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Pizza Oven Cost: Surprising Price Breakdown & 2 Best Brands

outdoor pizza oven cost

Whether you’re an aspiring pizzeria owner or an avid home cook… Pizza is something we all can’t get enough of. For us, Friday pizza night simply won’t satisfy our growing demand for mouthwatering, cheesy pies. You want more. You’ve come to the conclusion that anything less than pizza oven ownership won’t make the cut… Hence, … Read more

Outdoor TV Cabinet: How To Get The Best Weatherproof Enclosure For Your Display, Plus The Top 5 Brands of 2024

best outdoor kitchen cabinet on patio

There’s nothing like kicking back, switching on the TV, and unwinding with your favorite show after a long week… We all do it! But, have you ever considered taking that experience… Outside? As outdoor TVs get more and more popular… It’s now easier than ever to transform your outdoor living space into a cushy entertainment … Read more

Best Pellets For Smoking: 8 Tantalizing Flavor Pairings & How to Choose

best pellets for smoking with 4 types

Your pellet grill is sitting in the backyard right at this very moment, begging for your attention. Whether you’re a seasoned pellet grill operator, or a newbie just learning the ropes… Your pellet grilled creations are only as good as the pellets you use. It’s this exact curiosity that brings you here today… And why … Read more

Best Charcoal for Smoking: We Put the Top 3 Brands to the Ultimate Test

woman showing the best charcoal for smoking

Whether you’re a seasoned griller or getting ready to fire up your charcoal smoker for the first time… No matter what, you’re going to need some charcoal to get going. From the outside, this seems like a simple decision. Just buy some charcoal at Walmart, Amazon, or Home Depot and get to work. Right? But … Read more

How to Smoke Brisket on a Pellet Grill Like a Pitmaster in 7 Easy Steps

pellet grill with brisket smoking and person standing in front

If you’ve been using your pellet smoker for a while, and feel like your skills are up to snuff… Odds are, you’re ready to tackle smoked brisket. But even for the most skilled pitmaster… Smoked brisket proves to be a formidable challenge. Compared to simpler proteins like pork butt or ribs… Smoking beef brisket can … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Installers: What They Are, Plus 4 Tips To Find The Perfect Installer For Your Project

two people easily putting together a ready to assemble outdoor kitchen grill island

When planning an outdoor kitchen project… It’s easy to get caught up in all the small details. But amidst it all… There’s one major question that you certainly don’t want to lose sight of. How is your kitchen going to come together in your backyard? Inevitably, this question then gives way to others… Is this … Read more

Smoker vs Pellet Grill Showdown: 7 Advantages, 7 Disadvantages, & What to Buy

smoker vs pellet grill

You’re in the market for a shiny new smoker… But you’re not entirely sure which one to get. Hence, why you’re on the hunt for some comparison blogs. Namely… A smoker vs pellet grill blog. Because ultimately, you know you want a smoker of some sort. You’re just not exactly sure which one appeals to … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Cleaning & Maintenance: How to Keep Your Island Good as New in 3 Steps

cleaning and maintenance featured image

Whether you’re already an outdoor kitchen owner or not… At some point, you’re going to have to contend with cleaning and maintaining your island. We all know that outdoor kitchens are a pricey investment. So in order to keep your backyard upgrade looking as shiny and new as possible… Your island’s going to need some … Read more

Small Gas Grill: The 5 Best Options of 2024, Plus In-Depth Shopper’s Guide

coyote portable grill

Don’t have room on your patio to squeeze in a gargantuan grill? Well, don’t worry! Limited space doesn’t mean you have to swear off outdoor cooking. With a small gas grill, you don’t need an enormous backyard to enjoy the BBQ season to its fullest! And with a king-sized selection of small gas grills out … Read more

BBQ Smoker: Best Options of 2024, Expert Reviewed & Tested

pellet grill smoker featured image

Whether you’re an aspiring pitmaster or a casual griller… No one can deny the irresistible, insanely-addictive flavors that a genuine BBQ smoker can produce. There’s a reason why delicately smoked proteins are always the most coveted dishes at a barbecue. The delectably crispy bark… The richness of the melt-in-your mouth rendered fat… And the bouquet … Read more

Louisiana Pellet Grill: Detailed Review & 3 Key Points

featured image for Louisiana grills

Looking for a grill that can do it all? Well, since you’re looking into a Louisiana Pellet grill… We can tell you’re already on the right track. As you’ve surely heard, wood pellet grills are incredibly versatile. They can smoke, grill, bake… And if you play your cards right, they can even sear quite beautifully. … Read more

