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Outdoor TV Cabinet: How To Get The Best Weatherproof Enclosure For Your Display, Plus The Top 5 Brands of 2024

By Jayme Muller

April 2, 2024

There’s nothing like kicking back, switching on the TV, and unwinding with your favorite show after a long week… We all do it!

But, have you ever considered taking that experience… Outside?

As outdoor TVs get more and more popular… It’s now easier than ever to transform your outdoor living space into a cushy entertainment center!

But as you’d imagine… There’s more to it than simply placing your new flat screen on a TV stand.

After all, you’ve got the outdoor elements to contend with!

And though it goes without saying… You don’t want those elements to come in contact with your outdoor television.

best outdoor kitchen cabinet on patio

That’s where an outdoor TV cabinet comes in.

These handy contraptions keep your TV safe, even in the rain… They’re practically a must-have if you want to keep a TV outside!

But before you start shopping… There’s still much to know. And today, we’ll cover all of it.

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What is an Outdoor TV Cabinet?

l shaped outdoor kitchen with bar and refreshment center with tv to entertain

An outdoor TV cabinet (also known as an outdoor TV enclosure or an outdoor TV cover) is simply a weatherproof container or case in which a television is placed or fully encased.

The purpose of an outdoor cabinet for TVs is to keep your LCD display shielded from the elements.

Some off-the-shelf cabinets take this protection a step further, with lockable doors. This will give you peace of mind that no one’s going to tamper with your TV!

Without a doubt, you’ll want a cabinet in your outdoor living room to keep your flat screen TV safe and functional.

And though you could technically get away with using an indoor TV in a quality outdoor cabinet… We’d suggest sticking to TVs rated for outdoor use! 

This would give you peace of mind that your TV won’t take on any detrimental damage, no matter the conditions. 

So, how do you get the best, weatherproof TV enclosure for your space?

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Important Outdoor TV Cabinet Considerations

There are quite a few steps to planning your ideal outdoor entertainment center…

And selecting the perfect outdoor TV cabinet is one of them!

First things first, what are the types of outdoor TV cabinets?

What Type of Outdoor TV Cabinet Do You Need?

There are two common types of outdoor patio TV cabinets: Wall-mount cabinets, and TV-lift cabinets.

Let’s discuss each.

Outdoor TV Cabinet with Lift

outdoor ship lap tv lift cabinet

Outdoor TV lift cabinets may look like simple storage cabinets or console tables… But there’s actually much more to these enclosures than initially meets the eye!

These outdoor cabinets include built-in mechanical TV lift systems… Which can lift and lower your TV in and out of an enclosed storage space.

In many cases, all you have to do to lift the TV mount from the cabinet is touch a button.

The TV lift system will then open up the top of the cabinet, and lift your TV to viewing-height.

When you’re done watching… Just press the button again, your TV will lower, and the cabinet will close!

When your TV’s not in use, a TV lift cabinet should fully enclose and protect your TV from the elements.

Alright… Let’s move onto outdoor TV wall cabinets.

Wall-Mount Outdoor TV Cabinet

Though they serve the same general purpose… Outdoor wall TV cabinets are quite different from hidden TV lift cabinets.

As you can infer from the name, outdoor TV wall mount cabinets are designed to be affixed directly to a wall with a mounting bracket.

Now, there are actually a few different types of outdoor wall mounted TV cabinets!

There are enclosures with see-through front “screens,” which provide protection for your TV at all times, even when in use.

On the other hand, some TV enclosures need to be opened in order to see the screen, and closed again when you’re done using your TV.

This type of wall mount cabinet may have sliding barn-style double doors, or simply a lift-up door that you can open and shut as needed.

No matter the type… If well-built, a wall-mount outdoor TV cabinet should be able to provide more than adequate protection for your TV!

Speaking of building an outdoor TV cabinet…

How Will Your Outdoor TV Cabinet Come Together?

There are two common paths for bringing an outdoor TV cabinet to fruition.

You can put on your DIY cap and attempt to execute the project yourself…

Or, you can simply browse products online and hit checkout on a predesigned outdoor TV cabinet.

To help you decide which route you should take… Let’s go over each.

Do You Have What It Takes to DIY This Thing?

When searching for outdoor TV cabinet resources online… You’ll likely stumble across plenty of articles on “how to build an outdoor TV cabinet.”

You may even find free outdoor TV cabinet plans!

But, is a DIY outdoor TV cabinet worth it?

And is it truly as simple as it seems?

For starters… You may have some limitations when you take the DIY route.

