Gifts for the Outdoor Cooking Enthusiast who has Everything

It’s that time of year again.  You know what that means! Time to rack your brain for gift ideas that just never seem right. After so many years of gift-giving you would think there’s less pressure to come up with an inventive idea.  Not true! Expectations remain high, and you’re feeling the pressure as December … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen with Fireplace for Next Backyard Project

Outdoor Kitchen with Fireplace for your next backyard project

Humor me for a moment. It has been a long week. You arrive home on a Friday late afternoon from work. Normally, what would you be doing? I imagine it’s usually one of two things… Order a pizza for the family. The kids may be happy but you’re really regretting those garlic knots. The carb … Read more

Why Skip Bedell Chose RTA Outdoor Kitchen Kits

It’s summertime. The sun is bright, the grass is green, the air is warm. You want to enjoy the beauty of this season to the fullest. With the weather being so perfect, your backyard strongly calls for attention. You notice that it’s remarkably… empty. So, what should you do with this space? Skip Bedell from … Read more

Free Outdoor Kitchen Design Software – How to Design Your Outdoor Kitchen in Just 5 Minutes

So you’ve decided to build an outdoor kitchen. You’re probably quite thrilled about the process… Visions of entertaining in a new luxurious outdoor space playing in your mind like a slideshow for an HGTV ad. There is much to be excited about! Unfortunately, you’re excited until you realize how much effort it is. If you … Read more