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Faucet for Outdoor Kitchen: Buying Guide, Winterizing, & 5 Best Options for 2024

By Jayme Muller

January 5, 2024

When you make a big purchase like an outdoor kitchen… You want every detail to be perfect!

Yes, even down to the faucet you choose for your sink!

But as easy as it is to overlook the faucet when you’re designing your dream outdoor kitchen… It’s important to pay attention to what kind you’re purchasing!

Your choice can affect whether or not it will rust or corrode… Or if it can last in fluctuating temperatures as the seasons change!

You don’t want to have to replace your new faucet anytime soon… So this “Faucet for Outdoor Kitchen” article will walk you through important buying considerations to avoid this untimely fate!

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granite countertop with sink in grill island

Outdoor Kitchen Faucet Types

If you go to the faucet section in Home Depot or Lowe’s today… You’re going to find an overwhelming number of options.

Let’s go through a few simple options so you know where to start.

Step one is to determine the kind of faucet you might like.

Here is a list of the most popular types you can choose from to ensure that your outdoor kitchen sink is the best for you and your backyard.

Pull-Down Faucet

pull down faucet in outdoor kitchen

When you try to wash big pots and pans… You know that sometimes a swivel faucet just can’t reach the right spot.

We’ve all been there… But a pull-down sprayer is the solution!

A pull-down faucet can be pulled down and out of the fixture to reach further.

You can position your pull-out sprayer in whatever direction you need with its hose… And then it recedes right back up into your faucet!

It’s as simple as that… And so helpful!

Want to bring your idea to life?

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Pull-Out Faucet

Pull Out Faucet

Similarly to a pull-down faucet… A pull-out faucet can be pulled out horizontally.

Pull-out faucets save space since they’re smaller… So if you want a smaller outdoor kitchen, this one’s for you.

You’ll be able to reach whatever you need to spray down in your sink… And then it can be hidden back within the fixture!


outdoor kitchen sink appliance

A gooseneck faucet is known for its recognizable shape.

These faucets have a tall arch that rounds… Similar to a goose’s neck!

This makes it easier to place a pot underneath the faucet since they have such a high arch.

You can also find pull-downs that are in a gooseneck style for even more functionality!

Touchless Faucet

The point of washing your hands is to get them clean… But you can just make even more of a mess when you try to turn on the faucet with sauce on your hands!

A touchless faucet is perfect for an outdoor grill station… Especially since a lot of your meats will likely have BBQ sauce on them!

This option makes it even easier to keep things clean!

Swivel Spout

Swivel spout faucet

A swivel spout sink helps you reach all corners of your sink!

They are most popular with double-basin sinks… That way, your water can reach both basins!

If your sink is smaller… Just make sure your faucet won’t swivel too far out of your sink. You don’t want water to run over your outdoor kitchen countertops!

Whether you prefer a pull-out, pull-down, or swivel spout is completely up to your personal preferences… But a swivel spout has the advantage that it can be positioned in the right spot and then left to run while you wash dishes.

Meanwhile, you have to manually hold a pull-down or pull-out faucet where you need it to go if the faucet doesn’t swivel.

Pot Filler

A pot filler is a faucet that can be installed over a sink, power burner, or side burner! 

They are typically mounted into the wall… But you can also find some that are mounted into the countertop.

A pot filler is built to be tall enough for a large pot to fit underneath… Thus the name!

They’re a practical addition that makes filling up large pots with water much easier… Especially if you place your pot filler directly over the outdoor kitchen appliance you’ll be using to heat your water (like a power burner).

Trying not to spill your heavy pot filled with water will be a thing of the past!

Really, they’re about as convenient as it gets if you like to cook anything that requires boiling water.

You can also get a pot filler over a power burner in addition to a normal sink and faucet. This is great if you want it all!

Next up, you’ll want to know all of the great features your faucets can come with!

