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Paradise Grills vs. RTA Outdoor Living: Review & Best Option

By James King

July 20, 2023

Looking for the best outdoor kitchen solution?

If you’re reading this, you must be! Paradise Grills and RTA Outdoor Living are at the forefront of the outdoor kitchen market. So naturally, you might be wondering how both products and companies compare.

To find out, you’re in the right place. We’re here to provide you with an in-depth, unbiased comparison between the two companies. This way you can figure out which company is the best fit for your outdoor kitchen project.

What information will we cover?

We’ll be laying out how our system compares to Paradise Grills’ from all angles. Each area will provide you valuable information when deciding which company is right for you.

Let’s get started.

Business Approach

The Paradise Grills Approach

Paradise Grills offers the traditional retail-sales model you likely expect when shopping for furniture or a new mattress. They have many showrooms and displays set up in select markets such as Orlando, primarily in Texas and Florida (Examples include Orlando and Fort Lauderdale). You’ll also find them at home shows and events, marketing their outdoor kitchen islands. They say they are America’s largest outdoor kitchen manufacturer.

Paradise Grills Direct usually offers seasonal sales specials. This encourages buyers to make a swift decision to take advantage of the sale. These deals are certainly attractive… Saving money is enticing! However, outdoor kitchens require a lot of consideration and planning. You may not be ready to make a decision right away, so be sure to keep that in mind.

Paradise Grills’ retail or showroom model bodes well for the customer wanting to see, feel, and touch the product in person. You can get a direct sense of the quality of the kitchen and how it will look in your backyard.

Paradise Grills also has a ‘Build and Price’ option online that we will discuss in further detail below.

The RTA Outdoor Living Approach
rta logo

At RTA, we take a fairly different approach. It’s more aligned with our modern, fast-paced, technology-driven world. We give you tools and convenience when researching, designing, and selecting your outdoor kitchen.

So what is this approach, exactly?

With RTA, you can complete the entire process from the convenience of your own home! This is accomplished through utilizing our design resources and unlimited access to one-on-one experts. Our simple design technology is key to providing you with an easier outdoor kitchen buying experience.

We should also mention we’re not big on promotions or sales. Upfront, transparent pricing is our motto. We believe it’s simply the most fair and ethical way to operate! We still offer promotions occasionally… But they are rare events and true discounts.

Our modern, tech driven way of interacting with customers is one that not everyone is comfortable with. We don’t have physical display units available, so it is not always possible to see the product in person. We understand how this can be essential for some in the purchasing process.

This is why we offer state-of-the-art digital resources plus 2,000+ pictures of actual kitchens in real backyards, to help you understand the look and feel of our product. We do offer samples as well. We can send you a piece of our panel and/or countertop finishes so you can get a sense of the quality and finish.

design resources


Paradise Grills offers a FlexBuild configurator tool on their website. This gives you the ability to configure their standard islands in a way that suits your space. It’s quite helpful as you can combine bar islands with their bbq grill islands to make different layouts. L-Shaped, U-Shaped, Galley, etc.

You can also use the tool to select different upgrades. Speakers and lights are a couple examples. You’ll be able to select different appliance options to customize further.

Overall, Paradise Grills offers a variety of layout and design options through the use of their FlexBuild Tool. This is a great option for those who are interested in the standard builds, but want to make small tweaks.

Paradise Grills also has many showrooms you can travel to and see the product in person.


We offer a Configurator/Design Tool with the functionality for you to create a fully custom layout and personalize your outdoor kitchen design in a matter of minutes. For appliances, we offer options from Coyote Outdoor Living’s abundant catalog. In terms of layout, the variety is virtually endless. L-Shaped, Galley, Straight, U-Shaped, etc. are all layouts you can play around with.

After a few minutes of selecting layout and appliances, you can move to the final stage of your design. You’ll see a 3D rendering where you can select the finishing touches for your design! Digitally rendered in front of you, you can imagine how this layout will look in your backyard.

