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Built In Grill: 4 Helpful Buying Tips & Best Brands of 2024

built in grill outdoor kitchen with big green egg

So you’ve decided to start on an outdoor kitchen project, complete with a built in barbecue. It’s an exciting time… And there’s a lot to look forward to. Actually, let’s visualize for a moment. You’re having the first cookout at your new BBQ station… Friends and family are enjoying a drink… The sun is shining… … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Materials: What are the Best Options?

outdoor kitchen materials featured image

As you know, an outdoor kitchen is a huge investment. You want it to last as long as possible.  And you’re wondering: What are the best outdoor kitchen materials?  An outdoor kitchen is only as good as the materials it’s made from.  The trouble is… There is a sizable lack of information about outdoor kitchen … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Countertops: Best Options & 8 Considerations

granite countertop featured image

You’re in the middle of planning an outdoor kitchen project, and you’re wondering… What is the best countertop for an outdoor kitchen? It’s a big question. After all, this is the surface you’ll be using to prepare and serve food! At the very least, you’ll need a patio countertop that’s hygienic, durable, and aesthetically appealing. … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen on a Deck? The #1 Solution & How to Approach

outdoor kitchen on deck with mountain views

If you’re reading this, you are: Researching an outdoor kitchen project And want to put it on a deck That’s great! You’re well on your way to making your vision happen. Just imagine how amazing your future outdoor kitchen on deck will look. Grilling, listening to your favorite music, chatting with family and friends, enjoying … Read more

Modern Outdoor Kitchen Islands: Current Trends & 22 Great Ideas

mike pyle modern large u shaped outdoor kitchen with pizza oven and bar seating

You’re entertaining the idea of an outdoor kitchen project and you’re wondering… What aesthetic do I want my outdoor kitchen island to have? Rustic fits a certain taste… But what you’re really after is a modern outdoor kitchen. Recently, the demand for modern outdoor kitchen designs has skyrocketed. It’s easy to see why. The sleek, … Read more

Custom Outdoor Kitchens: 4 Key Considerations, Captivating Ideas, and A Convenient Choice For Your Custom Build

A summer kitchen is the superior choice for spending more time outdoors. But, what type of outdoor kitchen is right for you? In recent years, pre designed outdoor kitchen islands have skyrocketed in popularity. And while these certainly make it easier than ever to take on an outdoor kitchen project… For some, these prefabricated packages … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Framing: 11 Helpful Facts You Should Know


If you’re researching an outdoor kitchen project… You may be overwhelmed by all the available options. There are contractor-built BBQ islands…. Outdoor kitchen frame kits… Prefab outdoor kitchens… And within these options are a variety of sub-solutions. For those just getting started… This can feel like information overload. Naturally, all methods have advantages and disadvantages. … Read more

How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen with Grill Island – 4 Ways

If you’re here, you’ve started your outdoor kitchen research in earnest. And you’re wondering… How do I build an outdoor kitchen? It’s a great question to ask yourself. With how difficult it is to hire help… It makes sense you’re considering taking on the project yourself. Recently, the home renovation market has exploded. Surveys from … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Kits: A Deep Dive on The 4 Types, Plus Pros & Cons

Couple plating food next to outdoor kitchen

Want to spend more time outdoors this summer? If so, you may be considering an outdoor kitchen. This will certainly encourage you to get outside more! And with outdoor kitchen kits… It’s now easier than ever to get a backyard grill station up and running. But before you start planning, there’s still much to know. … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Vent: Why They’re Essential & Shocking Safety Risks You Can’t Ignore

outdoor kitchen vents

You’re in the process of planning your outdoor kitchen… And the topic of ventilation has been brought to your attention. The importance of outdoor kitchen ventilation is often overlooked… But it’s essential to the safety of your island. Then the question becomes… How do you know what your outdoor kitchen vent requirements are? Will you … Read more

Modular Outdoor Kitchen: 7 Pros & Cons + the Best Options

When considering an outdoor kitchen project… Ease of assembly plays a large role in the decision making process. In our ever-increasing desire for instant gratification, you don’t want to wait. The ideal outdoor kitchen project is quick, easy, and satisfying. For this reason, many homeowners gravitate toward modular outdoor kitchens. But… What are they, exactly? … Read more

DIY Outdoor Kitchen: 3 Best Methods You Should Know

Considering a DIY outdoor kitchen project? You’ve probably been seeing a lot more mention of outdoor kitchens in your personal life and online. It’s true, outdoor kitchens have become extremely popular recently! And for good reason. Outdoor kitchens offer many benefits! Firstly, it’s a way to bring your loved ones together. There’s no better way … Read more

How Long Does An Outdoor Kitchen Last? 7 Points to Consider

friends enjoying their outdoor kitchen after using free design tool software to create it

Imagine buying a brand new outdoor kitchen for your backyard with all the appliances and storage you could want. It’ll have gorgeous countertops and your favorite grill. You’ll have a nice spot to cook great food… A good reason to get outside more often… And a beautiful place to spend quality time with your friends … Read more

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