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Thor Outdoor Kitchen: Are They Right for You? This In-Depth Review Will Help You Decide

By Daniel Cdebaca

April 30, 2023

Having trouble finding an outdoor kitchen that matches the aesthetic and quality of your indoor kitchen?

If so, it makes sense why you’re interested in a Thor outdoor kitchen! (Especially if you already own their indoor appliances.)

While Thor is primarily known for their indoor ranges, cooktops, ovens, and refrigerators… They’ve made a foray into the outdoor living scene.

But are they the best choice for your future outdoor kitchen?

That’s what we hope to parse out. In this article, we’ll discuss layout details, materials, warranty information, and much more.

By the end… You should have a pretty solid idea of whether Thor is a good fit for you or not.


Let’s get started.

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Thor Kitchen Company Overview

Thor Kitchen Logo

As we’ve already mentioned… Thor Kitchen is most well-known for their indoor appliance line.

However, they’re not just any kitchen appliances!

Thor has gone out of the way to create professional-grade, high quality appliances at a fraction of the cost.

To give you an example of this… Many luxury professional gas ranges can cost upwards of $10,000 – $40,000. When compared to Thor, they keep these prices around or under $6,000.

That’s a massive savings for comparable performance and quality!

More recently, Thor has dipped their toes into the outdoor kitchen market.

And while there are some similarities… This is a completely different realm!

So let’s get into exactly what a Thor outdoor kitchen is.

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How does a Thor Outdoor Kitchen Work?

If you’ve started your research in earnest… You’ll quickly discover just how many ways an outdoor kitchen can come together!

There’s scratch-built, ready to finish, ready to assemble, prefab, and modular solutions.

So, where does Thor fall in all this?

A Thor outdoor kitchen would be considered a modular solution.

In this instance… Modular refers to the way your island comes together. Each module will be an individual unit that’s placed side-by-side to create your layout.

For example… A single module could be considered a grill cabinet with drawer storage underneath. This can be paired with a plain cabinet to create a grill island with some counter space.

Therefore, you do have some flexibility in your outdoor kitchen design.

It’s also worth mentioning that all Thor modules will come with caster wheels. So if you want to rearrange your island, you can do so quite easily.

And to help you plan out your future layout… Let’s take a look at the modules offered by Thor.

Thor’s Modular Outdoor Kitchen Suite

Currently, Thor offers 5 unique modules for their BBQ islands.

This provides a decent amount of variance… Without becoming too complicated.

So if you prefer simplicity, there’s a lot to like here!

We’ll begin with Thor’s built-in grill module.

Thor Built in Grill Module with Grill Cabinet (MK04SS304, MK03SS304)

outdoor kitchen bbq grill cabinet

Technically, this module is two separate products! However, when purchased together… They create a grill island module.

So in this section, we’ll be discussing the BBQ grill cabinet and built-in grill as if they are one unit. (They are meant to go together.)

Looking to the grill, Thor offers a single 32” liquid propane or natural gas option.

It’s equipped with a single 13,000 BTU infrared burner for searing… And three tube burners for standard grilling. (The power of these burners is not stated.)

You’ll also have access to a 10,000 BTU rear burner to use for a rotisserie setup. (Roast chicken is on the menu!)

And to top it all off… This grill comes with LED lit knobs for an upscale aesthetic.

Moving to the grill cabinet, it’s quite simple!

In addition to housing the built-in grill… Underneath, there’s double storage drawers and a regular cabinet on the right side.

Images reveal a slide-out tray that would be perfect for holding a propane tank.

Theoretically, you could purchase just these two units to create a freestanding grill… If you end up not wanting a full island.

Pretty straightforward so far?

Let’s move onto the sink cabinet.

Thor Outdoor Kitchen Sink Cabinet (MK01SS304)

If you want to be able to wash your hands and dishes right outside… A sink cabinet will be essential!

The less often you have to make trips inside… The more convenient the experience will be. (And your house will be cleaner!)

Much like the previous module, this bar center is simple to understand.

The cabinet itself is 32” wide… With the sink basin and faucet taking up nearly this entire area.

But that’s not all! There’s a couple small value-adds in this unit, as well.

On the front, you’ll find a shelf to hold bottles… With a bottle opener right next to it.

Below, you have a regular storage cabinet and a built-in storage tray for spices.

Now, let’s turn our attention to refrigeration.

