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Built In Grill: 4 Helpful Buying Tips & Best Brands of 2024

built in grill outdoor kitchen with big green egg

So you’ve decided to start on an outdoor kitchen project, complete with a built in barbecue. It’s an exciting time… And there’s a lot to look forward to. Actually, let’s visualize for a moment. You’re having the first cookout at your new BBQ station… Friends and family are enjoying a drink… The sun is shining… … Read more

Pizza Oven Cost: Surprising Price Breakdown & 2 Best Brands

outdoor pizza oven cost

Whether you’re an aspiring pizzeria owner or an avid home cook… Pizza is something we all can’t get enough of. For us, Friday pizza night simply won’t satisfy our growing demand for mouthwatering, cheesy pies. You want more. You’ve come to the conclusion that anything less than pizza oven ownership won’t make the cut… Hence, … Read more

Custom Outdoor Kitchens: 4 Key Considerations, Captivating Ideas, and A Convenient Choice For Your Custom Build

A summer kitchen is the superior choice for spending more time outdoors. But, what type of outdoor kitchen is right for you? In recent years, pre designed outdoor kitchen islands have skyrocketed in popularity. And while these certainly make it easier than ever to take on an outdoor kitchen project… For some, these prefabricated packages … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen NJ: 7 Shocking Factors that Affect Cost

A postcard from new jersey with an rta outdoor kitchen on it

You’re looking for a way to upgrade your outdoor living space… And you’re interested in an outdoor kitchen. Being in New Jersey, that’s an excellent (and popular) choice! It’s no secret why outdoor kitchens are a fan-favorite in New Jersey. With 141 miles worth of shoreline… There’s no better way to enjoy that beautiful backdrop. … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Budget – 8 Tips to Help Determine Yours

If you’re reading this, you’re likely in the beginning stages of planning your outdoor kitchen. How exciting! Of course, one of the first areas you’ll want to address is your outdoor kitchen budget. What are you willing to spend on your outdoor kitchen project? It’s a big question. There are so many outdoor kitchen costs … Read more

Challenger vs Newage Outdoor Kitchen: Review which is Best

Not sure what brand of outdoor kitchen you want? We understand completely. An outdoor kitchen project requires quite a bit of time and money. You want to be sure you’re investing it wisely! It’s going to be the crowning jewel of your outdoor space, after all. From time to time… Customers will ask us for … Read more

Hidden Costs of Your Outdoor Kitchen – Top 9

If you’re currently doing research on an outdoor kitchen project, there’s a lot you’re pondering. Determining budget, figuring out the right layout, choosing outdoor appliances, and more. If you are working on budget now, we suggest you read our outdoor kitchen cost guide. It will help you understand average costs of your project and other … Read more

Grillnetics vs Bull Outdoor Kitchen: An In-depth Review & Comparison

If you’re reading this… You’re in the depths of your outdoor kitchen research. You already know you want an outdoor kitchen. (Great idea!) You may even know what outdoor kitchen design you want and where you want to place it. The next question is… What outdoor kitchen brand should I choose? It’s yet another big … Read more

Buying an Outdoor Kitchen? Avoid these 6 Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s a reality of being human… We’re fallible beings. Yet sometimes… Mistakes are avoidable. This is especially true of your outdoor kitchen island project. Whether you’re in the beginning or final stages of your project… You know that an outdoor kitchen is a large investment. Therefore… Any mistakes made come at a … Read more

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