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Outdoor Kitchen Bar: 17 Inspiring Ideas and Designs

family sitting at outdoor kitchen bar under gondola

There’s no better place to cook than on an outdoor kitchen grill. All kinds of fantastic foods… Out in the fresh air… And did we mention fantastic food? You’re looking at perfectly-seared steaks… Juicy vegetables… The most delicious burgers you’ve ever made… But where are you going to eat? And where will your guests sit? … Read more

Modern Outdoor Kitchen Islands: Current Trends & 22 Great Ideas

mike pyle modern large u shaped outdoor kitchen with pizza oven and bar seating

You’re entertaining the idea of an outdoor kitchen project and you’re wondering… What aesthetic do I want my outdoor kitchen island to have? Rustic fits a certain taste… But what you’re really after is a modern outdoor kitchen. Recently, the demand for modern outdoor kitchen designs has skyrocketed. It’s easy to see why. The sleek, … Read more

Outdoor Bar: 30 Creative Ideas for Entertaining

outdoor bar seating with food on counter

Everyone wants a backyard that’s functional, beautiful, and relaxing. And what better way to get all three than with a home outdoor bar? A beautiful spot to sit… An eye-catching centerpiece for your outdoor space… And the perfect place to channel your inner bartender. You already know… It’s an all-around great choice. You’re just caught … Read more

35 Outdoor Kitchen Ideas: Best Designs For Inspiration & Entertaining

outdoor kitchen ideas

Have you been daydreaming about an outdoor kitchen project? With all the benefits an outdoor kitchen has to offer… We don’t blame you. We obsess over it too. Time outdoors… Memories with friends and family… Delicious, fresh-grilled food… It’s an experience most of us cherish every summer. But we don’t need to remind you why … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion: Buying Guide, Best Brands of 2024, and 5 Stunning Ideas

patio paver idea with pavilion and outdoor kitchen

When planning an outdoor kitchen project, you’ll want to get the most out of your design! And if something feels like it’s missing from your backyard remodel… Why not consider an outdoor kitchen pavilion? An open structure with a roof… A pavilion would be a fantastic addition to your outdoor entertaining space! Not only will … Read more

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen: 5 Radiant Ideas & Design Principles

You’re looking to add an outdoor kitchen to your backyard… But not any ol’ design will do. Whether your backyard is already filled with farmhouse-style charm… Or you’re dreaming of string lights and potted plants… You won’t take anything less than a rustic outdoor kitchen. Lucky for you, it’s easy to infuse a rustic aesthetic … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Accessories: 25 Cool Ideas for Your Grill & Bar Island

men grilling food at outdoor kitchen on patio

It’s no surprise that outdoor kitchens are one of the most functional outdoor living features. You can use it for grilling… Serving refreshments… Hosting… And even dining! But in order to serve any of the above purposes… You’ll need outdoor kitchen accessories. For many, this is the most exciting part of your BBQ island project! … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Decor: Aesthetic Tips & 8 Best Design Ideas

Outdoor Kitchen Decor mood board featured image

Summer kitchens offer a much-needed reprieve from the realm of indoor living. From breakfast to dinner and beyond… There’s no better place to take a breather. And with the right outdoor kitchen decor… You can truly turn your grill island into your own outdoor oasis. Ornamenting your patio kitchen with pops of color and personal … Read more

Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas: 15 Best Designs & How to Plan

So you want an outdoor kitchen… But your outdoor living space is a bit constrained. Too often we have grandiose ideas of what is possible… Only to have reality come crashing down on us. That’s life, right? Question is… What can be done? Having a small outdoor area doesn’t mean you have to give up … Read more

Free Outdoor Kitchen Design Software – How to Design Your Outdoor Kitchen in Just 5 Minutes

outdoor kitchen design software

So you’ve decided to design and build a custom outdoor kitchen. You’re probably quite thrilled! With visions of entertaining in your luxurious outdoor space playing in your mind like a slideshow for an HGTV ad… There is much to be excited about. Unfortunately, that excitement may be short lived once you realize how much effort … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Plans: 14 Stunning Ideas & Free DIY Samples

So you’re in the middle of planning your outdoor kitchen and you’re wondering… How is this going to work? You may have plenty of ideas. But how exactly do you put pen to paper? Or find someone to draw them up for you? It’s a tough question to answer. These days, there are quite a … Read more

Built In Grill Ideas: Key Considerations & 11 Inspiring Designs

Imagine… You’re outside, getting ready to cook on your favorite grill. You have a gorgeous outdoor kitchen… And you have the meat you marinated for hours sitting on the countertop beside you. You need some sauce… And it’s right there beside you in your outdoor fridge. You don’t even have to reach to grab some … Read more

Luxury Outdoor Kitchen: 5 Astounding Ideas & How to Get a Luxury Island without Breaking the Bank

mike pyle modern large u shaped outdoor kitchen with pizza oven and bar seating

More than likely… You’re here because you want to add a luxury element to your backyard. And currently, you’re toying with the idea of a luxury outdoor kitchen. But you may also be wondering… Aren’t all outdoor kitchens considered luxury? Well, not quite. You’ll find that the more you research… The more you discover that … Read more

Outdoor Bar on Deck: Expert Recommendations for Installation & 10 Inspiring Ideas

bar island with seating under an umbrella on deck

You’re in the market for a backyard bar… And the best location for your new outdoor oasis will be on the deck! It’s a smart idea. But before you build an outdoor bar on deck… There’s quite a few things you’ll need to keep in mind. This is especially true if your deck is already … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Backsplash: Best Materials, When it’s Necessary, & 9 Design Ideas

modern outdoor kitchen with concrete backsplash near lake with patio furniture

When you’re planning an outdoor kitchen project… One of the first things you’ll have to consider is the location of your island. Will it be freestanding, or near a wall? If it’s near a wall… You’ll want to consider installing an outdoor kitchen backsplash. But how important is a backsplash, anyway? And if you do … Read more

Outside Kitchen: 22 Incredible DIY Ideas & Inspiration

4 outdoor kitchens for inspiration

Have you been thinking about building an outside kitchen, but don’t quite know where to start? We get it… It’s a big project with a lot of possibilities! There are so many ways to build them… Where do you even begin? You’ll have to think about the size, the layout, the appliances, the aesthetics, the … Read more

U Shaped Outdoor Kitchen – 3 Amazing Benefits

If you’re reading this, you’re probably researching u shaped outdoor kitchen ideas. Before we dive into the details, let’s imagine your outdoor living space. What does it look like now?  Probably pretty bare, right? There’s a lot of potential to be had. Now, imagine your backyard fitted with an outdoor kitchen. Really picture it. The … Read more

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