Thor Outdoor Kitchen Refrigerator Cabinet Module (MK02SS304, TRF2401U)

thor refrigerator cabinet

If you don’t want to mess around with ice and a cooler… Some form of electric refrigerator will become a necessity.

As with the built-in grill and cabinet combo… The same goes here! You’ll have to purchase both a refrigerator, and Thor’s refrigerator cabinet to make the unit complete.

If you’re browsing Thor’s website, you might also see mention of an outdoor wine cooler. Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued. So you’re stuck with just a fridge here!

So let’s get to this module.

The refrigerator cabinet itself is 35” wide, and offers no additional features.

In terms of outdoor refrigerators… Thor’s offering is a bit unique!

Most outdoor refrigerators will be cabinet-style… With a single door revealing shelves inside.

Thor’s version consists of double refrigerator drawers instead.

Now, there’s nothing inherently better about this design… It’s simply down to personal preference.

This fridge has a 5.4 cubic foot capacity, soft close drawers, digital control panel, and a convection cooling system.

And the width measures at 23.5”… Making it a perfect fit for the aforementioned refrigerator cabinet.

Don’t feel like this fridge is the right fit?

Thor Outdoor Kitchen Corner Cabinet Module (MK06SS304)

thor corner cabinet

If you want to create an L-shaped layout for your Thor outdoor kitchen… This stainless steel cabinet is the way it’s done!

The corner unit will allow you to put modules on either side… Creating an angled L-shape look.

Otherwise, this corner cabinet offers some storage and extra countertop space.

So if you want more room for prepping your incredible meal… It’s all right here!

The dimensions of this cabinet measure 30.5”W x 38”H x 30.5”D.

Pretty straightforward!

There’s one more module for you to consider.

Thor Pizza Oven Cabinet (MK07SS304)

Last but not least… We have the pizza oven and cabinet combo. (Yes, they come together this time!)

This wood burning pizza oven is 26” wide… Offering plenty of space for a large pizza pie!

Thor’s pizza oven comes with a ceramic pizza stone, flue damper, pizza cutter, pizza peel, and a pie server.

However, there isn’t much detail about the performance of this oven. We were unable to determine what insulation was used (if any), and what the peak temperature range is.

Looking to the cabinet… There’s not much to report!

There’s an accessory rack on the side for storage… And regular cabinet storage on the front of the unit.

You certainly won’t run out of storage space here!

Alright. Now that you’ve seen all the appliance cabinets that Thor has to offer… What are some things to consider before you get ready to checkout?

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Thor Outdoor Material Considerations

thor kitchen with pizza oven and refrigerator drawer

To be honest… An outdoor kitchen isn’t worth much if it’s made with poor quality materials!

Therefore, understanding what materials Thor uses is of utmost importance.

So, what are they?

Thankfully… It’s quite simple.

Both the appliances and the cabinets feature complete 304 stainless steel construction.

If you’re familiar with our content… You’ll know that we constantly sing the praises of 304 stainless for outdoor appliances!

And for good reason.

Compared to other grades of steel or aluminum… 304 is among the most corrosion and rust resistant out there.

So you’ll be able to enjoy your island worry free (and rust free!) for many years.

And while 304 stainless steel is a durable material for island construction… Keep in mind that steel gets extremely hot in the sun! This can make it uncomfortable to use.

It’s also worth mentioning that all-steel cabinets are susceptible to dents and scratches as well.

But ultimately… There’s not much to gripe about here!

Next, it’s time to determine if Thor’s price is right.

What Does a Thor Modular Outdoor Kitchen Cost?

thor pizza oven refrigerator drawer sink BBQ outdoor kitchen

If you’ve been browsing Thor’s website… You’ll notice there isn’t any pricing information made available.

Thankfully, it’s not too difficult to track down!

All of the units are in stock at Lowe’s.

The grill and grill cabinet combo will run you $1,898.00. The refrigerator and fridge cabinet will cost $2,398.00. You can get the sink cabinet in one unit for $749.00.

The corner cabinet will cost $562.00… And the pizza oven cabinet is priced at $1,299.00.

Naturally, the final price tag will depend on what layout you want.

But to give you an idea… The complete Thor outdoor kitchen suite will cost $6,906.00 when purchased as individual units.

When put this way… Thor outdoor grill islands are quite affordable. They would certainly meet a tight budget!

However, is more affordable always better?