Most often, these plans and tutorials are restricted to wall-mount, barn-door style TV enclosures. There are virtually no resources available for building your own TV lift cabinet!

What’s more… These DIY TV cabinets are typically constructed with wood, which may not be the best choice. We’ll tell you why shortly!

As far as building your own TV cabinet outdoors… Well, if you’re big into DIY home improvement projects, and have tons of experience tinkering around with power tools, you may have what it takes to build your outdoor TV storage.

But if you don’t have the relevant experience (most of us don’t!)You may not be able to successfully pull it off.

We’ll give you an idea of what to expect from a DIY outdoor TV cabinet project.

You’ll have to source all your building materials…

Measure everything to perfectly fit the specifications of your outdoor TV…

Build the frame of your cabinet, with a mount inside for the TV, and a back wall mount bracket to boot…

Build and install cabinet doors to enclose your TV…

And properly attach everything.

It’ll also be important to account for proper ventilation, or install a cooling system. This way, your TV won’t overheat on hot days… And ventilation will reduce the potential for condensation inside your enclosure!

Since you’ll most likely be building an outdoor wood TV cabinet, you’ll also want to add stains or finishes to give your cabinet some weather resistance!

Again… If you’re a handy homeowner with construction experience, we won’t try to discourage you from giving it a go!

But if you’ve never done anything like this before… You may be better off looking into prefab options.

On that note, let’s turn our attention to off-the-shelf outdoor TV enclosure cabinets!

Consider an Off-The-Shelf Outdoor TV Cabinet

If you’re not super handy… A pre-built outdoor TV cabinet is probably the better bet!

You won’t have to source materials… You don’t need any building plans… And you don’t need to follow any complicated tutorials.

Rather, you’ll just have to survey your options online… Take a look at your budget… And confirm that the cabinet you choose has what it takes to keep your TV fully protected.

And it may seem obvious, but you’ll also want to be sure that the TV cabinet you choose is actually large enough to hold your flat screen!

But whether you go the DIY route or buy off-the-shelf… There’s just one final consideration to keep in mind.

Your Outdoor TV Cabinet Should be High Quality, and Weather-Resistant

When it comes to outdoor TV cabinets… What materials can you expect to see, and which are best for your space?

Well, when looking at TV lift cabinets, expect to see a lot of wooden options!

The same goes for DIY wall mount TV enclosures. More often than not, these will be made with full wood construction.

Normally, we wouldn’t suggest any type of wood outdoor furniture!

Unfortunately, wood just doesn’t hold up as well as other, more quality materials.

When exposed to moisture, your wood cabinet may quickly rot, swell, crack, mold, or warp… None of which are good news for your TV!

You may want to invest in a weatherproof cover to protect a wood outdoor TV enclosure.

And on top of this, you’ll want to make sure you periodically treat, stain, or reseal a wooden outdoor TV cabinet, to keep it as water-resistant as possible.

Though wood is definitely a common option, it’s not the only outdoor TV cabinet material you’ll encounter!

Many pre-made TV enclosures will also be constructed with plastic or metal (or, a combo of the two).

While these materials may be better than wood as far as durability goes… This doesn’t mean they’re without fault!

If powder-coated metals chip or get damaged, this leaves it prone to rust and corrosion…

And if plastic outdoor TV cabinets aren’t heavy duty… They might crack or shatter.

Point is, if you want an outdoor waterproof TV cabinet to sufficiently protect your TV… You’ll definitely want to do a deep dive on build quality, and try to dig up as many details as possible. (No matter which materials you’re leaning towards!)

And now, with all of these considerations in mind… Let’s take a look at some outdoor TV cabinets for sale!

The perfect spot for your outdoor TV

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The Best Outdoor TV Cabinet Brands

Before you commit to an outdoor TV cabinet… You should compare your options!

Let’s take a look at a few brands.

Outdoor TV Lift Cabinet from TV Lift Cabinet, Inc.

TV Lift Cabinet Inc
Product Highlights

Weight: 283 lbs

Materials: Solid Wood

Warranty: 1 year

Price: $6,973.50

The first outdoor weatherproof TV cabinet on our list is from a company aptly named TV Lift Cabinet, Inc.

This hidden TV lift cabinet comes fully assembled… And holds flat screens up to 77 inches!

It stands on four hidden swivel casters… So, it’ll be easy to move around your deck or patio as needed.

The cabinet itself weighs 283 pounds… So those casters will definitely come in handy.

As you can imagine… This cabinet will take up a decent chunk of real estate in your outdoor space. So you’ll want it to look good in your backyard design!