Our design tool is responsible for about 50% of the custom outdoor kitchen designs we create for our customers. We also realize that some people may want more customization than the design tool offers. You can relay this with your design expert, who will work with the design team to create a rendering for you to visualize your project.

take our design tool for a test drive

Use our 3D design tool for free and build the kitchen custom to your needs.

Built For the Outdoors: Construction and Materials


The Paradise Grills products construction is fairly common. They use a metal frame system, cement board, and spray-on stucco finish. These components make up the base island.

You may not be familiar with metal outdoor kitchen frame construction, so let’s get a bit more detail.

Of course, the process begins with metal frames. These are the ‘bones’ of the outdoor kitchen. From there, cement board is attached to the frames to create a surface to work on.

Finally, the cement board has to be finished. There are multiple options to choose from. Some manufacturers use tile, stone, brick, concrete, or stucco. In the case of Paradise Grills products? Their offerings are finished with spray-on stucco.

For countertops, Paradise Grills uses an aluminum honeycomb substrate and digitally printed porcelain. This is an upgrade from aluminum framed tile countertops. The ceramic used has great compressive strength.

All in all… Paradise Grills can be a great option for those seeking a higher quality frame system.

RTA Construction and Materials

Our product construction is pretty non-traditional. We use structural high performance concrete panels for the base. That means no frame system that can rust or corrode away. In fact, the high-performance concrete we use has a 100 year rating on it. Talk about long-lasting! These are some of the strongest built outdoor kitchens on the market today.

Are you in a freeze/thaw or high moisture area?

Not a problem. Our panels are monolithic. Meaning, a single solid piece. The finish is incorporated into the panel so there is nothing that can get inside and compromise the structure. In addition, the specialty concrete material we use has less than a .05% absorption rate. This prevents expansion and contraction in freeze/thaw climates.

Panels are then bolted together on the inside corners. Our panels are structural, so there is no need for a frame system. This makes for a much simpler, yet more effective construction.

For countertops, we offer solid 3 cm granite or high performance concrete. This provides you more flexibility when selecting outdoor countertop material finish. Overall, granite countertops require less maintenance. However, they can be more likely to crack. This is especially true during transit.

Conversely, concrete countertops are less likely to crack. Yet, they require more maintenance. Expect you’ll have to re-seal your countertops every 1-2 years.

Outdoor Kitchen Finish Options

Let’s talk about finishes. For many, it is important to have a variety of options available. You want a finishing option that will match the aesthetics of your backyard.


With Paradise, there are a few finishing options available. On their website, the stucco island cabinet is shown only in one color. There are a couple examples elsewhere online that feature island cabinets in blue, gray, and pale orange. If you love that single finish and handful of colors, then that’s excellent! Otherwise, you may not be able to find a finish that matches the outdoor aesthetic you’re used to.

You have some options with countertops as well. Paradise Grills, according to their FlexBuild tool, offers three Avellaero stone countertop options. The finish options here are called Titanium, Volcano Ash, and Italian Travertine.

Countertop Finishes
RTA Outdoor

At RTA, there’s a lot of variety on the table… Or should we say, countertop?

We offer several stone, rustic, and modern finishes in several different colors to complement your existing home environment. Our work with top designers and our in-house team keep us on the cutting edge of outdoor kitchen aesthetics. More than likely, we have a finish to fit your landscape. For countertops, we also offer 3 colors of concrete and 5 colors of granite as standard finishes.

Island Finishes
Stacked Stone - Gray
Stacked Stone - Terra Brown
Stacked Stone - White
Modern Concrete - Gray
Modern Concrete White
Reclaimed Brick - White
Weathered Wood - Gray
Weathered Wood - Brown
Plank - Dark Gray
Plank - Light Gray
Countertop Finishes
Countertop Finishes
Concrete - Distressed Gray
Concrete - Distressed White
Concrete - Distressed Taupe
Granite - Ventian Gold
Granite - Steel Gray
Granite - Fantasy Brown
Granite - Cloud White
Granite - Alpha White

GrillS, Appliances, & Accessories


Paradise Grills offers an exclusive line of grills manufactured with commercial grade 304 stainless steel. They offer gas, electric, and hibachi grills with multiple upgrade options. 

