a 100 pound capacity and even rotation for consistent cooks.
  • Internal Halogen Lighting: For grilling after the sun goes down… This’ll improve nighttime visibility.

As you can see… You get A LOT of extras with the Twin Eagles pellet grill. This can’t be said for the majority of pellet grill models on the market.

That heightened price ticket is probably starting to make a bit more sense. As Jason will tell you, Twin Eagles truly “pulled out all the stops, and cut zero corners…” and the lengthy list of accessories only goes to show it.

The Luxury Look

people gathering around an l shaped twin eagles outdoor kitchen

Features and functionality are all well and good…

But we can’t forget about looks.

When buying any appliance at this price range… The aesthetics are equally as important as the add-ons and cooking power.

And chances are, your Twin Eagles grill is going to be front and center in a luxury outdoor space… Which means it must look the part.

Across their entire appliance selection, Twin Eagles boasts some unique design details.

Just one look at the exterior, and you can tell that these grills exude elegance.

More specifically, Twin Eagles employs seamless welds and high-polished accents to give their pellet grills an undeniably upscale look.

And this careful craftsmanship also lends itself to top-tier construction.

High Quality Construction

An elegant finish is just one side of the coin.

Twin Eagles pellet grills don’t only look beautiful… They’re also built to last.

As Jason will tell you… After owning his Twin Eagles grill for nearly three years, “it still looks basically new.”

And it’s clear to see why that is.

Twin Eagles uses 304 stainless steel both inside and out… From the double walled grill hood, to the braided gasket for maximum heat retention, to the interior cooking grates and accessories.

This rust- and corrosion-resistant material will endure tarnishing, dulling, and won’t be easily damaged by the outdoor elements over time.

Again, high quality construction places Twin Eagles above many other lower priced pellet grill brands… Many of which cut corners with cheaper materials that rust and corrode quickly. (We’re looking at you, 430 stainless steel.)

All that said, we’d still suggest spending a bit extra on a grill cover for that extra layer of protection. It is a $10,000 grill, after all… Why take any chances?

The Twin Eagles Pellet Grill Warranty

Finally, let’s address the warranty.

If you’re going to spend THIS much money on your pellet grill… You’ll want to have complete confidence that it’s actually covered if something were to go wrong.

So, what’s the warranty for the Twin Eagles pellet grill looking like?

Twin Eagles claims that the stainless steel components are all covered for a lifetime. We love to see it.

However, the cooking grates, briquette tray, charcoal tray, vaporizer plate, burner pot, and drip trays are NOT included in this lifetime of coverage, despite being stainless steel. These only get a five year warranty.

All other grill components are covered for just two years. Presumably, this includes the electrical components that the pellet grill relies on to function (fans, wiring, digital controls, etc.).

For the price you’ll pay, we’d ideally like to see longer warranties across the board.

But that said, it’s still a definite step up when compared to most other pellet grill manufacturers. (Memphis pellet grills only get seven years of coverage… And Traeger only offers a ten year warranty for their pricy Timberline pellet smoker.)

So with all that… What’s the final ruling?

Is The Twin Eagles Pellet Grill Worth It?

In short, yes. The Twin Eagles pellet grill is worth it… But only if you have the funds for it.

As Jason says, “For someone that wants the absolute best pellet grill available to go along with the rest of a very high end project, then it’s definitely worth it.”

And now, you can see why. There’s no denying that the Twin Eagles grill is chock full of convenient features. And the stunning aesthetic gets bonus points.

But we can’t just leave it there.

The truth is, most grillers simply aren’t willing to spend $10,000 on just one outdoor cooking appliance.

The lack of real-life customer reviews goes to show that the Twin Eagles pellet grills aren’t exactly flying off the shelf… And even Jason admitted that he was lucky enough to get his own smoker at a “steep discount.”

Again, if you have the money… You really can’t go wrong. (And your guests will thank you for it.)

But as Jason chimes in, “Really do your research and see how the grill would fit into the entire project. What are you sacrificing elsewhere to fit this grill into your budget? If money is no object, then definitely go for it.”

But for the average homeowner… It’s just not practical to go all in on a pellet grill alone.

With the money you’d spend on the Twin Eagles pellet grill… You could be investing in multiple different outdoor appliances, as well. (And even a full outdoor kitchen!)

To show you what we mean… We’ll share a great alternative.

A More Practical Way To Get Your Pellet Grill (And Outdoor Kitchen, Too)

Jet tila using his pellet grill to cook pork

If you can’t justify spending $10,000 or more on a pellet grill… You’re not alone.

But don’t be discouraged. We have an astounding alternative that’s a lot easier on the wallet.

Allow us to introduce you to the 36” Coyote pellet grill. (Want something smaller? Coyote also offers a compact 28” model.)

Though lacking some of the bells and whistles of the Twin Eagles pellet grill… The Coyote pellet grill isn’t far behind when it comes to performance, and quality is on par.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Full 304 stainless steel construction
  • A temperature range between 175-700 degrees
  • Precise temp control (thanks to a dual fan convection system)
  • A lifetime warranty
  • A front load 15 pound hopper (with Smart Drop pellet feed)
  • Digital touch control
  • Three temperature probes
  • A Versa-Rack which gives you multiple cooking surfaces
  • Interior grill lighting
  • A smoke and sear grate
  • A drip tray for convenient cleanup

Jason puts in a positive word for Coyote: “The Coyote unit is an absolute beast as well. Most of the internal parts look very similar to the Twin, performance is on par, it looks great, and you even get some features the Twin lacks.”

And you get all of this… For a fraction of the price. Currently, the Coyote pellet grill costs between $2,999 and $4,399.

“The only thing you’re really lacking is the WiFi app, but a nice Meater Pro or similar Bluetooth meat probe gives you back very similar functionality,” Jason adds. This’ll tack an extra hundred or so dollars onto your total.

pellet grill island on deck

Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, already… But what if we told you it gets even sweeter?

Here at RTA Outdoor Living, we’ve partnered with Coyote for our outdoor kitchen appliances… Which means it’s easier than ever to incorporate your pellet grill in a custom BBQ island design. (Check out our online design tool to see the possibilities! Spoiler alert, they’re practically endless.)

And if you’re after a quick solution… You can currently get a full pellet grill island complete with countertops, storage, and refrigeration for the same price as the Twin Eagles smoker.

No corners are cut, either. Our composite concrete kitchen panels are covered under a limited lifetime warranty… Just like your Coyote pellet grill.

That equates to year after year of convenient outdoor cooking… For the same price as just one Twin Eagles pellet grill.

If you want to learn more about Coyote and RTA… Additional helpful resources are just a click away.

And if you still have any questions, we’re here to answer them.

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All Twin Eagles grills are designed, developed, and handcrafted in the USA.

More specifically, Twin Eagles production takes place in a facility in Cerritos, California.

If you have the budget to buy it… The Twin Eagles pellet grill comes with plenty of benefits.

It’s easy to use, with a large touch screen, mobile app, and extremely precise temperature control.

It’s super versatile, with a wide temperature range, included inserts for searing, and the option to add a rotisserie burner.

It looks beautiful, with seamless welded construction… And it’s made with high quality 304 stainless steel throughout.

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