Faucet for Outdoor Kitchen Features

When you’re looking for an outdoor kitchen faucet… You’re going to be met with a few big choices for features.

Here is the rundown, so you’ll know what you’re looking for ahead of time.

Water Temperature Options

faucet with hot and cold knobs in outdoor kitchen

If you want to sanitize dishes or keep your water warm on an icy day… You need the option of hot water!

Step one of getting hot water to your outdoor kitchen is setting up the right water lines with your outdoor kitchen utilities… But of course, you can’t get hot water to your sink without a faucet that has a hot water option!

There is a large variety of options for faucets with a hot water option.

Some will have two different temperature knobs, while other faucets will have a rotatable handle that can be moved to choose just the right temperature.

A faucet that has a hot water option will typically be more expensive than a purely cold water faucet… So decide beforehand if you’re ever going to want to use hot water in your outdoor kitchen.

Soap Dispenser

Close up of a coyote outdoor sink placed in an RTA countertop

It’s one thing when you’re using your indoor kitchen… But trying to keep track of your soap bottle while the wind is blowing outside can be a hassle. 

Hiding it under the sink just causes more clutter and takes away from your outdoor kitchen storage.

Fortunately, many outdoor kitchen sink faucets come with a soap dispenser that can be installed right into your outdoor kitchen!

These easy-to-install features make washing your hands a breeze.

This will also ensure that your soap dispenser matches the rest of your faucet!

They are typically easy to refill and will never blow away or get lost.

Side Sprayer

side sprayer

Sometimes the water pressure from the sink just isn’t enough to get food off of your dishes.

If you want something with a little extra pressure and mobility… You might want a side sprayer!

You can buy a side sprayer separately… But some faucet for outdoor kitchen combos will come with a side sprayer included!

Depending on the style you get… Most can be pulled up and around to spray where you need.

This is a great addition to any stationary sink faucet… Since a side sprayer can reach the corners your normal faucet can’t!

Other side sprayers look like the ones you might find at a bar… And are perfect for washing cups quickly.

So if you want an outdoor kitchen bar… This will be the perfect addition.

Getting one that comes with a faucet will also ensure that it matches the rest of your sink setup…

But what will that look like? Which materials are best?

Do everything Outdside

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Faucet for Outdoor Kitchen Materials

No matter how cool your faucet’s features are… There’s no point in getting one if it’s just going to rust in a few years!

Your faucet and outside kitchen are going to be outdoors 24/7… So it will have to withstand all kinds of weather.

The best way to make sure it holds up is by choosing good materials.

Brushed Nickel

brushed nickel sink

Brushed nickel has a matte appearance and a warmer tone than some other metals.

While brushed nickel is a popular faucet style… You might want to save this one for your indoor sinks.

While it is less expensive than stainless steel… It will rust and corrode more quickly in the outdoor environment.

Solid Brass

Solid brass is a durable material that does well in outdoor conditions… Although it may be more difficult to find.

It will have a unique color that will change over time as it forms a patina.

Brass is a highly corrosion-resistant, weather-resistant, and durable material… But it’s also very expensive.

Chrome Plating

chrome plating

You may find some faucets covered in chrome plating.

It’s an affordable option with a pretty shine… But it isn’t our top recommendation.

There’s great protection against the elements while it stays intact… But it can chip fairly easily, which you’ll want to watch out for.

It can take temperature fluctuations and resist rust and corrosion… But if it chips, the plating will fall off as corrosion creeps underneath. (This happens faster than you’d think!)

Because of this… It isn’t the best choice to use outside.

Let’s take a look at a better option for your outdoor kitchen!

Stainless Steel

sink in outdoor kitchen

Hands down, stainless steel, particularly 304 stainless steel, is one of the best materials for an outdoor faucet.

In fact, this is our recommendation for all outdoor kitchen accessories.

This metal is not only very durable… But it also looks great!

You’ll find that it resists stains and scratches, as well as rust and corrosion.