Depending on the option you choose… The included features will vary. Upgraded options may include features such as backlit knobs, sear burners, smoker boxes, etc. Paradise Grills also offers popular upgrades such as a rotisserie, ceramic briquettes, infrared burners, smokers, and more.

In terms of accessories and appliances… Paradise offers all the standard accessories and appliances you would expect to find. They offer a single access door, double drawer, pull out trash, small sink, side burners, refreshment center, refrigerator options, and a wine fridge. Other accessories include shade umbrellas and tiki huts, outdoor furniture, a fire pit, and even a built-in audio system.

RTA x Coyote Appliances

RTA has a partnership with Coyote Outdoor Living to offer our customers a full suite of grills, appliances, and accessories. The benefit to our customer is two brands (RTA & Coyote) that focus on producing the best possible products. With complete 304 stainless steel construction, RTA & Coyote offer a wide variety of grills, refrigerators, storage, drawers, and more.

Our professional grill offering includes 5 gas grill size options using either propane or natural gas, with our most popular being a 36” S-Series.
The S-Series grills are Coyote’s upgraded grill option. These built-in grills include the same upgrades as Paradise. This includes backlit knobs, interior lights, sear burners, smoker boxes, etc.

We can also provide 2 pellet grill options, charcoal, side burners, kamado smoker, electric grill, and flat top griddle.

Access and storage selections include 8 access door options, multiple drawer options, a dry pantry, pull out trash, and even a spice rack.

RTA also offers 2 sinks, a refreshment center, 2 sizes of outdoor rated refrigerators and 2 ice chests/coolers.

In addition, we offer Alfa wood and gas pizza ovens. We even have specialty accessories like beer taps for our customers. We do also offer a small line of fire features which includes various outdoor fireplaces and fire pit options.

Unlike Paradise… We do not offer a built-in stereo system and speakers for our kitchen designs. So we’ll leave that to the folks at Sonos!

If you’re looking to learn more about the appliances we offer, click the link here.

Customization vs Personalization


Paradise offers customization within limits. By manufacturers, this would be referred to as standard custom.

Paradise Grills offers several size islands and bars varying in length. These islands can be arranged to make L-Shape, U-Shape, or Galley shaped outdoor kitchens. However, you are limited to preset appliance layouts.


We also offer a number of pre-designed or standard custom options. However, this is where RTA differs from Paradise Grills and all other outdoor kitchen kits manufacturers.

RTA is a Complete Customizable Ready-to-Assemble Outdoor Kitchen Solution offering our customers the ability to personalize their outdoor kitchen.

By working with one of our design experts, you can create a design that is fully customized to your needs.

the possibilities are endless

Choose the layout, size, appliances and finish that fit your outdoor space.


Paradise Grills and RTA Outdoor Living Warranties

Warranties are highly important when investing in an outdoor kitchen for your home. Naturally, you want to work with a company that stands behind their product. This is quite different when working with a contractor… Who will often not offer one at all, or offer a 1-2 year workmanship warranty at best. This is why many people are pursuing a nationwide brand that offers a warranty.

You’ll be happy to know that both RTA and Paradise Grills offer a structural lifetime warranty on their islands. This will give you the confidence to invest in an outdoor kitchen solution for your family.

Installation / Assembly

PARADISE Grills Installation
Not an actual Paradise Grills product.

Paradise Grills offers delivery of their product. Their product is modular and doesn’t necessarily require assembly. Therefore, it’s a more hands-off experience for you.

Delivery of whole modules can be convenient. However, there are situations where this can pose a challenge. For example, areas where access is tight or limited can create difficulties when moving the unit into your backyard.

RTA Installation

RTA is a ready-to-assemble solution. We do about 95% of the work! Once shipped, all you have to do is assemble on site. This can be done yourself, or you can hire a contractor if you’re not confident with assembly.