Kamado Grill: Why to Buy, Expert Tips, Top 4 Brands & More

an image of a freestanding coyote asado ready to be used in the backyard

You’re in the market for a new grill… And there are several boxes that you need to check. You want a grill that can also be used as a smoker. You want a grill that’s simple and no-frills… But produces reliably delicious results. And you want a grill that’s fueled with flavor-packed charcoal. In our … Read more

Infrared Gas Grill: Buying Guide & 6 Best Brands Of 2024

Gas grills have long been the reigning champions of the outdoor cooking scene, and are often celebrated for their exceptional convenience and efficiency. But what if we told you there was a way to take that convenience and efficiency even further? Allow us to introduce you to infrared gas grills. With lighting-fast preheat times and … Read more

BBQ Kitchen: 5 Leading Brands & Detailed Buyer’s Guide

Man grilling at outdoor bbq kitchen

There’s nothing quite like outdoor cooking over an open fire. Bouquets of savory smoke… Melt-in-your-mouth flavors… The sizzling sound of searing meat… There’s so much to love! But we probably didn’t have to tell you that. Because if you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance that you already consider yourself somewhat of a BBQ-buff… … Read more

Pit Boss vs Traeger: Which is Best? 11 Important Points Compared

Pit Boss vs Traeger featured image

So you’ve heard that pellet grills are a prime choice for outdoor BBQ… And you want one for your own backyard, stat. Whether you’ve been browsing online or scoping out the stock at your local hardware store… You’ve probably noticed two brands dominating the pellet grill scene. Pit Boss and Traeger. Both of these big … Read more

Shipping Container Pool: Is it Right for You? The Surprising Pros, Cons, & Top 4 Manufacturers of 2024

3d image of shipping container 1

You want to add a pool to your backyard… But the traditional route isn’t calling to you. Above ground pools aren’t long-lasting enough… And standard in-ground pools are a more extensive project than you’re interested in. Where does that leave you? Well… A shipping container pool might just be the answer to your call. Is … Read more

Insulated Grill Jacket: Do You Need One? & 6 Little-Known Facts

insulated grill jacket featured image

You’re in the middle of figuring out how to build a BBQ island… And you’re seeing talk of insulated grill jackets. Sometimes they’re used… And sometimes they’re not. What gives? How are you supposed to know if you need one or not? You want to be sure you’re planning properly… But the information out there … Read more

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen: 5 Radiant Ideas & Design Principles

You’re looking to add an outdoor kitchen to your backyard… But not any ol’ design will do. Whether your backyard is already filled with farmhouse-style charm… Or you’re dreaming of string lights and potted plants… You won’t take anything less than a rustic outdoor kitchen. Lucky for you, it’s easy to infuse a rustic aesthetic … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen With TV: Benefits & 6 Awe-Inspiring Ideas

outdoor bar island with refrigerator and tv above

In recent years, the concept of outdoor living has been hugely in-vogue. And for good reason! Backyard living rooms beautifully mesh indoor comforts with the peace and tranquility of the outdoors…. Creating the perfect entertainment space just steps outside the backdoor. Covered patios and comfy seating areas are a few ways to furnish an outdoor … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Decor: Aesthetic Tips & 8 Best Design Ideas

Outdoor Kitchen Decor mood board featured image

Summer kitchens offer a much-needed reprieve from the realm of indoor living. From breakfast to dinner and beyond… There’s no better place to take a breather. And with the right outdoor kitchen decor… You can truly turn your grill island into your own outdoor oasis. Ornamenting your patio kitchen with pops of color and personal … Read more

12 Top Safety Considerations For Outdoor Appliances

safety blog featured image

When you’re searing up a storm on your gas grill, crafting cheesy pies in an outdoor pizza oven, or concocting savory sauces on your side burner… Outdoor cooking safety is probably the last thing on your mind. After all, barbecuing is all about having fun, right? What could possibly go wrong? Well, without the proper … Read more

Built in Grill DIY: Good Idea or Not? Expert Advice & 5 Ideas

built in grill DIY featured image

If you’ve got a freestanding grill that you’re particularly attached to… You might be wondering how to incorporate it into an outdoor kitchen. You already have a grill you love… So why spend the extra cash on a brand-new grill? Seems logical. But is it actually the best decision? That’s what we’re here to parse … Read more

What is a Pellet Grill? 7 Astounding Perks & Why to Buy

jet tila using his pellet grill

You’re in the market for a new grill… And you’ve been hearing a bunch of hubbub about pellet grills. They’re not like the gas or charcoal grills of old, you’ve heard… But you’re still not really sure what they’re all about. Which is making you wonder… What is a pellet grill? It’s an important question … Read more

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