And of course, it looks great with nearly any aesthetic, be it a modern outdoor kitchen or traditional… Especially if you choose a stainless steel sink to match.

So now you’ve got the down-low on faucet materials… Now, how do you take care of your new faucet during the winter months?

Winterizing Your Faucet for Outdoor Kitchens

Just like your outdoor kitchen sink… Your faucet could have issues come wintertime.

You’ll just need to follow a few extra steps to protect it… And you won’t have to worry!

You don’t even have to hire a plumber… You can DIY this simple procedure on your own.

1. Turn Off the Water

The first step to winterize your outdoor sink is to turn off your water!

Easy enough, right? 

Your goal is to get all of the water out of your pipes and faucets so that they don’t freeze and break.

2. Drain the Faucet

Next up, you’ll want to make sure that all of the water is out of your faucet!

Turn your faucet on full blast, and allow any water sitting in the pipes to drain out.

Since you’ve turned off your water supply… The water will trickle out until your pipes are  completely empty. 

drain the faucet

3. Cover your Faucet

If you’re using a sink cover (which you should since it will protect your sink from water and debris)… You’re all done!

However, if you have a pot filler or aren’t covering your sink… You should at least cover your faucet!

Taking this small measure will protect it from the elements.

Your faucet may come with a manual that will describe extra ways to protect your faucet during the winter months.

Since different faucets may have different additional needs… Always follow the instructions in your manual!

So, where do you go from here? We’ve curated a few great options to help get you started.

outdoor kitchen sink

Best Outdoor Kitchen Faucet Options

So now that you have an idea of what you might be looking for in a faucet for outdoor kitchen… You may be wondering where to find the best faucet for outdoor kitchens!

You’re likely familiar with indoor sink brands, such as Moen or Kraus… But when it comes to outdoor use, it’s a different game!

Here are a few high-quality products that you can trust to look great and hold up long term.

BBQGuys Signature Stainless Steel Outdoor Single Handle Pre-Rinse Coil-Spring Hot/Cold Faucet

Handle Pre-Rinse Coil-Spring Hot/Cold Faucet

This BBQGuys Signature Stainless Steel Faucet  is a single-handle kitchen faucet option with a pull down spray head. (They also offer a full drop-in utility sink too, if desired!)

It’s made of 304 stainless steel, which is a great material for the outdoors… And has the option for hot water.

This bar faucet even comes with a lifetime warranty.

For cost, the MSRP is currently $109.99. 

Unfortunately, it does not currently have any ratings… But BBQGuys consistently delivers great outdoor living products like BBQ grills, outdoor pizza ovens, and more.

bbqguys signature stainless steel faucet

BBQGuys Signature Stainless Steel Outdoor Single Handle Pull-Down Gooseneck Hot/Cold Faucet - BBQ-K163

This high arc gooseneck faucet from BBQGuys  is also backed by a lifetime warranty!

It’s made out of 304 stainless steel and comes with the pull-down style. However, the faucet here is solid steel, rather than being wrapped with coil.

It’s a single-handle variety… But can be turned to deliver hot or cold water.

Its pull-down spray nozzle adds reach and flexibility… And it has two spray modes.

For price, this faucet will run you $74.99 MSRP. 

This sink also does not have any reviews… But as stated earlier, BBQGuys is an established brand. 

bbq signature stainless steel gooseneck faucet

Lynx Professional Outdoor Rated Single-Handle Pull-Down Gooseneck Hot/Cold Faucet - LPFK

If you’re a fan of Lynx grills… You might want to consider a matching Lynx sink faucet .

This pull-down gooseneck faucet has a single lever handle… And it has the option for hot or cold water.

It’s made of stainless steel… But the grade is not specified. (You’ll want to confirm with Lynx!)

Lynx provides a ten-year limited warranty on this faucet.

For the price tag… The cost shoots up quite a bit here! You’ll pay $629.00 MSRP for this model. 

