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Mont Alpi Outdoor Kitchen: Is It Worth It In 2024? Complete Product Walkthrough & Reviews

By Daniel Cdebaca

January 5, 2024

When you’re buying an outdoor kitchen… The brand you choose needs to check a lot of boxes!

It has to look nice, be made well, be easy to install… And the price has to be right.

There’s more to it, of course! But these are the primary areas homeowners look at.

And for the above reasons… You might be looking at a Mont Alpi outdoor kitchen.

So… Does Mont Alpi check all the boxes?

Well, let’s find out!

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Mont alpi black stainless steel outdoor kitchen

Mont Alpi Company Overview

mont alpi logo

As a company, Mont Alpi is a veteran in the grilling industry!

This family-run business has been in the griling game for over 45 years. In addition to grills and outdoor kitchens… Mont Alpi sells pizza ovens and fire pits.

And with this level of experience… Mont Alpi knows how to make moves in this space!

When it comes to outdoor kitchens… Their goal is to create something beautiful and high-quality, without the high price point.

It’s been about 7 years since they released their line of grill islands… So they’re fairly well-established!

Let’s take a look at how they come together.

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Mont Alpi Outdoor Kitchen Build Method

There are many ways to build an outdoor kitchen… So what method does Mont Alpi use?

The answer is simple.

All Mont Alpi islands are modular outdoor kitchen carts.

This means that sections of your island will arrive as individual units… And you simply attach them to create your island!

Pretty simple, right?

Most modular grill islands require light assembly. Mont Alpi’s base islands come fully assembled… But if you spring for additional modules, you may have to attach those.

These additional modules do provide some design flexibility.

Speaking of design…

Mont Alpi Outdoor Kitchen Design Options

As mentioned above… Mont Alpi offers some design flexibility.

There aren’t many module options available… So you are limited in how much you can customize your outdoor kitchen.

Mont Alpi allows you to mix and match with storage, refrigeration, sink, and 90 degree corner units.

You can create straight islands, curved islands, and L-shape layouts with these options.

If this is what you’re looking for… Then Mont Alpi outdoor kitchens are still a great contender!

But the next question is…

How do the materials stack up?

mont alpi modular sink unit

Mont Alpi Outdoor Kitchen Materials

mont alpi grill island with doors open showing materials

Outdoor kitchen materials are one of the most important considerations before you purchase.

If you don’t choose a product with high quality materials… You’ll be disappointed with how quickly things break and get damaged!

Most homeowners consider an outdoor kitchen a lifetime investment. So it’s reasonable to expect a long, low-maintenance life out of your island!

In the case of Mont Alpi outdoor kitchens… Mont Alpi touts full 304 stainless steel construction on their islands.

While we primarily recommend 304 stainless steel for outdoor appliancesStainless steel outdoor kitchens are nothing to complain about either! (We prefer to see concrete islands, but more on that later.)

304 is a heavy duty grade of stainless steel that offers superior resistance to rust and corrosion. This will keep your outdoor kitchen looking shiny and new for quite some time!

The countertops are a bit different.

Mont Alpi utilizes granite composite for all of their island countertops.

This is not true granite! Rather, it is a blend of crushed quartz, stone dust, and acrylic resin.

It’s not a high-brow material by any means… But it’s quite durable and will do the job!

There is one thing to note, however. Quartz is known to yellow from sun exposure over time. So if you choose a light color countertop… There is a chance that it will yellow after a while.

At the same time, the inclusion of stone dust and acrylic resin may mitigate this effect.

Now that we’ve covered the basics… Let’s see what appliances you will encounter!

Mont Alpi Outdoor Kitchen Appliance Options

When buying an outdoor kitchen… Choosing your appliances is one of the most exciting steps!

Mont Alpi does offer some variety for your island… So let’s see what’s available!

Mont Alpi 400 Grill

Mont Alpi Built In Grill 400

Your Mont Alpi outdoor kitchen will either come with the 400 or 805 model grill. We’re starting with the 400 model!

Of the two, the Mont Alpi 400 is the smaller option. At 32” wide… This little grill still packs a punch!

Four stainless steel tube burners come together to push out 63,000 BTUs of heat.

This built-in grill features full 304 stainless steel construction, which is great to see!

The Mont Alpi 400 also has a ceramic infrared rear burner, rotisserie kit, warming rack, halogen lights, and blue LED control knobs.

For fuel… This grill is equipped for both liquid propane and natural gas. (So yes, there’s a conversion kit and regulator for gas!)

And if you’d like… Mont Alpi offers a grill cover and cast iron griddle plate sold separately.

Now, let’s take a peek at the Mont Alpi 805.

Mont Alpi 805 Grill

Overall… The Mont Alpi 805 propane gas grill is almost identical! The primary difference here is size.

The 805 is a far larger, 44” grill.

And for the increased size… You’ll get six stainless steel burners and 87,000 BTU heat output.

This built-in grill also features 304 stainless steel construction, of course!

The 805 has a ceramic rear infrared burner, rotisserie kit, warming rack, and halogen lights.

