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Outdoor TV Cabinet: How To Get The Best Weatherproof Enclosure For Your Display, Plus The Top 5 Brands of 2024

best outdoor kitchen cabinet on patio

There’s nothing like kicking back, switching on the TV, and unwinding with your favorite show after a long week… We all do it! But, have you ever considered taking that experience… Outside? As outdoor TVs get more and more popular… It’s now easier than ever to transform your outdoor living space into a cushy entertainment … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Table: Helpful Shopper’s Guide & 12 Best Options for 2024

linear grill island with dining table under roof with chandelier lighting

If you’re serious about outdoor cooking and hosting… You’ll want your grill station to be fully functional. Whether you’re looking for a place to sit, set an appliance, or additional room for food prep… An outdoor kitchen table would certainly help you achieve this elevated functionality! Luckily, there are outdoor kitchen tables out there to … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion: Buying Guide, Best Brands of 2024, and 5 Stunning Ideas

patio paver idea with pavilion and outdoor kitchen

When planning an outdoor kitchen project, you’ll want to get the most out of your design! And if something feels like it’s missing from your backyard remodel… Why not consider an outdoor kitchen pavilion? An open structure with a roof… A pavilion would be a fantastic addition to your outdoor entertaining space! Not only will … Read more

Outdoor TV: The Best & Brightest Selections of 2024, Reviews, + Buyer’s Guide

outdoor bar island with refrigerator and tv above

So, the concept of buying an outdoor TV has caught your eye. You’re not alone! As the concept of upgrading your outdoor living space becomes more and more popular… Including an outdoor TV in the mix is a natural pairing! But just as with any other outdoor feature… There’s a whole host of considerations to … Read more

Outdoor Pizza Oven Table: The 7 Best Brands of 2024, Plus Picture-Perfect Pizza Oven Stand Ideas

outdoor kitchen with wood fired pizza oven and fridge

Your brand new outdoor pizza oven just arrived… And you can’t wait to fire it up and enjoy authentic, homemade pizza! But wait…  You don’t have a place to set it. No need to worry, there’s a simple fix for this. You need an outdoor pizza oven table! Today, we’ll go over everything you need … Read more

Shipping Container Pool: Is it Right for You? The Surprising Pros, Cons, & Top 4 Manufacturers of 2024

3d image of shipping container 1

You want to add a pool to your backyard… But the traditional route isn’t calling to you. Above ground pools aren’t long-lasting enough… And standard in-ground pools are a more extensive project than you’re interested in. Where does that leave you? Well… A shipping container pool might just be the answer to your call. Is … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen With TV: Benefits & 6 Awe-Inspiring Ideas

outdoor bar island with refrigerator and tv above

In recent years, the concept of outdoor living has been hugely in-vogue. And for good reason! Backyard living rooms beautifully mesh indoor comforts with the peace and tranquility of the outdoors…. Creating the perfect entertainment space just steps outside the backdoor. Covered patios and comfy seating areas are a few ways to furnish an outdoor … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Decor: Aesthetic Tips & 8 Best Design Ideas

Outdoor Kitchen Decor mood board featured image

Summer kitchens offer a much-needed reprieve from the realm of indoor living. From breakfast to dinner and beyond… There’s no better place to take a breather. And with the right outdoor kitchen decor… You can truly turn your grill island into your own outdoor oasis. Ornamenting your patio kitchen with pops of color and personal … Read more

Florida Room: Purpose, Cost, & Top 3 Considerations

shot of a florida room from the outside that has an outdoor kitchen and pool inside it

When the weather is beautiful… Of course, everyone wants to be outside! And there are countless ways to enjoy the outdoors at home. With an outdoor kitchen, a fire pit, a pool, yard games… But there’s only one feature that can fully extend the use of your backyard for three seasons. (Or more, depending on … Read more

Does Your Mortgage Have You Stuck in Golden Handcuffs? Here’s How to Enjoy the Home You Have (Without Going Stir-Crazy)

breaking golden handcuffs featured image

The insanity of the housing market is top of mind these days… Especially if you’re unhappy with your home, and want to move. In previous times, the decision to sell your home would hardly be worth a second thought. But with skyrocketing interest rates continuing to grow like a particularly defiant patch of weeds… The … Read more

Summer BBQ: 11 Simple, Scrumptious, & Spectacular Recipes Ideas For The Grilling Season

summer bbq featured image

The summer BBQ season is the perfect time to get your cooking tools out, and let your grill skills shine. And if you’re looking to spice up your cookouts with some sizzling summer grilling recipes… You’re in the right place! This article is packed with summer BBQ menu ideas that you won’t be able to … Read more

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