Luckily, it’s easy on the eyes. The clean, straight lines would mesh with any modern outdoor space… And it’s available in a variety of neutral hues, including charcoal, mocha brown, nutmeg, sand, and white.

Now, onto the mechanics.

The built-in lift system is remote controlled, though there’s also a manual control box to move your TV up and down. You can also use an app to control this lift cabinet!

The cabinet features built-in power outlets to plug in your TV… A surge protector… As well as cord slots for cable management.

The top of the cabinet flips open as you raise or lower your TV. So, you can set items on top of the cabinet when the TV’s not in use! (Just be aware that it has a 120 pound max weight capacity).

As for construction… We don’t get much clarity. The cabinet is made from “solid wood,” but the type used isn’t clear. There’s also no info on how it’s stained or sealed, so it’s hard to say how it’ll hold up against the weather.

Though TV Lift Cabinet, Inc. claims that their product is “durable, no maintenance, and worry-free,” the lack of clarity leaves us a bit worried.

If you’re intrigued by this product, we’d definitely suggest reaching out to confirm these details!

A one year warranty covers this outdoor TV lift cabinet.

At the time of writing, pricing is set at $6,973.50.

Hinterland Supply Co. Outdoor Hidden TV Lift Cabinet

Product Highlights

Weight: 565 lbs

Materials: LPE Hardwood

Warranty: 10 year

Price: $6,450.00 – $8,179.00

With the same straight-lined aesthetic and a neutral espresso shade… This TV lift cabinet from Hinterland Supply Co. looks quite similar to the previous option! 

But, there’s some key differences to discuss.

First and foremost, this TV lift cabinet doesn’t have a flip-open top. Rather, the entire top will move up and down with your TV as you lift or lower it.

This TV cabinet is also smaller. It holds up to 65 inch TVs (Hinterland Supply also offers a teak console table that can hold smaller, 48” TVs).

Hinterland Supply makes use of a Nexus TV lift system, which can lift and lower your TV with just the touch of a button.

As with the previous option, there’s a built-in power distribution box on the cabinet.

On top of this, you’ll have the option to add other special features to this weatherproof outdoor TV lift cabinet…

You can pick and choose between a swivel or non-swivel TV lift mechanism…

You can opt to add a built-in soundbar…

And you can also add either fixed feet or casters.

We’d suggest going with the casters! This TV cabinet weighs a whopping 565 pounds, so it may be easier to move on wheels.

If desired, you can also purchase additional add-ons, including refinishing oil, a TV lift upgrade, or a weatherproof cover. You can also swap out the standard wooden lid for a powder coated metal option.

As for construction… This cabinet is constructed with LPE hardwood (otherwise known as Brazilian walnut).

Hinterland Supply Co. claims that this type of wood is “naturally weatherproof, and survives equally well in hot or humid climates as it does in rain, frost, wind, ice, or snow.”

Apparently, tests have proven that LPE hardwood can be buried underground for over five decades, without rotting.

This all sounds great! But, we’d still suggest keeping this cabinet under cover when not in use, for that extra peace of mind that it’ll hold up.

While the lift mechanism is covered under a 10 year warranty… Hinterland Supply unfortunately doesn’t define a clear warranty for the cabinet itself.

At the time of writing, this TV lift cabinet costs between $6,450.00 and $8,179.00, depending on the features you add.

Deer TV Outdoor Wall Mount TV Case

Product Highlights

Size: 43″ – 75″

Materials: Aluminum and Powder-coated Steel

Warranty: 1 year

Price: $236.00 – $1,288.00

Let’s shift our focus to some wall mount options!

Deer TV offers outdoor wall mounted TV enclosures, from 43” to 75” in size.

These wall mount cabinets come with everything you need to protect your TV.

This includes lockable bi-folding doors, to keep your TV safe and secure…

And a thermostat control system, with a built-in fan and ventilation to keep your TV cool when it’s hot, or warm when it’s cold. This also prevents any potential condensation inside the enclosure!

A mounting bracket also comes standard with the TV enclosure, for easy installation.

As far as construction goes… Deer TV makes their enclosures with a mixed bag of materials!

The back of the cabinet is constructed with a mixture of aluminum and powder-coated steel.

And the front of the enclosure is made with “shatter-resistant, anti-glare acrylic.” This see-through cabinet allows you to watch your TV, without having to open a door or make any adjustments.

While the front screen should hold up fairly well… It’s harder to gauge how the metal components will fare! If the powder coating chips, this TV enclosure may be susceptible to rust and corrosion.

