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Danver Outdoor Kitchen vs Urban Bonfire: 7 Essential Considerations, Prices, & Reviews

By Daniel Cdebaca

October 5, 2023

If you’re reading this, it’s no secret you’re interested in an outdoor kitchen.

But the question is… What brand should you purchase?

The answer depends on your needs!

Currently, you might be thinking about a modular grill island offering.

And in your research… You’ve likely come across Danver and Urban Bonfire outdoor kitchens.

There are quite a few similarities between the two. (Which can make it tough to decide!)

This article will outline the similarities, differences, and whether an Urban Bonfire or Danvers outdoor kitchen is the right fit for your outdoor living space.

So let’s begin!

danver vs bonfire graphic

Danver Company Overview

Danvers Logo

Based in Wallingford, Connecticut… Danver has been on the scene since the late 1990’s. Although, they weren’t making outdoor kitchens right from the jump!

Originally… Danver’s primary offering was stainless steel cabinetry for indoor use and other commercial home products.

Over time, they began receiving requests for stainless steel outdoor kitchen inserts. Then the folks at Danver realized… Why not just manufacture the entire outdoor kitchen?

In fact, they were one of the first companies to offer modular islands on a large scale!

Fast forward to today… Danver is one of the most popular stainless steel outdoor kitchen brands out there.

Danver has also made license agreements with Brown Jordan furniture and Trex Company. So if you’ve seen Brown Jordan outdoor kitchens or Trex outdoor kitchens… They were actually made by Danver!

Alright, now let’s see where Urban Bonfire got their start.

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Urban Bonfire Company Overview

urban bonfire logo

Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec… Urban Bonfire was founded by the Canadian duo, Ryan Bloom and Stefan Marchant.

They founded Urban Bonfire with the vision of becoming the “Williams Sonoma” of the outdoors.

Much like Danver… They didn’t start off with manufacturing BBQ islands.

Originally, Urban Bonfire was simply a full-service outdoor kitchen appliance store. It was a place to find “the best of the best” in outdoor kitchens.

Around 2017, Urban Bonfire began to offer their own line of outdoor kitchens.

Popularity surged, and what was once a 400 square foot retail space turned into over 10,000 square feet… And beyond!

Today, Urban Bonfire is well-known for their modern outdoor kitchen designs and offerings.

Now that you’ve been formally introduced to both brands… Let’s take a closer look at their grill islands!

Danver & Urban Bonfire Build Method

danvers l shaped outdoor kitchen
Danver Outdoor Kitchen
Urban Bonfire Outdoor Kitchen

This section will be easy.

Both Danver and Urban Bonfire offer modular outdoor kitchen cabinets!

For the uninitiated… Let’s take a moment to describe exactly what those are.

In truth, there are two terms to define here: modular outdoor kitchen and outdoor kitchen cabinets.

We’ll start with modular.

You can think of modular islands as the “Legos” of the outdoor kitchen world. They’re individual units that align to create your island!

So essentially… You can “build your own” configurations using modular units.

Now, what about cabinets?

It’s quite a similar concept. The cabinets describe that your outdoor kitchen is built around storage.

So not only will you have access to a ton of outdoor kitchen storage… Your cabinets will also house your grill and other appliances!

Additionally… Outdoor kitchen cabinets happen to be comprised of modular units.

When it comes to Danver and Urban Bonfire… You’ll find a wide array of modular cabinets that require some assembly on your part.

Sounds good so far. How about materials?

Materials Used in Danver vs Urban Bonfire 

Outdoor kitchen materials is where we begin to differentiate these two brands.

On the outside… Both offerings look quite similar!

But it’s what’s on the inside that counts… As they say.

We’ll start with Danver outdoor kitchen cabinets.

Danvers Outdoor Kitchen Materials

Danver is well-known for their craftsmanship with stainless steel.

So it’s no surprise that’s what their outdoor kitchens are made from!

All Danver stainless steel cabinets are made from either 304 stainless steel or 316L stainless steel.

Both are great options!

When it comes to outdoor kitchen appliances… We always recommend 304 stainless steel as a must-have. 304 grade stainless provides superior corrosion and rust resistance!

Now, what about 316L stainless?

It’s actually even more corrosion resistant than 304! This is due to the addition of molybdenum in the makeup.

While the upgrade to 316L is generally not necessary… You might enjoy the peace of mind if you live in a coastal climate like Florida.