The listing on BBQGuys has 5 reviews, at a solid 5 stars. 

lynx gooseneck faucet

Alfresco Adjustable Outdoor Rated Pot Filler Tower With Cold Water Faucet - AXEVP-T10

If you’re in the market for a pot filler… This pot filler from Alfresco may be up your alley.

It only supplies cold water, as a head’s up… But the height is adjustable from 10 to 14 inches high.

Installed next to a power burner… Getting a pot of boiling water will be far easier! (And way less back-breaking!)

It has a one-year warranty… And is constructed from 304 stainless steel.

This premium pot filler will run you $1,169.00. 

It doesn’t have any reviews as of yet.

alfresco adjustable pot filler faucet

Fire Magic Single Handle Outdoor Rated Cold Water Faucet - Stainless Steel - 3588

This faucet from Fire Magic could be a nice option if you’re looking for something simple!

It’s made from an unspecified grade of stainless steel… And supplies cold water.

It is a single-handle style faucet, backed by a one year warranty. 

This Fire Magic faucet is rated 5 stars from two reviews.

In total, this faucet will cost $82.80. 

But you can’t stop at the faucet! How will you create the rest of your summer kitchen?

fire magic single faucet

The Perfect Outdoor Kitchen Solution for Your Needs

moks outdoor kitchen cabinet with bar seating grill and sink

When you’re looking for your perfect outdoor kitchen bar sink and faucet… You want something that matches the rest of your appliances.

That’s why the best option for a faucet is from a company that specializes in all kinds of outdoor-rated products… And that knows how to deliver quality and customer service!

Our recommendation?

An RTA outdoor kitchen with Coyote Outdoor Living’s appliances.

And just to be clear… Coyote doesn’t offer a faucet-only option. (That’s why they weren’t featured above!)

Considering you won’t use a faucet without a basin… Coyote’s full-sink offering will leave nothing to be desired anyway!

Now that we’ve cleared that up…

We’ve partnered with Coyote Outdoor Living because of their high-quality 304 stainless steel products and superior customer service… Which is our driving value at RTA.

With an RTA outdoor kitchen, you’ll know that you’re taken care of. Your appliances will last (and come with a lifetime warranty to prove it), look gorgeous… And you can even customize your outdoor kitchen!

That’s everything from the layout, sizing, and appliances… To the finish and countertop options!

And we would be remiss not to mention just how many appliance options Coyote offers!

Aside from built-in gas, pellet, and charcoal grills… You can choose from refrigerators, complete sinks, doors, drawers, power burners, flat top grills, and even vent hoods!

There’s no reason why your outdoor kitchen sink and faucet shouldn’t be everything you’re hoping for… And for the rest of your outdoor kitchen to adhere to that same standard of excellence.

You can learn more about our process, products, and outdoor kitchens in general by visiting our Learning Hub.

And if you’re wanting to take the next step? We’d love to hear from you!

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Not just any faucet should be used outdoors! Many metals will rust or corrode if they’re left outside in the rain and snow. Since it’ll have to withstand the elements year round, you’ll want to opt for one made from heavy-duty and corrosion-resistant materials, like 304 stainless steel.

You can use some kitchen faucets outdoors! You’ll just want to ensure that it’s made from heavy-duty and corrosion-resistant materials like 304 stainless steel. This will help it stand up to the elements. One thing to keep in mind when selecting an indoor faucet to use outdoors is that using it outdoors may void the warranty.

304 stainless steel faucets are the best way to go for an outdoor kitchen sink! They’re lightweight, affordable, and resistant to rust and corrosion. This will keep your faucet safe, rain or shine!

You can cook frozen pizza in Ooni pizza ovens! Preheat the oven to around 450ºF, and cook your frozen pizza for about 10 minutes.

The best outdoor faucet is one made from durable materials, such as stainless steel. Your faucet will need to be sturdy enough to handle the elements… And resistant to rust and corrosion.

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