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BBQ Smoker: Best Options of 2024, Expert Reviewed & Tested

pellet grill smoker featured image

Whether you’re an aspiring pitmaster or a casual griller… No one can deny the irresistible, insanely-addictive flavors that a genuine BBQ smoker can produce. There’s a reason why delicately smoked proteins are always the most coveted dishes at a barbecue. The delectably crispy bark… The richness of the melt-in-your mouth rendered fat… And the bouquet … Read more

Best Pellets For Smoking: 8 Tantalizing Flavor Pairings & How to Choose

best pellets for smoking with 4 types

Your pellet grill is sitting in the backyard right at this very moment, begging for your attention. Whether you’re a seasoned pellet grill operator, or a newbie just learning the ropes… Your pellet grilled creations are only as good as the pellets you use. It’s this exact curiosity that brings you here today… And why … Read more

Best Charcoal for Smoking: We Put the Top 3 Brands to the Ultimate Test

woman showing the best charcoal for smoking

Whether you’re a seasoned griller or getting ready to fire up your charcoal smoker for the first time… No matter what, you’re going to need some charcoal to get going. From the outside, this seems like a simple decision. Just buy some charcoal at Walmart, Amazon, or Home Depot and get to work. Right? But … Read more

Flat Top Grill Cooking: User’s Guide, 6 Helpful Tips & How-To Techniques for Beginners

woman cooking on flat top grill

You just bought a flat top grill for your backyard… Now what? If you’re new to flat top grilling, these appliances can be intimidating. Don’t worry! Cooking on a flat top grill is incredibly easy. And once you get the hang of cooking with a flat top grill, there’s no limit on the delicious recipes … Read more

BBQ Tools Set: Detailed Shopper’s Guide & 15 Best Options in 2024

woman preparing food

When you love to grill… Getting the right BBQ tools set is a must! You’ll find everything from the most essential… To utensils you never knew you needed (but can’t live without once you see them)! But while you probably enjoy dreaming about all the coolest new BBQ tools and gadgets… Sometimes, shopping for them … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Table: Helpful Shopper’s Guide & 12 Best Options for 2024

linear grill island with dining table under roof with chandelier lighting

If you’re serious about outdoor cooking and hosting… You’ll want your grill station to be fully functional. Whether you’re looking for a place to sit, set an appliance, or additional room for food prep… An outdoor kitchen table would certainly help you achieve this elevated functionality! Luckily, there are outdoor kitchen tables out there to … Read more

Grill Accessories: The 17 Best Tools & Cooking Utensils For 2024

men grilling food at outdoor kitchen on patio

No matter what delicious dishes you’re whipping up… Having the right BBQ accessories at the ready will make outdoor grilling so much more enjoyable. But wait… Which grill accessories do you need? From burger presses, to chicken roasters, to huge multi-piece tool sets… There are so many options to sort through. It can be hard … Read more

BBQ Cleaning: 11 Simple Steps To Get Your Grill Good As New

person wiping down grill

While we’d all rather host carefree cookouts without worrying about BBQ cleaning… Unfortunately, it’s an essential task if you want your trusty outdoor grill to last. And if you’re here… It means you’ve got a dirty grill, and you’re wondering how to restore it to its former sparkling glory. The good news? Cleaning your grill … Read more

Ribs on Pellet Grill: 11 Must-See Expert Tips & How-to Guide

Ribs on the pellet grill featured image

Ribs are undoubtedly one of the most sought-after cuts for smoking… And it’s no surprise why. There’s something about a slab of meat on the bone that activates a primal, nearly carnivorous-like instinct in us… But really, what keeps us going back is the flavor. There’s nothing quite like sinking your teeth into a tender, … Read more

Cooking Steak on a Flat Top Grill: 7 Insider Tips & Recipe Guide

Your flat top grill has opened up a world of cooking potential… And when you’re first getting started, it can feel a bit overwhelming. In some ways… It’s almost as if you have to relearn everything you thought you knew about cooking. This cooking appliance is an entirely different beast… Hence, why you’re wondering about … Read more

9 Best Summer BBQ Sides That’ll Steal The Spotlight At Your Next Cookout

summer bbq sides

As you draft up a menu for your next summer BBQ party… Most of your attention is likely on the main dish. And while it’s certainly important to focus on the main event… It’s not the only part of your plate to take heed of! Even the best grilled meat will feel barebones if served … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen With Stove: Excellent Oven and Stovetop Options Plus 4 Inspiring Ideas

Outdoor kitchen with stove feature image

Year after year… The versatility of outdoor kitchen islands continues to expand. With built-in grills, flat top griddles, power burners, and pizza ovens… There’s not much that you can’t cook in an outdoor grill island! As the functionality of outdoor BBQs continues to increase… You may be wondering if there’s a stove for outdoor kitchens. … Read more

Smoking a Turkey on a Pellet Grill: The Definitive Guide & 6 Essential Considerations

smoking a turkey on a pellet grill

If you’re looking to impress your family this Thanksgiving… You might be thinking about smoking a turkey! That’s an excellent (and delicious) idea! But before you start cooking your bird… There’s a lot you need to know! Especially when it comes to smoking a turkey on a pellet grill. But there’s no need to worry! … Read more

Summer BBQ: 11 Simple, Scrumptious, & Spectacular Recipes Ideas For The Grilling Season

summer bbq featured image

The summer BBQ season is the perfect time to get your cooking tools out, and let your grill skills shine. And if you’re looking to spice up your cookouts with some sizzling summer grilling recipes… You’re in the right place! This article is packed with summer BBQ menu ideas that you won’t be able to … Read more

BBQ Party Menu Ideas: 5 Stellar Menu Ideas & Easy Recipes Your Guests Will Beg You For

man grilling ribs on pellet grill

Not satisfied with your typical backyard barbecue fare? We understand completely! While certainly, none of your guests would complain about the usual hamburgers and hot dogs… There’s something to be said about tapping into your culinary creativity. Hence, why you’re on the hunt for some BBQ party menu ideas. You’re right where you need to … Read more

How To Clean a Flat Top Grill: Important Material Considerations, 6 Helpful Tools, & Detailed Guide

man cooking meat on flat top grill

Flat top grills are a fantastic addition to your backyard space. They make it possible to cook food that can’t be made on BBQ grill grates… And are a great way to add variety to your outdoor cooking! But we all know… An inevitable part of cooking is cleaning up. And if you’re here, it … Read more

Flat Top Grill Recipes: 12 Delectable Ideas from Jet Tila & More

tamara day cooking breakfast for her daughter on coyote flat top grill in moks outdoor kitchen

Whether you’ve just unboxed your new griddle or had it for some time… It’s nice to keep things fresh with new recipes. After using your flat top griddle for a while… You’ll realize how versatile it really is! There’s the obvious choices like philly cheesesteak, tacos, grilled cheese sandwiches, bacon, and other staples… But there’s … Read more

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