And depending on the finish you choose… Your island may also come with a powder coating. This will serve to further protect your island. (And create a unique finish!)

Now, there is a downside to using stainless steel for your island material.

It gets hot in the sun! This can make it difficult to work with… Especially if your countertop is steel as well.

Speaking of countertops… Danver actually does not offer them at all! So it will be up to you to source them for your island.

Let’s see how Urban Bonfire compares.

Urban Bonfire Outdoor Kitchen Materials

close up of materials in an urban bonfire kitchen cabinet

Unlike Danver… Urban Bonfire does not construct their islands from stainless steel!

Here, aluminum is the metal of choice. More specifically… Marine grade aluminum.

Unlike stainless steel, aluminum does not rust. (Good news!)

However… Aluminum is still susceptible to corrosion. The fact that Urban Bonfire uses marine grade aluminum does improve the resistance!

Compared to Danver’s stainless steel… A downside of Urban Bonfire’s aluminum is strength. In general, aluminum is more prone to dents and scratches.

Urban Bonfire claims they use aluminum that is twice as thick as most stainless steel cabinetry… So that might address the issue!

Getting to the nuts and bolts… Urban Bonfire uses all 304 stainless steel hardware.

Like Danver, the finishes used are powder coated. Interestingly… Urban Bonfire has engineered their own finish by the name of Nacrae.

They claim that this finish has:

  • A durable formulation to resist scratches, fading, and stains in all climates
  • FDA-approved and sustainable materials
  • Integrated anti-microbial properties
  • A variety of specialty colors

Unlike Danver, Urban Bonfire has recently started providing outdoor countertops from Dekton. These are a type of man-made quartz.

Overall… We’d consider Danver and Urban Bonfire on even footing when it comes to materials.

While all-metal cabinetry isn’t always ideal… Both companies use high quality materials that will last outdoors.

Next, let’s see how their design options compare.

Danver vs Urban Bonfire Design Options

Before you make a decision on an outdoor kitchen… You need to know what the design options are!

Do you want a highly customized layout? Or just a slightly flexible modular option?

The choice is yours.

So, what do Danver and Urban Bonfire offer?

Danver Outdoor Kitchen Design Options

When it comes to outdoor kitchen layouts… Danver does not offer a full custom outdoor kitchen option.

However, they do have an extensive line of modular options. (Far more than most brands!)

So let’s review.

You’ll likely start off with Danver’s base cabinets. These are modular units designed for storage.

Options include drawer and door cabinets, 3 drawer cabinets, sink cabinets, and trash cabinets. (These options include multiple door styles as well.)

Next, you’ll need a grill! It’s the focal point of your island, after all.

Danver offers a variety of grill cabinets with different types of storage underneath. You’ll find combinations of doors, drawers, and even warming drawers.

But you don’t always want just a grill. What about other appliances?

Danver’s got you covered. They have a pizza oven, power burner, ceramic smoker, bartender station, and warming drawer cabinets available.

You can further customize your design by thinking out of the box. Danver offers a few specialty and wall cabinets!

The specialty cabinets include a corner cabinet and a tall storage cabinet.

And if your BBQ island is going to be next to a wall… You could even consider wall cabinets! This will allow you to have plenty of storage above your island.

If you need some more information on creating your grill island plans… Reach out to Danver’s team! They’ll get in touch to help guide you.

Now, if you’re looking for a fully customized outdoor kitchen… You may want to seek another option.

Urban Bonfire Outdoor Kitchen Design Options

urban bonfire classics grill and functional storage

As you know… Urban Bonfire offers modular island cabinets like Danver! They also have a custom option.

While you can create your own layout with individual modules… They also offer a pre-designed line known as “The Classics”.

Unlike Danver… Urban Bonfire’s Classic line are fully-designed island layouts. They were curated with functionality and aesthetics in mind.

And with 50 pre-designed options available… It’s likely you’ll find a layout to suit your needs!

Still nothing that tickles your fancy?

That’s alright… Urban Bonfire does offer some customization of their outdoor kitchen bar and grill islands.

To get started with it… You’ll fill out a form, draw a sketch of your island, and a team member will set up a virtual consultation with you.

While we can’t speak to how flexible Urban Bonfire’s design process is… It’s good to know that some customization is possible!

Alright. So you’ve got your layout settled… What finishes do you want?

Danver vs Urban Bonfire Finish Options

Your BBQ island is coming together… But the finish is what really makes it pop in your outdoor living area.