We’d argue not.

The average cost of an outdoor kitchen in America is $12,000 – $13,000… Which puts Thor well below this average for an L-shape layout.

Does that mean a Thor outdoor kitchen is bad?

Not necessarily! However, it does indicate some value that may be missing compared to other brands.

There’s a lack of finishing options, customization opportunities… And their warranty may not be up to snuff.

Speaking of which…

How Thor’s Outdoor Kitchen Warranty Stacks Up

Before you make a purchase decision… It’s essential to understand the warranty you are entitled to!

Even though a Thor outdoor kitchen is less expensive than the average cost… You’re still sinking several grand into this purchase.

Therefore, you want to know it’s going to stick around for a while.

And a long-term warranty shows how confident a company is in their product.

The longer the warranty… The longer you can expect your island to last.

Alright, that was a lot of buildup!

What does Thor’s warranty look like?

There’s a 2 year warranty on the Thor outdoor kitchen set… And a 4 year warranty on the grill burners, specifically.

To us, this is pretty lackluster!

A decent outdoor kitchen will come with a 10 year warranty at minimum… With a lifetime warranty being the gold standard.

If you want a short-term solution, this might work just fine for you! But if you’re after something that will last for decades… It’s probably best to look elsewhere.

But either way… It’s worth seeing what customers have to say!

Thor Outdoor Kitchen Reviews

In our ever-increasing entanglement with the internet… Seldom do we ever make an online purchase without checking the reviews first!

It’s good practice.

If hundreds of customers have had a positive experience… It’s likely you will, too.

And of course, the opposite is true!

So… How does Thor rank when it comes to reviews?

Unfortunately, there aren’t many out there!

When we look to Lowe’s… The built-in grill has a 4 star rating, the sink cabinet has 4 stars, the refrigerator has a single 1 star review, and the pizza oven has a 2.5 star rating.

Looking at it this way, the consensus is pretty mixed.

It’s worth checking the reviews for yourself, and making a judgment call from there.

At the very least… It appears approaching with caution would be a wise move.

So, what’s the takeaway here?

Is a Thor Outdoor Kitchen Worth it?

Is a Thor kitchen outdoor the right choice for you?

Ultimately, only you can decide this… But we’ve discussed several points worth considering.

While these modules are affordable and made from a high quality material (304 stainless steel)… A subpar warranty and mixed customer reviews raises some points of concern.

They are also designed to sit on caster wheels… Implying that this system is not meant to be permanent.

If you’re seeking a temporary solution and don’t mind taking a gamble on longevity… Thor could be a suitable short-term option.

But if you want to purchase an island made to last the long haul… A Thor outdoor kitchen package likely won’t make the cut.

That said, let’s look at a possible alternative.

Looking for Something More?

If you’re planning to add an outdoor cooking area to your backyard… You might as well go all-out!

Particularly when you consider how much legwork is required.

You have to decide on a design, where it will be located, prepare a surface, and get utilities installed.

And with all this effort in preparation for your future BBQ island… It should be well-worth the investment of your time and effort!

Simply put, this is a project you should only have to do once.

And if you want your outdoor kitchen to be a one-and-done deal… It better be up to snuff!

Hence, why we’d like to introduce you to the RTA outdoor kitchen.

Similar to Thor… RTA offers an easy installation, even more customization, and comes with premium 304 stainless steel appliances.

But we take all these similarities… And crank them up to 11.

An RTA outdoor kitchen consists of concrete panels, which can be installed by anyone in mere hours. (No experience required!)

RTA islands are fully customizable… Far beyond what a modular system can provide. Our free online design tool will give you a taste of just how personalized your island can be.

Plus, every RTA outdoor kitchen comes equipped with Coyote’s premium 304 stainless steel appliances.

Their entire suite of appliances is available to you… Which spans from gas grills, to charcoal grills, to pellet grills, to griddles, to power burners, to side burners, to refrigerators, to storage… You get the idea.

We even offer authentic, Italian-made outdoor pizza ovens from Alfa… So you won’t even be missing your ideal, wood-fired pie.

And when it comes to longevity… Our islands are made with high performance concrete, rated for 100 years!

We believe so strongly in the durability of our islands… That we’re able to offer you a lifetime structural warranty.

If you want your outdoor kitchen to last for decades… We’ve got you covered.

Start designing your dream island, and we’ll be in touch!

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