The Mont Alpi 805 also has LED lighted control knobs, but are slightly different! When set to “OFF” the lights will be illuminated blue. When “ON”, the lights will be illuminated red.

You also can opt for liquid propane or natural gas with this grill.

Well, that’s a wrap for the Mont Alpi grills!

What about their other appliances?

Mont Alpi Refrigerator

If you’re looking for another appliance to add to your Mont Alpi island… You’re probably going to think of an outdoor refrigerator first!

Lucky for you, Mont Alpi has just the thing.

This 2.6 cubic foot fridge can stow away about 24-30 bottles of your favorite refreshments.

This fridge features a 304 stainless steel exterior, glass door, and blue LED lights.

The Mont Alpi refrigerator is outdoor-rated as well, which is important to see!

You’ll also find fridge cabinet modules on Mont Alpi’s website… So you can simply purchase this module if you want to incorporate it into your island.

mont alpi refrigeration unit

Mont Alpi Sink

Another accessory you might want to add to your BBQ island?

It’s the outdoor sink, of course!

Being able to wash your hands after prepping and rinse dishes right outside couldn’t be more convenient!

And in the case of Mont Alpi sinks… They are only available as part of their beverage center module.

The Mont Alpi beverage center includes both the sink, and the Mont Alpi fridge. So if you were only planning on getting the sink… Keep this in mind!

As usual… The materials used are 304 stainless steel! For size, the basin of this sink measures 15” x 12”.

mont alpi sink and refrigeration module

Mont Alpi Kegerator

Want to keep your favorite beer (or other beverages) available on tap?

Mont Alpi’s kegerator might be right up your alley!

Just like the sink… The kegerator is only available as a module for your summer kitchen.

With complete 304 stainless steel construction… The kegerator features an outdoor rated fridge and triple tap.

Yes, you can have three different taps going at the same time! This fridge is able to fit three slim kegs.

Sounds pretty great!

There’s one more appliance from Mont Alpi to consider for your BBQ grill island.

mont alpi kegerator

Mont Alpi Tabletop Pizza Oven

mont alpi pizza oven

No matter what island layout you choose… The Mont Alpi pizza oven is a nice portable addition to your island!

It can easily sit on your countertop and add functionality to your grill island.

Of course, this little freestanding pizza oven features 304 stainless steel construction!

There’s a U-shaped burner that throws out 12,000 BTUs of heat. It’s fueled by propane only… So keep this in mind if you want wood-fired!

This gas outdoor pizza oven will cook pizzas up to 12” in diameter.

Overall, this is a nice entry-level oven to consider adding to your island.

Speaking of which… Let’s get back to the outdoor kitchen options available from Mont Alpi!

Customizable Outdoor Kitchens

Our free 3D design tool is fully customizable to help you create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams!

Mont Alpi Modular Kitchen Options

Now that you’ve got a handle on all the basics… It’s time to take a look at Mont Alpi’s grill island line.

There’s four available in total. We’ll start with the Mont Alpi BBQ island MAi805 outdoor kitchen.

Mont Alpi MAi805 Island Grill

mont alpi 805 island

The Mont Alpi MAi805 could be considered Mont Alpi’s base island offering.

It features their larger built-in grill, the 805. Of course, it will also include all the features of this grill!

Additionally, the island features a polished stainless steel finish all-around. The countertops are granite composite in a white hue.

The MAi805 also includes a ceramic infrared side burner. Between the grill and this burner… Total heat output adds up to 115,000 BTUs.

You’ll also get a couple storage drawers with this model!

Additionally, this island is situated on caster wheels to easily maneuver in your backyard.

As far as design goes… You can further customize the island with Mont Alpi’s modules. In total, 5 different configurations are shown on their website.

Mont Alpi MAi805 Black Stainless Steel Island

Mont Alpi black stainless steel island 805

There’s only one difference here compared to the MAi805…

That’s right, it’s a different finish!

Instead of a polished stainless steel… There’s a black powder coated finish on both the island and the hood of the grill.

You still get all of the same features… And Mont Alpi claims to have added a granite chopping board with this outside kitchen.

Additionally, there are 8 possible configurations for the Mont Alpi 805 black stainless steel island… Rather than 5 on the plain steel finish.

Mont Alpi MAi805-D Island

It’s the Mont Alpi MAi805 island… But deluxe!

What makes this version deluxe, you ask?

There’s a few extra touches!

But note first that this island still includes all the same features as the base MAi805 island. (Same grill, infrared side burner, storage, etc.)

The most prominent difference with the deluxe island would be the waterfall countertops. Rather than just being topped off with granite composite… This version has it extended down the sides of the island.

There’s only two other additions to the Mont Alpi 805 deluxe island. It will come with a granite chopping board, and an island cover!

The weather cover is a nice touch to keep your island protected in all four seasons.

Mont Alpi also shows 10 possible configurations.

rations for the deluxe island. So there’s even more flexibility available!

Mont Alpi MAi400-D Island

mont alpi deluxe island 400

The primary difference here is the grill used. Rather than including the 805… Mont Alpi includes the smaller, 400 model here.

