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Traeger Smoker: An Expert Reviews the 10 Best Pellet Smoker Options

rta outdoor kitchen with built in traeger

If you’re looking to add a wood pellet grill to your backyard… You’re likely considering a Traeger smoker. It’s no surprise why! Traeger is one of the most popular smoker brands available. Specializing in pellet smokers… They bring unique features and conveniences to the table. There’s a challenge, though. How do you decide which Traeger … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Vent Hood: When it’s Necessary, Key Considerations, & Top 7 Brands

outdoor kitchen grill with hood

When planning an outdoor kitchen project… Safety isn’t always the first thing we think about. But it’s essential! Of course, you don’t want to put your family or friends at risk. Which has likely led you to wonder… Do you need an outdoor kitchen vent hood over your island? It’s a worthy question to ask. … Read more

Outdoor Deep Fryer: Expert Tips for Purchasing & 5 Best Options to Consider

person taking basket out of deep fryer

Fried food is versatile… Easy to make… And just tastes darn incredible. So it’s no surprise you’re thinking about getting an outdoor deep fryer! When you have your very own deep fryer… You can make that salty, fatty, crispy goodness to your heart’s content! Whether it be chicken, fries, pickles, beignets, or even a whole … Read more

Built In Grill Ideas: Key Considerations & 11 Inspiring Designs

Imagine… You’re outside, getting ready to cook on your favorite grill. You have a gorgeous outdoor kitchen… And you have the meat you marinated for hours sitting on the countertop beside you. You need some sauce… And it’s right there beside you in your outdoor fridge. You don’t even have to reach to grab some … Read more

Weber Summit Grill Center vs KitchenAid Island: Ratings, Reviews, & Prices

If you’re reading this… You’re interested in a fully equipped backyard kitchen. Or in other words… An outdoor kitchen. (Smart idea!) In your research, you’ve probably come across the Weber Summit grill center and KitchenAid islands. You may find yourself on the fence between these two options. So today… Our mission is to determine which … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Accessories: 25 Cool Ideas for Your Grill & Bar Island

men grilling food at outdoor kitchen on patio

It’s no surprise that outdoor kitchens are one of the most functional outdoor living features. You can use it for grilling… Serving refreshments… Hosting… And even dining! But in order to serve any of the above purposes… You’ll need outdoor kitchen accessories. For many, this is the most exciting part of your BBQ island project! … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Drawers: Shopper’s Guide and Top 4 Brand Options

storage drawers in built in kitchen

There’s nothing quite like a well-designed outdoor kitchen. Copious amounts of counter-space… Some awesome appliances to make the job easier… And all the tools you need to cook right at your fingertips. But when most people start envisioning their new grill island… Storage is the last thing on their mind. We admit that it might … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Doors: Types, Best Materials, and Top 4 Recommendations

access doors built into outdoor kitchen bar

An outdoor kitchen has so many wonderful uses… You can cook on it, make drinks, and host gatherings with your loved ones. They’ll make your backyard more beautiful… And enhance every party! When you think about all the great appliances and features you can include… An outdoor kitchen door probably won’t be your first thought. … Read more

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