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Outdoor Kitchen Grill: In-Depth Review of 4 Brands, & Your Best Choice

outdoor kitchen grill with kebabs cooking

When you imagine an outdoor kitchen… There’s a 99% chance that the island you picture has a built-in grill head. It makes total sense. Outdoor kitchens and built-in grills go together like ribs and BBQ sauce… And some would say that you can’t have one without the other. So when planning your own grill island… … Read more

Built In Grill: 4 Helpful Buying Tips & Best Brands of 2024

built in grill outdoor kitchen with big green egg

So you’ve decided to start on an outdoor kitchen project, complete with a built in barbecue. It’s an exciting time… And there’s a lot to look forward to. Actually, let’s visualize for a moment. You’re having the first cookout at your new BBQ station… Friends and family are enjoying a drink… The sun is shining… … Read more

Small Outdoor Kitchen Ideas: 15 Best Designs & How to Plan

Group of people chatting near an outdoor kitchen in the mountains

So you want an outdoor kitchen… But your outdoor living space is a bit constrained. Too often we have grandiose ideas of what is possible… Only to have reality come crashing down on us. That’s life, right? Question is… What can be done? Having a small backyard doesn’t mean you have to give up on … Read more

Miami Outdoor Kitchen: 12 Showrooms, Builders, & Best Options for Your Area

welcome to Miami

If you live in Miami… The best way to enjoy the outdoors is with a beautiful outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens are even sometimes called “Florida Kitchens” just because of how perfect they are for the coastal weather! But when you start researching… You’ll find an overwhelming amount of information. (And lack of information in some … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen on a Deck? The #1 Solution & How to Approach

outdoor kitchen on deck with mountain views

If you’re reading this, you are: Researching an outdoor kitchen project And want to put it on a deck That’s great! You’re well on your way to making your vision happen. Just imagine how amazing your future outdoor kitchen on deck will look. Grilling, listening to your favorite music, chatting with family and friends, enjoying … Read more

Dimensions for Outdoor Kitchen: The Top 5 Considerations You Need to Know

rta outdoor kitchen plans and blueprints on a wooden table

One of the best things you can do for your backyard is build a good outdoor living space… Especially one with an outdoor grill island. But whether you have a spacious backyard or a small patio… Planning out the specific dimensions for outdoor kitchen designs can be a challenge. There are so many things to … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Vent Hood: When it’s Necessary, Key Considerations, & Top 7 Brands for 2024

outdoor kitchen grill with hood

When planning an outdoor kitchen project… Safety isn’t always the first thing we think about. But it’s essential! Of course, you don’t want to put your family or friends at risk. Which has likely led you to wonder… Do you need an outdoor kitchen vent hood over your island? It’s a worthy question to ask. … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Appliances: 7 Top Options & Key Considerations

an rta outdoor kitchen with multiple appliances and pizza oven underpergola with price tags on it

When planning an outdoor kitchen project, of course you’ll want the end product to be as functional as possible. The outdoor kitchen appliances you choose are a primary player here… As is how well they suit you and your families’ tastes. But if you’ve never ventured beyond cooking in your indoor kitchen… We know how … Read more

Built in Grill DIY: Good Idea or Not? Expert Advice & 5 Ideas

built in grill DIY featured image

If you’ve got a freestanding grill that you’re particularly attached to… You might be wondering how to incorporate it into an outdoor kitchen. You already have a grill you love… So why spend the extra cash on a brand-new grill? Seems logical. But is it actually the best decision? That’s what we’re here to parse … Read more

Contractor to Build Outdoor Kitchen: Your #1 Best Option

You’re chomping at the bit to transform your outdoor living space with a brand new BBQ island. But hold up… Even with the grandest ideas swirling through your mind, it probably won’t be long before you hit a wall. Especially if your heart’s set on crafting a custom design… You can’t just jump into an … Read more

Free Outdoor Kitchen Design Software – How to Design Your Outdoor Kitchen in Just 5 Minutes

outdoor kitchen design software

So you’ve decided to design and build a custom outdoor kitchen. You’re probably quite thrilled! With visions of entertaining in your luxurious outdoor space playing in your mind like a slideshow for an HGTV ad… There is much to be excited about. Unfortunately, that excitement may be short lived once you realize how much effort … Read more

How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen with Grill Island – 4 Ways

