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Outdoor Bar Accessories: 13 Great Ideas & Top Product Picks

outdoor bar accessories featured image

Looking to create a complete outdoor bar setup? Well, in that case… You’re going to need some accessories. Sure, you could just use it as an outdoor island to kick back with your loved ones. But honestly… What’s an outdoor bar without all the bartending equipment? If you truly want to go all-out on your … Read more

Shipping Container Pool: Is it Right for You? The Surprising Pros, Cons, & Top 4 Manufacturers of 2024

3d image of shipping container 1

You want to add a pool to your backyard… But the traditional route isn’t calling to you. Above ground pools aren’t long-lasting enough… And standard in-ground pools are a more extensive project than you’re interested in. Where does that leave you? Well… A shipping container pool might just be the answer to your call. Is … Read more

10 Outdoor Kitchen Safety Risks You’ve Never Heard Of, & What You Can do About it

safety risks featured image

What could be so unsafe about an outdoor kitchen? It’s just like any other backyard upgrade… Isn’t it? Well… Not exactly. It may not appear obvious at first… But there are actually several safety risks related to an outdoor kitchen. Pretty significant ones, too! These can range from superficial burns at the grill… All the … Read more

Cooking Steak on a Flat Top Grill: 7 Insider Tips & Recipe Guide

Your flat top grill has opened up a world of cooking potential… And when you’re first getting started, it can feel a bit overwhelming. In some ways… It’s almost as if you have to relearn everything you thought you knew about cooking. This cooking appliance is an entirely different beast… Hence, why you’re wondering about … Read more

Hibachi Grill For Outdoor Kitchen: What It Is, Plus Your 5 Best Options For A Hibachi Grill Station At Home

steak and scallops on hibachi grill

If you’re passionate about backyard grilling… There will inevitably come a day when you’re ready to test the limits of your culinary creativity. For many, this means stepping beyond the bounds of cooking on a traditional gas grill… And finding an appliance that can do more. And while there are plenty of innovative outdoor cooking … Read more

Does Your Mortgage Have You Stuck in Golden Handcuffs? Here’s How to Enjoy the Home You Have (Without Going Stir-Crazy)

breaking golden handcuffs featured image

The insanity of the housing market is top of mind these days… Especially if you’re unhappy with your home, and want to move. In previous times, the decision to sell your home would hardly be worth a second thought. But with skyrocketing interest rates continuing to grow like a particularly defiant patch of weeds… The … Read more

Luxury Outdoor Kitchen: 5 Astounding Ideas & How to Get a Luxury Island without Breaking the Bank

mike pyle modern large u shaped outdoor kitchen with pizza oven and bar seating

More than likely… You’re here because you want to add a luxury element to your backyard. And currently, you’re toying with the idea of a luxury outdoor kitchen. But you may also be wondering… Aren’t all outdoor kitchens considered luxury? Well, not quite. You’ll find that the more you research… The more you discover that … Read more

The U.S. States with the Best and Worst Party Guests

Parties are a fun way to connect with friends, family, or neighbors and meet new people that are sure to become fast friends. Or will they? We’ve all been to parties where the guests are less than hospitable. In fact, it’s likely that we’ve all encountered at least one person that seemed to be set … Read more

Friendliest Cities in the US – Neighborhood Friendliness Survey

As we’ve all learned over the past year, having friendly neighbors is such a blessing, allowing for socially-distanced backyard dinner parties and patio cocktail hours. As a result, many of us have had an avenue to continue lasting friendships with neighbors and get much-needed face time throughout the pandemic. At RTA, we are all about … Read more

Gifts for the Outdoor Cooking Enthusiast who has Everything

It’s that time of year again. You know what that means! Time to rack your brain for gift ideas that just never seem right. After so many years of gift-giving you would think there’s less pressure to come up with an inventive idea. Not true! Expectations remain high, and you’re feeling the pressure as December … Read more

The Best and Worst U.S. Cities for Stargazing

Whether wishing upon a shooting star or dialing in a high-powered telescope to make out the Andromeda constellation, stargazing is a backyard activity we can all enjoy. It’s an awe-inspiring activity that slows time to a crawl, allowing us to enjoy good food, company, and the glittering sky—now, that’s what we call dinner and a … Read more

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