And the more finishing options you have, the better!


Well… The finish is a huge part of the aesthetic of your island. Whether you’re looking for a rustic, modern, or classic look… The finish you choose will dictate this!

We’ll begin with the Danvers stainless outdoor kitchen finishes.

Danver Stainless Outdoor Kitchen Finishes

Danvers Outdoor Kitchen Finishes

When it comes to finish options… Danver doesn’t disappoint!

They’ve categorized their powder coat finishes into four different sets: Essentials, Classic, Wood Grain, and Sea Glass Inserts.

There’s a whopping 29 options in the Essentials set alone! You’ll find a range of neutral tones, blues, greens, and even bright red, pink, orange, and yellow.

The Classic set has 14 more subdued, autumn tones.

And of course… The wood grain finishes are exactly as they sound! There’s 8 options with the appearance of real wood.

Now, the sea glass inserts aren’t exactly a finish. These only come into play if you have a cabinet door with a glass insert.

You can choose to swap said insert with 3 “Sea Glass” options. These are frosted glass panels in three different shades. They’ll provide a beautiful, beachy aesthetic to your island!

How does Urban Bonfire compare?

Urban Bonfire Outdoor Kitchen Finishes

In the finish department… Urban Bonfire doesn’t offer quite as many!

However, you’re still likely to find a finish that piques your fancy. (Especially if you want a modern grill island.)

Currently, Urban Bonfire offers 6 finish options in grayscale. You’ll find white, to gray, to black finishes in this line.

Interestingly… Urban Bonfire also offers unique cabinet handle options.

The standard offering is 304 stainless steel handles. But you can also choose from powder coated stainless steel (to match your finish) or solid bronze handles.

Looking good!

Next up… What are the appliance options?

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Danver vs Urban Bonfire Appliances

You can’t have an outdoor kitchen without appliances!

It’s the primary reason you’re getting a grill island… After all.

So let’s see what each brand brings to the table.

Danver Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

appliance cabinet in danvers outdoor kitchen

Before we go any further… Note that Danver doesn’t generally sell built-in grills and appliances.

So if you’re hoping for a one-stop-shop, this won’t be the place!

However… Sourcing your own appliances means you will have a lot of flexibility.

Danver’s appliance cutouts can accommodate a wide variety of brands.

Brands like Al Fresco, Coyote, Lynx, and Evo are just a few of the brands we’ve seen featured on their website.

But to know exactly what’s possible… Reach out to Danver’s support team. They’ll be able to best guide your appliance and island decisions!

Over to Urban Bonfire cabinets.

Urban Bonfire Outdoor Kitchen Appliances

urban bonfire linear outdoor kitchen with onyx finish

With Urban Bonfire, it’s a similar story. You will have to source your own appliances!

There is flexibility here as well, though. And the level of flexibility depends on the option you choose.

The pre-designed Classics collection will be more restrictive. Urban Bonfire tends to lean toward high-end appliance brands in this series.

Aspire by Hestan, Hestan Outdoor, DCS, Edgestar, XO Appliance, Lynx Professional, Sedona by Lynx, Wolf and Sub-Zero, Artisan, Alfresco, Twin Eagles, and Kalamazoo are all compatible with the Classics.

If you choose a custom layout… Your options will expand a bit more.

Weber, Summerset, Kamado Joe, Delta Heat, Coyote, Bull, and Blaze are just a few of the additional outdoor cooking brands offered!

Again… Reach out to Urban Bonfire’s support team to understand the details on what’s possible for your layout.

Still sounding good?

Now you have price to contend with!

Danver vs Urban Bonfire Price

danvers linear outdoor kitchen
Danvers Outdoor Kitchen
Urban Bonfire Outdoor Kitchen

Here’s where the results can be inconclusive!

There isn’t direct pricing information on either brand’s website. So for full details… You will have to reach out to their support teams!

At the same time… There is at least a little information we can glean from.

In the case of Danver outdoor kitchen prices… An article from the NorthBay Biz gives us a little insight.

The article reveals that the cabinets for a Danver outdoor kitchen cost anywhere from $13,000-$19,000. This price does not include countertops or appliances.

When it comes to Urban Bonfire pricing… A small selection of their islands are available for purchase on Williams Sonoma

Each product has a price range… But only the high cost represents the full island.

Taking this into account, the island price range is $19,995.00-$24,995.00. This cost does include appliances and countertops.

