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Outdoor Bar Cabinet: 3 Little-Known Uses, 4 Best-Selling Brands, & 5 Simple Ideas

By James King

June 29, 2023

Want to make it easier to enjoy the outdoors?

The answer is simple. Set up your backyard with this intention in mind!

By adding features to your outdoor living space… You create more reasons to get outside and bask in the fresh air.

And if you’re one to enjoy a well-crafted cocktail or two… An outdoor bar cabinet might be the perfect excuse to get outdoors.

Hence, why you’re searching for one!

However, not all bar cabinets are created equal… And they aren’t all designed to serve the same exact purpose.

But no need to worry. We’ll explain every single detail, share the top brands out there… And wrap up with some compelling design ideas for your space.



What is an Outdoor Bar Cabinet?

galley style outdoor kitchen under gazebo with bar lighting

First things first. Let’s get the terminology straightened out.

An outdoor bar cabinet can mean several things… Depending on what your vision is.

If you emphasize the word “cabinet”… You’ll be inclined to believe that these units are strictly designed for storage only.

And in most cases, that’s absolutely true!

The vast majority of outdoor bar cabinets will simply consist of drawers and shelving.

Some are designed to stay in place… While others are more like outdoor bar carts with rolling casters, intended to move from place to place.

If you’re simply looking for a place to store your glassware, bottle openers, and other cocktail station supplies… A cabinet will suffice!

However… You’re not limited to a storage-only outdoor bar cabinet.

There are a plethora of other accessories you could add to boost the functionality of your investment.

Let’s talk about that.

Want to bring your idea to life?

Use our free 3D design tool to bring the outdoor kitchen of your dreams to reality in just a few minutes.

These Cabinets Aren’t Just for Storage

To get the maximum enjoyment from your outdoor bar cabinet… It’s going to have to do a bit more than include a wine rack and open shelves.

In fact, there are several ways you can optimize your outdoor bar set!

Use it as a Prep Station

person pouring wine by drop in cooler

If you fancy yourself as a home mixologist… You’ll want your outdoor bar cabinet to facilitate your bartending experience.

So instead of just outdoor storage… Why not also equip your bar cabinet to double as a prep station?

A sink will be perfect for quickly rinsing out tumblers and glasses… So you can continue pumping out drinks to your heart’s content.

Don’t forget a drop-in cooler, either! This will keep ice accessible for all your impressive creations.

And if you have concerns about running out of ice… Why not also throw in an outdoor ice maker?

Your home bar will become completely self-sustaining… Allowing you to reliably serve up cocktails for as long as you’d like.

But perhaps you prefer a more laid-back bartending experience.

Boost the Value with a Refrigerator

stacked stone graphite bar island with refrigerator and trash and kegerator

If you prefer just cracking open a cold one… Consider adding a refrigerator to your outdoor bar cabinet!

You’re likely going to have some beer glasses stored outside already… So why not eliminate one more step with a fridge?

Or is beer not your drink of choice?

You could also add a wine cooler to your patio bar cabinet.

It’s the same scenario, just with wine!

Store your wine glasses in the serving bar, and grab your best bottle of wine… All from the comfort of your backyard.

But there’s one more upgrade you can consider to complete your outdoor bar cabinet.

Turn it into a Full-On Bar (with Seating!)

l shaped outdoor kitchen with pizza oven and bar seating on patio

Planning to host outdoor parties on a regular basis?

Beef up your bar cabinet to include seating!

This is the single best way to get the most value out of your bar. When it comes to enjoying a drink… It’s always better to share the experience with the ones you love.

So consider springing for a bar height cabinet… And slapping on some bar stools!

If you enjoy making cocktails, your loved ones will be right there to watch the action.

And even if not… You have a built-in location where you can sit and chat the night away, drink in hand.

Sounds pretty great, right?

If you’re ready to start shopping… Let’s take a look at some of the top outdoor bar cabinet brands on the market.

Best-Selling Outdoor Bar Cabinet Brands

When you’re adding an outdoor bar cabinet to your backyard… You want to make sure you’re making the best choice possible.

There are a wide variety of options out there… But we’re going to focus on the best sellers.

They’re popular brands for a reason, after all!

We’ll kick off the list with Newage.

Newage Bar Cabinet Outdoor

a newage stainless steel cabinet system under a pergola
Product Highlights

Cabinet Type: Modular 

Materials: 304 Stainless Steel

Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty

Newage is a well-known purveyor of cabinetry for your garage, kitchen, and outdoor spaces.

