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Lynx Outdoor Kitchen: 4 Important Points & Insider Tips

By Daniel Cdebaca

August 28, 2023

You’re on the hunt for high quality appliances for your outdoor kitchen… And Lynx has crossed your radar.

We’ll cut straight to the case… Lynx is an all-around solid choice for built-in grills and other accessories.

But before you can fully commit… It’s important to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

More specifically, what are your options… And how would one go about getting a Lynx outdoor kitchen?

This article will get to the bottom of both questions, and then some. 

Lynx Outdoor Kitchen Featured Image

Lynx Grills Company Overview

Lynx Logo

How and when did Lynx get its start?

Well, it all began in 1996. A group of like-minded professionals in the commercial restaurant equipment industry came together with a shared goal: To start their own luxury outdoor appliance brand.

Hence, Lynx Grills was born!

Since the early years of the company, Lynx has been offering high quality, durable freestanding and built-in appliances… All of which are handcrafted in the USA.

It wasn’t long until they worked their way to the top of the market… And their continued quality craftsmanship has allowed them to retain their renown to this day.

In 2006, Lynx was acquired by the Middleby Corporation. This company owns some other notable outdoor appliance names, including Viking, Marvel, Evo, and Kamado Joe.

But despite this change in ownership… The quality of Lynx BBQ grills and other outdoor kitchen components remains top-tier. And, all Lynx appliances are still manufactured in the USA. To be exact, they now operate out of Greenwood, Mississippi.

Now, back to the bigger questions at hand. What should you know before planning your own Lynx outdoor kitchen?

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Are Lynx Appliances A Good Choice For Your Outdoor Kitchen? These Considerations Will Help You Decide

There’s quite a bit to understand before you dive into planning your Lynx outdoor kitchen.

First things first, it’d help to know exactly what appliances and accessories Lynx offers… And if they’re really the best choice for your BBQ island.

To get to the heart of these considerations, we enlisted the help of one of RTA’s own Design Experts, Jason Bunch.

Prior to his time at RTA… Jason worked for another outdoor kitchen company. Here, he gained plenty of experience with practically every built-in appliance brand… Including Lynx Grills!

So, with his expertise on our side… Let’s get to the bottom of everything there is to know about Lynx appliances.

Lynx Appliance Selection

Lynx offers a huge selection of built-in appliances and other BBQ island accessories… But what’s actually included in that selection?

We’ll give you a quick rundown on each of the Lynx outdoor kitchen products.

Lynx Gas Grills

lynx sedona 36-inch natural gas grill
Sedona Lynx Gas Grill
Professional Lynx Gas Grill

Let’s get things cooking with a look at Lynx’s built-in propane or natural gas grills.

In this regard, there are two categories to pick from: Lynx Sedona or Lynx Professional Grills.

The main difference between these lines? Their Sedona gas grills are meant to be a more practical, no-frills, option… While the Lynx Professional gas grills are, well, more professional.

The latter will have flashier features, for those serious, specialized outdoor cooks looking for a luxury option… And the Sedona gas grills are a better choice for the everyday home cook.

Both the Sedona and Professional gas grills feature ceramic briquettes, rotisserie, and illuminated control knobs.

While the Sedona grills have one Prosear infrared burner and stainless steel tube burners… The Lynx Professional gas grills feature ceramic burners or Trident Infrared Burners.

Jason chimes in on the Trident Infrared Burner, saying, “One feature that is unique to Lynx is their Trident Infrared Burner. They have a unique valving system that allows the infrared burner to get as low as 350 degrees.”

He continues, “Most infrared burners are basically full blast or nothing (1000+ degrees). The ATR (all Trident burner) version of the grill is really THE Lynx model you would want, as this is something most manufacturers can’t replicate.”

This is a great point, and one that’s certainly worth taking note of.

Not only is the Trident Infrared Burner ultra-versatile (it allows for a wider temp range than most infrared grill burners)… But you can also opt for a Lynx Professional grill equipped only with these specialized burners.

As Jason pointed out, this isn’t something you’ll be able to find from most other built-in grill brands… And it’s certainly something that sets Lynx apart from the competition.

Lynx Gas Griddles

lynx asado built in griddle product image

If you want the option to cook breakfast from your Lynx outdoor kitchen… You’re in luck!

Lynx offers one built-in flat top grill model… The Asado Cooktop.

As with their Professional outdoor grills, the Asado flat top features two Trident Infrared Burners for a wider temp range.

Each burner is independently controlled, allowing for two individual heat zones on the 30” cooktop. Talk about versatility!