So depending on the appliances and countertops you choose… Danver and Urban Bonfire are on even footing when it comes to cost.

And considering the national average cost of an outdoor kitchen is $12,000-$13,000… Both brands are on the more expensive side!

If everything still checks out, let’s take a peek at the warranty.

Danver vs Urban Bonfire Kitchen Warranty

When you’re making a significant investment like an outdoor grill station… You want to know your investment will be protected!

If you run into problems… It’s important to know your money wasn’t a waste. (And you don’t have to spend more!)

So, what do these two brands offer?

Again, we’ll keep it simple.

Danver offers a lifetime warranty on their outdoor kitchen cabinets.

On the other hand… Urban Bonfire offers a 10 year limited warranty on their grill island cabinets.

Comparing apples to apples… A lifetime warranty will be better than 10 years! So Danver does edge out in this category.

But what do the reviews have to say?

Danver vs Urban Bonfire Reviews

Before you make a final decision… It’s key to check the reviews!

Seeing the experience from other customers gives you a sense of what to expect… And whether it’s the right choice for you.

We’ll begin with Danver outdoor cabinets. On Google, Danver has 15 reviews with a 4.6 star rating. Looking good!

Urban Bonfire has 29 Google reviews with a 4.7 star rating.

Urban Bonfire has a slightly higher score and more reviews… But both brands appear to have a great reputation.

So how do you decide?

Which Brand is Better?

danver urbane collection outdoor kitchen
Danvers Outdoor Kitchen
l shaped urban bonfire outdoor kitchen
Urban Bonfire Outdoor Kitchen

At this point… You’ve seen a ton of information about both summer kitchen brands.

The question remains…

Which is better?

Well, the answer can be unsatisfying. It depends!

The reality is… Both Danver and Urban Bonfire are excellent contenders for your outdoor kitchen project.

They offer high quality materials, high end appliance compatibility, and a good warranty.

At the end of the day… It’s going to come down to aesthetic preference, customization, and price.

If you have a specific finish in mind… You might prefer Danver outdoor cabinetry. If you want a more customized outdoor kitchen… You might prefer Urban Bonfire.

Even still… There’s a chance that neither brand is speaking to you!

An Alternative Outdoor Kitchen Solution

mike pyle modern large u shaped outdoor kitchen with pizza oven and bar seating

Maybe there are elements of both Danver and Urban Bonfire that you like… But there’s something missing.

Perhaps you’re not a fan of the aesthetic, sourcing your own appliances, the materials used… Or you just want to fully customize your layout.

No matter the reason… Allow us to introduce you to an alternative.

The ready to assemble outdoor kitchen.

Rather than using stainless steel or marine grade aluminum for the structure… Our islands are made up of high performance outdoor concrete panels.

That means zero chance of rusting or corrosion!

Whether you’re in the snow capped mountains of Colorado or the sunny beaches of Florida… Our outdoor kitchens are made to last in any climate.

Even better, our monolithic (single layer) panels can match nearly any aesthetic. From modern concrete, to stone, to wood, to plank finishes… You’ll find a finish that takes your backyard to the next level.

But we don’t stop there.

In fact, RTA is a one-stop-shop for homeowners.

Every island is delivered to your doorstep complete with appliances and countertops. No extra work or calculations on your part!

You can even design a fully customized outdoor kitchen!

We have a free online design tool for this exact purpose. In just a few minutes… You’ll have a 3D rendering of your ideal design revealed to you!

And from there… You’ll be assigned a Design Expert to iron out all the details of your design.

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

Start designing your entertaining space… And we’ll talk soon!

Need Help With Your Plans?

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It depends! The dimensions of a Danver outdoor kitchen can vary widely depending on the modules you choose. But as a baseline… The base cabinets offer a 27 7/8” depth and 30” height with 4 1/2” adjustable legs.

Danver provides 304 and 316 stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinetry. They offer a wide variety of storage, appliance, grill, and specialty cabinets for your outdoor kitchen needs. Note that countertops and appliances will not be provided. You’ll have to source those yourself!

Danver does not currently offer indoor kitchen cabinets. However, they do offer portable kitchen carts that can be used indoors or outdoors.

That’s the name of the brand! Danver is an outdoor kitchen cabinet manufacturer that’s been in the industry for over 20 years. They offer 304 and 316 stainless steel outdoor cabinetry.

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