So of course, this island will include all of the Mont Alpi 400’s grill features!

Other than the smaller grill… The features of this island are identical to the MAi805 deluxe island.

You’ll get the granite composite waterfall countertops, weather cover, and white granite chopping board.

And like the MAi805 deluxe island… There are 10 configuration options available for the Mont Alpi 400 deluxe island.

Alright. Now you’re well acquainted with Mont Alpi’s outdoor grill station offerings…

What is this all going to cost?

Outdoor Kitchen Mont Alpi Cost

Before you pick up the phone or click “add to cart”… You want to know how much these islands are going to cost!

Mont Alpi does not share pricing information on their website… But there are prices listed from other retailers online.

Each type of island has a different starting price, so we’ll share each of them here!

The base Mont Alpi 805 island starts at $4,349.00… And the black stainless steel version starts at $4,999.00.

The Mont Alpi MAi400 deluxe begins at $5,799.00… And the MAi805 deluxe starts at $6,349.00.

Of course, there are other modules that you can add to your layout! Naturally, this will bring the final cost up.

The fridge module will run you $1,399.00… The beverage center will cost $1,799.00… And the Mont Alpi keg center will cost $3,499.00.

If you choose to add more to your layout… You could ultimately pay around $8,000-$10,000 for a larger island.

Compared to the average outdoor kitchen cost of $12,000-$13,000… Mont Alpi falls sharply on the lower side for their base islands.

As a result… This lower cost may translate to a shorter lifespan on Mont Alpi islands. Otherwise, they could be considered a reasonable, entry-level option.

But no matter what the price is… It doesn’t mean much if your island comes with a poor warranty!

Mont Alpi Outdoor Kitchen Warranty

You’re dropping a few thousand dollars for your new outdoor kitchen cabinets… So you want to make sure your investment is covered for quite some time!

And as far as a warranty goes… Mont Alpi offers a good warranty for the price!

They offer a limited lifetime warranty on their islands, but there is some fine print to consider.

The stainless steel roasting hoods and stainless steel cooking grates are guaranteed coverage for 15 years.

The stainless steel tube burners are covered for 5 years. The fire box is covered for 2 years… And all electronics are covered for one year.

Beyond these points of guaranteed coverage… You will only pay 45% of the list price of replacement parts.

You’ll notice that all of the above points are related to the grill. Unfortunately, we were unable to find information specific to the island! So you will have to contact Mont Alpi for the details there.

If everything’s still looking good… You’ll want to hear what real customers have to say!

Mont Alpi Outdoor Kitchen Reviews

Since Mont Alpi is available with many online retailers… You can find reviews on a wide variety of websites!

However, you’ll find the highest concentration of reviews on Wayfair.

Depending on the island, Wayfair shows ratings from 4-5 stars. Some listings have as many as 40 reviews! So there is plenty to sift through.

Overall, Mont Alpi offers decent, economy-grade outdoor kitchens! 304 stainless steel is a great material… And Mont Alpi offers a better warranty compared to similar options.

But if you’re looking for something more permanent… You might want to consider another option!

A More Permanent Outdoor Kitchen Solution

moks pitch black modern outdoor kitchen in city

After reading this article… You might have an appreciation for Mont Alpi, but don’t feel like they quite suit your needs.

You might not be a fan of the stainless steel aesthetic, the limited appliance options… Or maybe you just want more customization options!

If so… A ready-to-assemble outdoor kitchen might be well-suited to your needs!


Well, you get all of the above!

With RTA, you have access to a variety of finish options and colors. Whether you prefer stacked stone, weathered wood, modern concrete, brick, or plank style finishes… We’ve got you covered!

And remember when we said we prefer to see concrete as an island material?

Well… That’s what RTA island panels are made from! We utilize a high performance concrete that is rated for 100 years.

Being impervious to rust, corrosion, and damage from freeze/thaw climates… It’s no secret why we prefer to see concrete!

You’ll also get to choose from Coyote’s large suite of premium appliances. Every outdoor kitchen kit comes complete with their appliances!

So gas grills, charcoal grills, pellet grills, refrigerators, sinks, flat top griddles, power burners, storage, and more are all on the table.

If there’s an accessory you want for your outdoor kitchen… We can make it happen!

Same goes for our custom design process. With RTA, you’re not limited to choosing from a small selection of modules.

In fact, we have a dedicated online design tool for this exact purpose. Through this tool… You can tailor your design to meet your exact needs.

Linear, L-shape, U-shape, and galley islands are all within your reach!

And once you’ve created your custom design… One of our Design Experts will reach out and nail down all the details!

We’ll be with you from the design… All the way until you grill your first burger. (And beyond!)

Curious about getting started?

Give our free online design tool a whirl… And we’ll be in touch to bring your outdoor living space to the next level!

Need Help With Your Plans?

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Well, it depends on what you are looking for! If you’re seeking a budget-friendly, entry-level outdoor kitchen with a decent warranty… The Mont Alpi outdoor kitchen might be for you!

Mont Alpi outdoor kitchens are designed for outdoor cooking! The addition of counter space makes it easier to prep and grill food outdoors.

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