Lynx Side Burners

Sedona Lynx Dual Side Burner
lynx professional side burner
Professional Lynx Dual Side Burner

For many, side burners are a summer kitchen staple… Necessary for whipping up sauces and sides.

As with the Lynx gas grills… Their gas side burners fall into two categories: Sedona or Professional.

Again, the Professional side burners will be more of a luxury option… While the Sedona side burners fall firmly in the premium class. (Premium appliances are a step below the luxury level. Though still high quality, they lack some of the fancier bells and whistles associated with luxury components.)

Now, what can you find in each line?

The Professional selection includes a power burner for bigger side dishes… Single or double side burners… And a Professional prep center, complete with a double side burner, cutting board, and storage drawer for your grill accessories.

The Sedona line isn’t as extensive… And includes only single or double side burners.

The main difference between the Sedona and Professional side burners lies in the BTU output. While the Professional line dishes out 15,000 BTUs per burner, the Sedona burners bring only 12,500 to the table.

Lynx Napoli Outdoor Pizza Oven

lynx pizza oven

Looking to further expand your outdoor cooking? Well, Lynx’s Napoli outdoor oven will certainly make this possible.

In our discussion, Jason singled out Lynx’s outdoor oven in particular as being “Awesome.” He claims that it’s “Probably the best gas pizza oven on the market (from a grill manufacturer).”

This outdoor oven is fueled by gas… And can quickly reach temps up to 700 degrees.

It features a large, insulated refractory cement cooking chamber… In which you can cook anything from cheesy pies to roasts, breads, or desserts. There’s not much the Lynx Napoli can’t do.

Lynx Outdoor Sinks

lynx sedona sink
Sedona Lynx Sink
lynx professional sink
Professional Lynx Sink

As with their grills, griddles, and side burners… Lynx’s outdoor kitchen sinks again fall into either the Sedona or Professional categories.

For their Professional outdoor kitchen sinks… Offerings include sink basins in a variety of sizes (from 18” to 30”). All of these are insulated and sold with a cover.

What’s not included, however, is the faucet. That said, Lynx does offer a Professional pull-down gooseneck faucet… You’ll just have to purchase it separately.

In addition to sinks and faucets, Lynx’s Professional line also includes a built-in cocktail station. This is an all-in-one bottle opener, storage drawer, pull-down faucet, sink basin, insulated ice bin, and integrated towel holder.

Now, onto the Sedona sink. The only offering in this line is an 18” sink basin and gooseneck faucet (again, sold separately). Unlike the Professional sink basin, this sink doesn’t appear to be insulated, and it doesn’t come with a cover.

Lynx Outdoor Refrigeration

lynx sedona refrigerator
Sedona Lynx Refrigerator
Professional Lynx Refrigerator

Again, Lynx’s outdoor refrigeration options are labeled as either Professional or Sedona.

Selections in the Professional line include 15” or 24” standard outdoor refrigerators (either with solid or see-through glass doors), refrigerator-freezer combos, two drawer refrigerators, kegerators, wine coolers, and an ice machine.

The Sedona line offers a sparser selection. To be exact, there’s merely one 20” standard outdoor refrigerator, as well as one drop-in cooler.

Lynx Outdoor Kitchen Storage

Lynx 42 inch classic door drawer combo
Lynx Classic Door and Drawer Combo
lynx hand towel holder
Lynx Hand Towel Holder
lynx paper towel drawer
Lynx Paper Towel Drawer

Storage space is a crucial component in any grill station… And luckily, Lynx offers a huge variety of outdoor kitchen storage and cabinetry to choose from.

Your options include single or double drawers, paper towel drawers, pull-out trash and recycle stations, warming drawers, countertop trash chutes, single or double access doors, smaller grill accessory drawers, plus door and drawer combos.

Lynx Vent Hoods

Lastly, let’s talk about Lynx’s vent hoods.

These’ll be crucial to a safe outdoor kitchen design, particularly if you’ll be cooking under a solid roof covering.

Interestingly enough, the Lynx vent hoods are only a part of their Sedona line.

They’re offered in three sizes, from 36” to 48.”

Each features an internal blower and tapered profile to effectively ventilate your outdoor cooking area.

Lynx Appliance Quality

lynx linear outdoor kitchen on deck

At this point, you’ve seen a lot of Lynx outdoor kitchen equipment.

But before you commit to any of the above components… It’s important to take quality into account.

As we stated earlier… Lynx appliances are well known for their durability.

But while this is usually the case, it unfortunately isn’t always guaranteed.

So, what’s the best way to gauge outdoor appliance quality?