Despite this, Deer TV claims that their cabinets have a 10 year lifespan. But ironically, they’re only covered under a one year warranty.

At the time of writing, the Deer TV enclosures range from $236.00 to $1,288.00.

The TV Shield Weatherproof Outdoor TV Enclosure

Product Highlights

Size: 44″ – 50″

Materials: Plastic

Warranty: 3 year

Price: $669.98

If you have a smaller TV… This option from TV Shield may appeal! It can hold flat screens up to 44 to 50 inches.

With two keyed locks and a sealed design… This water-and dust-proof enclosure also provides some tamper protection.

Like the option from Deer TV, it features a clear front panel, so you can see the screen without opening or lifting a door.

That said, it’s also easy to open up the front of the enclosure, should you prefer.

Now, this TV enclosure has an internal mounting system to hold your display in place… But to actually place it on the wall, you’ll have to purchase a back mount separately.

It also doesn’t come with a built-in fan system, but you can add thermostatic fans and heaters to your order if you don’t mind paying extra.

Despite this, some ventilation measures have been taken here. You will get two vents, both with bug and moisture screens, to prevent excessive heat buildup.

Looking at build quality… This specific TV enclosure is made entirely of plastic.

The back of the enclosure features lexan polycarbonate construction (this is the same material used in bulletproof glass)!

And the front is made with high-molecular weight polyethylene plastic, which is rated to last 20 years or more.

Despite being fully plastic… This option has pretty solid construction!

TV shield covers their products under a three year warranty.

At the time of writing, MSRP is set at $669.98.

Storm Shell Outdoor TV Case

storm shell outdoor tv hard cover
Product Highlights

Size: 32″ – 65″

Materials: Powder coated heavy gauge alloy steel

Warranty: 90 days

Price: $271.40 – $560.28

Let’s wrap up our list with the Storm Shell outdoor TV case.

These weatherproof, impact resistant, and UV resistant enclosures fit TVs between 32 and 65 inches.

Like the option from Deer TV… This enclosure is constructed with metal. In this case, Storm Shell makes use of powder coated, heavy gauge alloy steel.

Unlike the other options on our list, you’ll need to remove the front cover from the Storm Shell when you want to watch TV. It’s not see-through!

When your TV’s not in use, the cover locks on for some additional peace of mind.

This TV case comes standard with a heavy gauge, swiveling powder-coated steel wall mount bracket… But that’s about all you’ll get!

Storm Shell makes no mention of any other special features, fans, or ventilation.

This product is covered under a 90 day warranty. Ideally, we’d like to see longer coverage here!

At the time of writing, the Storm Shell costs between $271.40 and $560.28.

The Overall Best Outdoor TV Cabinets For Patios

hinterland supply TV cabinet

So, you’ve seen some options for both TV lift cabinets and wall mount enclosures…

But of the options we discussed, which is the best outdoor TV cabinet? 

Really, you can’t go wrong with any of them! It all depends on what you’re looking for.

But if we had to pick… A few brands stand out.

For the best lift cabinet… We’d single out Hinterland Supply Co.!

Though it’s not all that different from the TV Lift Cabinet Inc. option, there is more clarity provided here… Which makes us feel better about overall material quality!

As for the best wall mount enclosure… We’d go with Deer TV.

The Deer TV cabinets are practically priced, durable, fit a variety of TV sizes, and you’ll get all the components you need up front. 

But no matter what cabinet you end up going with… Where should it go?

Complete Your Indoor Outdoor Space with a Summer Kitchen

an rta summer kitchen under a covered patio with a fireplace

Alright. Now you know what to do to keep your outdoor TV safe and sound.

And the next step in the process is deciding where your new TV cabinet should go!

There’s no denying it… We all like to graze on snacks while watching TV with friends or loved ones (or on your own!).

So, why not make it easy to supply everyone with food and refreshments, by placing your new TV cabinet alongside an outdoor kitchen?

With a kitchen and outdoor bar… You’d have the perfect all-in-one spot for your guests to sit and watch the game, your favorite movie, or that must-see show…

And you’ll never miss a beat to keep the party going.

To give you an idea of what’s possible…

You could include a kegerator or drop-in cooler, for an outdoor refreshment center…

Outdoor storage and a fridge to keep snacks close by…

And any cooking appliances you want (built-in grills, smokers, burners, you name it!).

You, and your guests, will never go hungry, which sounds pretty great to us.

Want more details?

Check out our Learning Hub for more info on getting your own grill island.

Or, try out our free online design tool!

In no time, you’ll be ready to start planning… And we’ll be here to help.

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