If you’re here, you’ve started your outdoor kitchen research in earnest. And you’re wondering… How do I build an outdoor kitchen? It’s a great question to ask yourself. With how difficult it is to hire help… It makes sense you’re considering taking on the project yourself. Recently, the home renovation market has exploded. Surveys from … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Budget – 8 Tips to Help Determine Yours

If you’re reading this, you’re likely in the beginning stages of planning your outdoor kitchen. How exciting! Of course, one of the first areas you’ll want to address is your outdoor kitchen budget. What are you willing to spend on your outdoor kitchen project? It’s a big question. There are so many outdoor kitchen costs … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Plans: 14 Stunning Ideas & Free DIY Samples

So you’re in the middle of planning your outdoor kitchen and you’re wondering… How is this going to work? You may have plenty of ideas. But how exactly do you put pen to paper? Or find someone to draw them up for you? It’s a tough question to answer. These days, there are quite a … Read more

Building an Outdoor Kitchen – 10 Things to Know First

Building an Outdoor Kitchen - 10 Things to Know Beforehand Blog Featured Image

Building an outdoor kitchen is an exciting time. Already… You’re probably envisioning all the gatherings and great food you’ll eat. And for good reason. You’re in for years of enjoyment and unforgettable memories. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves… You need to build your grill island first! And in such a project… There is … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Kits: A Deep Dive on The 4 Types, Plus Pros & Cons

Couple plating food next to outdoor kitchen

Want to spend more time outdoors this summer? If so, you may be considering an outdoor kitchen. This will certainly encourage you to get outside more! And with outdoor kitchen kits… It’s now easier than ever to get a backyard grill station up and running. But before you start planning, there’s still much to know. … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Utilities: Your Guide to Plumbing & Electric

a woman grabbing a drink out of her electric fridge built into an outdoor kitchen

If you’re reading this… You are serious about getting an outdoor kitchen for your backyard. You’re also probably thinking about ways you can save money and may be seriously considering running utilities yourself! Considering the average DIYer doesn’t have experience with this… You’re certainly setting your sights high! Of course, it’s understandable why you may … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Storage: Cabinet Guide & 4 Excellent Ideas

l shaped outdoor kitchen with storage drawers and two kamado cookers

When you think about designing your outdoor kitchen… You’re probably focused on the coolest appliances… Fun accessories… And making sure there’s enough room for everyone at your cookouts! While these are important considerations… It’ll defeat the purpose of having an outdoor kitchen if you don’t have enough storage!  After all… One of the main reasons … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Vent: Why They’re Essential & Shocking Safety Risks You Can’t Ignore

outdoor kitchen vents

You’re in the process of planning your outdoor kitchen… And the topic of ventilation has been brought to your attention. The importance of outdoor kitchen ventilation is often overlooked… But it’s essential to the safety of your island. Then the question becomes… How do you know what your outdoor kitchen vent requirements are? Will you … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Concrete: 4 Compelling Reasons to Consider One & 3 Unique Options

linear outdoor kitchen with stacked stone finish

With concrete being such an abundantly used building material… It’s no surprise you’re considering it for constructing your outdoor kitchen! It’s sturdy… It’s durable… And it lasts a long time. However, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to concrete. Some construction methods simply make use of cement board or concrete cultured stone… … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Backsplash: Best Materials, When it’s Necessary, & 9 Design Ideas

modern outdoor kitchen with concrete backsplash near lake with patio furniture

When you’re planning an outdoor kitchen project… One of the first things you’ll have to consider is the location of your island. Will it be freestanding, or near a wall? If it’s near a wall… You’ll want to consider installing an outdoor kitchen backsplash. But how important is a backsplash, anyway? And if you do … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Doors: Types, Best Materials, and Top 4 Recommendations

access doors built into outdoor kitchen bar

An outdoor kitchen has so many wonderful uses… You can cook on it, make drinks, and host gatherings with your loved ones. They’ll make your backyard more beautiful… And enhance every party! When you think about all the great appliances and features you can include… An outdoor kitchen door probably won’t be your first thought. … Read more

San Diego Outdoor Kitchen: Cost, Best Builders, & Material Considerations for Your Area

welcome to san diego

So you’re in San Diego… And you’re thinking about installing an outdoor kitchen. Smart idea! Weather-wise, San Diego is one of the best locations in the country for outdoor kitchen ownership. With average high temperatures ranging from 66-77°F year-round… The southern California climate couldn’t be better for outdoor cooking. And with an average of only … Read more

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