Well, we recommend full 304 stainless steel construction for all outdoor kitchen appliances and accessories, due to its superior rust- and corrosion-resistance.

Because of this, we’d suggest ruling out the Lynx Sedona gas grills, which are constructed with a 201 stainless steel exterior.

This lower grade of stainless steel implies that they may quickly rust, corrode, and ultimately require replacement sooner than you’d like.

Now, there are some Lynx appliances that do boast 304 stainless steel construction, which is great to see!

Namely, the Lynx Professional gas grills, the Asado griddle, and the Napoli oven are all high quality, 304 stainless steel options.

But for the Professional and Sedona side burners, refrigerators, storage, sinks and faucets, and vent hoods… We couldn’t find any clear info on the grade of stainless steel used!

While we’d prefer some clarity up front, there is another way to get a feel for a product’s overall durability.

And that’d be the warranty!

High Quality Outdoor Kitchens

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Lynx Appliance Warranty

In addition to materials… A product’s warranty is a great way to get a feel for how durable it is, and how long it’ll last in your kitchen.

Of course, Lynx’s warranty will vary depending on the particular appliance you’re looking at.

For the most part, Lynx offers a lifetime warranty on the exterior stainless steel housing, burners, and cooking grates of their grills, pizza oven, griddles, and side burners… Which is solid!

Lynx’s outdoor kitchen cabinetry and storage is also covered for a lifetime warranty… As are there outdoor kitchen sinks.

However, there are some clear outliers. Their vent hood, for instance, is only covered for three years… The Sedona sink faucet is covered for 10  years… And their outdoor refrigeration options are covered for only one year. 

Though Lynx may not specify materials used for their side burners, storage, sinks, or faucets… The lifetime warranty on all of these products leads us to believe that they are, in fact, constructed with 304 stainless steel.

That said, confirming this detail directly with Lynx would give you more peace of mind on the matter.

Unfortunately, the shorter warranties on the vent hood and outdoor refrigerators leave something to be desired… And it’s safe to say that these likely aren’t constructed with 304 stainless.

But aside from these exceptions… It’s clear to see that most Lynx outdoor kitchen appliances are built to last for the long haul.

Now, onto a final consideration…

Lynx Appliance Cost

Before you proceed to checkout on Lynx appliances… What final price can you expect?

We’ve hinted at it a few times by this point, but it’s clear that Lynx’s Professional line can be classified as luxury. 

Jason chimes in, “Lynx is one of the leading luxury grill brands on the market. Like their luxury competitors (Twin Eagles, Hestan, Alfresco, etc), it’s not that there are DRASTIC differences between their grills and a premium grill, but it’s that every single part of the grill is just nicer. An Audi VS a Volkswagen for example.”

Though there may be no drastic differences, this luxury standing does equate to a heftier price tag… But exactly how much more will Lynx appliances set you back?

Here’s about what you can expect to spend on each Lynx appliance.

For their outdoor grills… The smaller Sedona models start at $3,119.00…. And the largest Professional grill tops out at $10,229.00. 

Their Napoli pizza oven is also quite expensive, at $5,949.00… And the Asado griddle costs $5,449.00. 

The built-in side burners range from $1,139.00 to just under $2,789.00.

Their least expensive Sedona refrigerator starts at $1,439.00… And their larger Professional refrigerators are priced at $5,759.00. 

Their sinks range from $649.00 to $2,039.00… With faucets ringing in between $509.00 and $579.00.

Vent hoods cost between $3,249.00 and $3,989.00.

And finally, their storage options hover between $199.00 and $3,049.00. 

As you can see… The total cost of a Lynx outdoor kitchen may quickly add up, depending on which (and how many) appliances and accessories you choose to include in your design.

But if your budget isn’t an obstacle… That’s great! With a few exceptions (the refrigerators, vent hoods, and Sedona gas grill)… Most of Lynx’s appliances are high quality, ultra-functional, and built to last.

If you have the money… They’re certainly worth the investment!

But, of course, there’s more to an outdoor kitchen than just appliances.

Now, you need to account for the kitchen island itself!


