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Outdoor Kitchen Materials: What are the Best Options?

outdoor kitchen materials featured image

As you know, an outdoor kitchen is a huge investment. You want it to last as long as possible.  And you’re wondering: What are the best outdoor kitchen materials?  An outdoor kitchen is only as good as the materials it’s made from.  The trouble is… There is a sizable lack of information about outdoor kitchen … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Installers: What They Are, Plus 4 Tips To Find The Perfect Installer For Your Project

two people easily putting together a ready to assemble outdoor kitchen grill island

When planning an outdoor kitchen project… It’s easy to get caught up in all the small details. But amidst it all… There’s one major question that you certainly don’t want to lose sight of. How is your kitchen going to come together in your backyard? Inevitably, this question then gives way to others… Is this … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen on a Deck? The #1 Solution & How to Approach

outdoor kitchen on deck with mountain views

If you’re reading this, you are: Researching an outdoor kitchen project And want to put it on a deck That’s great! You’re well on your way to making your vision happen. Just imagine how amazing your future outdoor kitchen on deck will look. Grilling, listening to your favorite music, chatting with family and friends, enjoying … Read more

Stone Outdoor Kitchen: Your Best Option & How to Build

outdoor kitchen with wood fired pizza oven and fridge

When researching for an outdoor kitchen… One of the first things you may consider is the aesthetics. Understandably so. Of course, you want your outdoor living space to match your taste! A highly prized aesthetic many homeowners prefer is a stone outdoor kitchen island. Excellent choice. Stone grill islands are a perfect way to complement … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Framing: 11 Helpful Facts You Should Know


If you’re researching an outdoor kitchen project… You may be overwhelmed by all the available options. There are contractor-built BBQ islands…. Outdoor kitchen frame kits… Prefab outdoor kitchens… And within these options are a variety of sub-solutions. For those just getting started… This can feel like information overload. Naturally, all methods have advantages and disadvantages. … Read more

Contractor to Build Outdoor Kitchen: Your #1 Best Option

You’re chomping at the bit to transform your outdoor living space with a brand new BBQ island. But hold up… Even with the grandest ideas swirling through your mind, it probably won’t be long before you hit a wall. Especially if your heart’s set on crafting a custom design… You can’t just jump into an … Read more

How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen with Grill Island – 4 Ways

If you’re here, you’ve started your outdoor kitchen research in earnest. And you’re wondering… How do I build an outdoor kitchen? It’s a great question to ask yourself. With how difficult it is to hire help… It makes sense you’re considering taking on the project yourself. Recently, the home renovation market has exploded. Surveys from … Read more

How to Properly Vet an Outdoor Kitchen Contractor for My Project – 10 Tips

If you’re seriously considering an outdoor kitchen, you’re likely deep into the research phase for your project. One of the main questions you have to answer is: “Who will I choose to build my project?” It’s an important question to ponder. You want to ensure the person you choose to build is qualified to perform … Read more

Building an Outdoor Kitchen – 10 Things to Know First

Building an Outdoor Kitchen - 10 Things to Know Beforehand Blog Featured Image

Building an outdoor kitchen is an exciting time. Already… You’re probably envisioning all the gatherings and great food you’ll eat. And for good reason. You’re in for years of enjoyment and unforgettable memories. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves… You need to build your grill island first! And in such a project… There is … Read more

Pavers Outdoor Kitchen: 6 Reasons Why Building Your BBQ Island With Pavers May Not Be The Best Idea, & A Better DIY Solution

pavers outdoor kitchen

There are so many ways to get an outdoor grill station up and running… Truly, the options are endless! And if you’re looking for an easy and reliable route for your outdoor kitchen design… You may have heard that a pavers outdoor kitchen is a simple, durable solution. But while paver blocks are a popular … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Kits: A Deep Dive on The 4 Types, Plus Pros & Cons

Couple plating food next to outdoor kitchen

Want to spend more time outdoors this summer? If so, you may be considering an outdoor kitchen. This will certainly encourage you to get outside more! And with outdoor kitchen kits… It’s now easier than ever to get a backyard grill station up and running. But before you start planning, there’s still much to know. … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Utilities: Your Guide to Plumbing & Electric

a woman grabbing a drink out of her electric fridge built into an outdoor kitchen

If you’re reading this… You are serious about getting an outdoor kitchen for your backyard. You’re also probably thinking about ways you can save money and may be seriously considering running utilities yourself! Considering the average DIYer doesn’t have experience with this… You’re certainly setting your sights high! Of course, it’s understandable why you may … Read more

Outdoor Bar on Deck: Expert Recommendations for Installation & 10 Inspiring Ideas

bar island with seating under an umbrella on deck

You’re in the market for a backyard bar… And the best location for your new outdoor oasis will be on the deck! It’s a smart idea. But before you build an outdoor bar on deck… There’s quite a few things you’ll need to keep in mind. This is especially true if your deck is already … Read more

Brick Outdoor Kitchen: Pros & Cons, 7 Step How To Guide, & Inspiring Ideas

l shaped grill island with dual burner and double access doors on patio in reclaimed brick finish

When planning your outdoor kitchen… You want to make sure your grill island is perfectly tailored to your tastes.  We get it… You want your outdoor kitchen to be the stunning centerpiece of your backyard. A brick outdoor kitchen is an excellent solution for those looking to be creative with their outdoor living space.  Whether … Read more

Tampa Outdoor Kitchen: Tips for Purchasing & Top 8 Installation Options

greetings from tampa postcard

When you live in Tampa… You’re surrounded by natural beauty. There are beautiful gardens and a gorgeous bay… Not to mention the stunning museums, aquariums, and vibrant downtown. When you live in such a gorgeous area… You want your backyard to look great, too! Of course, there’s no better way to make that happen than … Read more

Florida Outdoor Kitchen Contractors: Top 27 [Reviews / Ratings]

You’re in the middle of your outdoor kitchen research and you’re wondering… Who can I hire to build my Florida outdoor kitchen? Living in the Sunshine State, you have plenty of options at your disposal! The trouble is… You may not be sure where to start. It’s true, there’s a lot to consider. What materials … Read more

DIY Outdoor Kitchen: 3 Best Methods You Should Know

Considering a DIY outdoor kitchen project? You’ve probably been seeing a lot more mention of outdoor kitchens in your personal life and online. It’s true, outdoor kitchens have become extremely popular recently! And for good reason. Outdoor kitchens offer many benefits! Firstly, it’s a way to bring your loved ones together. There’s no better way … Read more

Outdoor Concrete Countertops: 12 Step DIY Guide for Pour in Place

concrete countertop on an rta outdoor kitchen with a built in sink and grill

So you’re in the middle of planning a DIY outdoor kitchen project. That’s fantastic! In the midst of all this excitement… You’re beginning to compile your task list. And one of the most important tasks you’ll complete? Making outdoor concrete countertops. As the surface you’ll be preparing and serving food on… It’s essential to get … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Tile: Pros & Cons + Your Best Options

When considering an outdoor kitchen project… One of the first things you think about is the aesthetic. How do you want your kitchen to be finished? It’s an important question! If you don’t like how your outdoor kitchen looks… You’re going to be presented with an eyesore every time you glance out the window. (No … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Panels vs Modular vs Prefab Kits: Which is Best of the 3?

If you’ve spent any amount of time researching an outdoor kitchen project… (And you’re leaning toward a kit…) You’ve quickly realized there is a dizzying amount of information (and options!) out there. What should be a fun and simple process… Often turns into a source of brain-busting frustration. Thankfully, navigating this sea of information does … Read more

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