If you enjoy a hands-on experience, our product is so easy to assemble that DIY’ers rave about the simplicity of our system. Most people we’ve worked with love the control they have over their project. Access is no trouble either, as our outdoor kitchens assemble in pieces. Tight access, small spaces, roof decks, and elevated decks are all easily accessible with our system.

Customer Service

While not a physical component of your outdoor kitchen, customer service is extremely important. You want to know who will take care of you once you’ve purchased a product. If you require support, you need to know things will be taken care of properly.

PARADISE Grills Customer Service

As stated back in the beginning of this article… We are pledging to be unbiased! In all honesty, we don’t have much information on Paradise Grills’ customer service team.

Therefore, rather than commenting on an area we don’t have knowledge about… We’d rather comment on what we do know about. So let’s discuss RTA customer success!

RTA Customer Success

AT RTA we aim to be distinctive in the way we meet customers’ needs, serve, and solve problems. If you trust us with your outdoor kitchen project… We take that seriously.

In fact, in 2021, we created an entirely new department to optimize your customer experience. The Customer Success team will “walk with you” through every step of the process… Leading you through delivery and installation. We provide customers with consistent updates, help set up for delivery, and provide one-on-one support during installation if needed.

It is our aim to empower and guide you through a successful outdoor kitchen project… So you can host the moments that matter in life.

Paradise Grills and RTA Reviews

Reviews are a key part of the outdoor kitchen research process. It’s your due diligence to ensure the outdoor kitchen company you work with has integrity. Reviews tell the story of what you can expect from a company when you do business with them… And how they handle problems.

In full disclosure, we (RTA) are far from perfect and we make mistakes.

As far as sorting through other reviews, we’ll let you do your own research for both Paradise Grills as well as RTA. We want you to form your own opinion about what company you feel most confident working with.

Wrapping Up

After reading this comparison, we hope you found the information helpful. The company you work with is a huge decision, and should not be taken lightly. The fact that you explored this article means you’re already a savvy consumer and we applaud you for researching your options!

If you have any questions about RTA or our product, don’t hesitate to reach out. We want your outdoor kitchen project to be all you hope for it to be!

*Paradise Grills® trademark is owned by Paradise Grilling Systems, Inc.

RTA Distinction (Shameless Plug)

rta outdoor kitchen kit by pool

RTA was founded on the idea that an outdoor kitchen does not have to be difficult to build—and that you should not have to compromise on quality when ordering a prefabricated outdoor kitchen kit. Over the past 2 years, we have taken many steps to further disrupt the industry to improve these areas.

This includes introducing technology in the form of a design and blueprint tool… As well as manufacturing innovation in the way of made-to-order custom outdoor cabinets. These improvements have allowed homeowners to design and select an outdoor kitchen to fit their space and desires.

These innovations are a direct result of the RTA way.

In fact, we’ve developed a bit of a secret formula to ensure a successful customer experience.

Our customers would agree:

“RTA could be a case study in business school that describes how best to have an online sales, design and build process. Custom outdoor kitchen islands are not something I would have thought I could buy without leaving my home, but your process makes that possible.”


At RTA, we believe in one-on-one design services. Upon inquiry, you’ll be assigned a design expert. This makes the process a bit different than traditional sales.

Our primary goal is helping our customers get the ideal result. We want to work with you on creating the ideal design solution for your outdoor living space.

To have experts in our business, we have scrupulous criteria for hiring. We only hire people who fit our culture and share our commitment to customer experience. As a bonus, they also must complete a rigorous outdoor kitchen training program that takes several months. Most of our team has not only spent time installing outdoor kitchens… But have also been part of thousands of outdoor kitchen designs and projects.

We want design experts that can guide our customers toward a design that fits their backyard and provides the optimal experience. They’re with you every step of the way. You’ll also have access to our extensive library of superior quality digital resources to help you determine the best finishes, appliances, and layout for your backyard.

Again, we don’t have access to physical displays. However, we have an abundance of real photos. Real photos, of real kitchens, in real people’s backyards. You can view these on our social media pages, with over 2,000 images spread across them.

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