Professional Gas Grill

304 Stainless Steel


$5,449.00 – $10,229.00

Sedona Gas Grill

201 Stainless Steel


$3,119.000 – $4,499.00

Professional Side Burners

Stainless Steel


$1,209.00 – $2,789.00

Sedona Gas Grill

Stainless Steel


$869.00 – $1,139.00

Professional Power Burner

Stainless Steel



Napoli Outdoor Oven

304 Stainless Steel



Asado Griddle

304 Stainless Steel



Outdoor Sinks

Stainless Steel


$649.00 – $2,039.00

Professional Sink Faucets

Stainless Steel



Sedona Sink Faucet

Stainless Steel

10 Years


Outdoor Refrigeration

Stainless Steel

One Year

$1,439.00 – $5,759.00

Vent Hood

Stainless Steel

Three Years

$3,249.00 – $3,989.00

Outdoor Kitchen Storage

Stainless Steel


$199.00 – $2,049.00

How To Get A Lynx Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re still full steam ahead on investing in a Lynx outdoor kitchen… What’s the best way to proceed?

Well, as with most outdoor kitchen projects, there are a few different routes to consider. 

Let’s take a look.

Lynx Outdoor Kitchen Kits

Not too long ago, you could purchase outdoor kitchen kits directly from Lynx. Is this still the case?

Here’s what Jason had to say on this, “Lynx is purely an appliance brand. At one point they had their own line of islands for the Sedona by Lynx Grills line, but I believe those were discontinued.”

Well… It would appear that Jason is right on the money. We couldn’t pin down hide nor hair of these Lynx Sedona outdoor kitchen kits!

So since prefab outdoor kitchen kits are off the table… Where does that leave you? 

Scratch-Built Lynx Outdoor Kitchen

two contractors finishing an outdoor kitchen with natural stone veneer

If you want a Lynx outdoor kitchen… Really, your only option is building your grill island completely from scratch.

When you take this route, you’ll have free control over the appliances you choose… The dimensions and layout of your kitchen… And you’ll have more say when it comes to material quality.

This sounds great and all… But that said, there are some disadvantages with this method.

First, it’ll be an extremely involved, labor-intensive project… And one that you’ll definitely want to hire a professional contractor to complete.

Vetting local contractors can be a huge process in and of itself. You’ll want to ensure they have the relevant experience, are credible, and know the ins and outs of a quality outdoor kitchen.

Additionally, you’ll have to account for labor and material costs in your Lynx outdoor kitchen budget, which’ll certainly cause that final price to increase (sometimes quite significantly).

And finally, you’ll be waiting weeks or months to enjoy your new Lynx outdoor kitchen when you have it built from scratch.

For the average homeowner, a luxury outdoor kitchen like this may not be feasible!

But luckily, there are other options out there that may be better suited to you.

An Alternative (And More Affordable) Outdoor Kitchen Solution

mike pyle at his RTA outdoor living grill station equipped with a pizza oven

If a Lynx outdoor kitchen doesn’t fit in your budget… It can be discouraging.

But before you go back to the drawing board… Allow us to suggest an outdoor kitchen alternative that just may be a better fit for your budget.

Our own kitchen kits here at RTA Outdoor Living come to mind!

In place of Lynx outdoor appliances, all of our islands are furnished with high quality, premium components from Coyote… All of which are backed by a lifetime warranty, and boast durable 304 stainless steel construction.

Not only are these a more cost effective option… But Coyote’s selection is also more extensive than Lynx’s!

It includes gas grills, griddles, side burners, sinks, refrigeration, and storage… In addition to charcoal and pellet grills, kamado smokers, and more.

Still prefer a luxury option? Not to worry! Our kitchens are also compatible with Hestan luxury outdoor appliances. 

Now, in terms of customization… We’re happy to report that you’ll have plenty of creative control over the final design of your island.

Included appliances, layout, and finish are all at your discretion.

And speaking to durability… This is also top-notch.

Our kitchens are built with high performance concrete panels… Built to last a lifetime.

And you can get all of this… Without hiring a contractor!

Our free online design tool gives you the power you need to customize your kitchen, even with no experience.

And to set up an RTA kitchen… You’ll simply bolt the panels together, slide appliances into place, and set your countertops. The installation process isn’t labor intensive, and can be fully completed in one afternoon.

Want to dig deeper on the details? Check out our Learning Hub for more helpful information.

And if we’ve sparked your interest… We look forward to chatting!

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Lynx appliances are all handcrafted in the USA. They are headquartered out of Greenwood, Mississippi.

The Lynx warranty varies depending on what appliance you’re looking at. For the most part, Lynx offers a lifetime warranty on the exterior stainless steel housing, burners, and cooking grates of their grills, pizza oven, griddles, and side burners… Which is solid!

Lynx’s outdoor kitchen cabinetry and storage is also covered for a lifetime warranty… As are there outdoor kitchen sinks.

However, there are some clear outliers. Their vent hood, for instance, is only covered for three years… And their outdoor refrigeration options are covered for only one year.

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