And when it comes to your outdoor bar… Newage offers a modular solution.

So rather than buying a complete unit with the appliances… You will select individual modules to create the bar layout you want.

This offers some nice flexibility!

However, there are a couple downsides here. For one, Newage does not accommodate bar appliances outside of a sink. (Or a grill, if you want an outdoor kitchen bar.)

So apart from a sink… You’re pretty much limited to a standard storage cabinet option.

Newage also does not provide countertops with their modular sets. So you have to source and purchase them separately.

But if these are minor quibbles for you… There’s quite a lot to like about Newage’s outdoor bar cabinets!

First is the modern appearance. The minimalist design with uber-clean lines will appeal to any homeowner seeking to achieve a modern aesthetic.

They offer a brushed stainless steel finish, slate gray aluminum… And a mock wood finish that appears like teak or acacia. (The “wood” finish is applied to their stainless steel cabinets.)

Material quality is no slouch, either.

A Newage bar cabinet will either be made with 304 stainless steel, or aircraft grade aluminum. This is excellent to see!


Both materials are highly rust and corrosion resistant. So even in a humid, wintery, or coastal climate… Your outdoor bar should last many years without getting damaged.

And Newage’s warranty is a testament to this claim. They offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of their cabinet units.

Want to see what Newage has in stock? Check their website to browse available bar modules.

Danver Outdoor Cabinets for Bar

danver outdoor bar cabinet
Product Highlights

Cabinet Type: Modular 

Materials: 316L Stainless Steel

Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty

On a similar note… Danver is another popular indoor and outdoor cabinetry provider.

Believe it or not… Danver was one of the first brands to offer modular outdoor kitchens on a large scale!

And yes, they do offer bar cabinets as well. Although… They won’t be directly advertised as such.

This is due to the nature of the modular system. Danver offers a wide variety of “base cabinets”, designed solely for storage.

So you’ll start by selecting what base cabinets you want. From there, Danver offers a variety of appliance cabinets if you want an outdoor kitchen bar. There’s grills, pizza ovens, side burners, smokers, and the like. (The appliances themselves will be sold separately.)

But you’re after an outdoor bar.

Well, in the way of bar-specific appliances… There’s not much information to glean from.

Danver claims to work with “high-quality brands to provide customers with a variety of outdoor fridges and bar accessories, like ice makers, kegerators, and wine coolers – each designed to fit your specific needs and the surrounding environment.”

So to get more details on what this actually entails… You’ll need to reach out to Danver directly.

However, they do clearly advertise a bartending station from Alfresco. This appliance includes a drop-in cooler, bottle rack, and towel hook.

And if you’re hoping that countertops are included… Unfortunately, you still will have to source them yourself.

Now, what about materials and finishes?

Danver’s islands are available in either 304 or 316L stainless steel. We’ve already established that 304 grade is excellent… So how does 316L compare?

It’s actually even more rust and corrosion resistant than 304! It will cost you extra… But it can provide extra assurance if you live in a coastal environment.

As for finishes, Danver actually offers four different sets… So there’s no shortage there!

The Essentials set offers 29 unique hues… The Classic offers 14 more, and the Wood Grain set provides another 8.

What about the fourth set? It’s the Sea Glass set… But it’s not quite a finish.

They are frosted glass inserts that could be substituted for a regular glass door. If you opt for this, you’ll have 3 different color options.

Just like Newage… You’ll have access to a limited lifetime warranty on Danver’s modular bar cabinets.

Werever Outdoor Bar Cabinets

werever outdoor bar cabinets
Product Highlights

Cabinet Type: Custom outdoor cabinets 

Materials: Marine Grade HDPE

Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty

Moving right along… Let’s take a look at Werever outdoor bar cabinets.

Right away, you’ll notice this solution is a bit different than Newage and Danver!

Rather than a strictly modular system… Werever advertises being a custom outdoor cabinet solution.

They offer a wide range of cabinet modules that can be customized to your needs. You can select the door hardware, door style, and the finish color. (Currently, 15 matte and 7 wood grain finishes are available!)

If you’re feeling a bit lost about creating your design… Werever does offer a professional design service to help you nail down the details.

As far as appliances go… Werever has partnered with several manufacturers for your convenience. They also claim to provide them at the “lowest price allowed by the manufacturer”.

Lynx, Alfresco, XO, Coyote, Blaze, Perlick, Marvel, and Azure are currently listed as appliance brand options.

While most of these brands specialize in built-in grills… There’s also a variety of refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, wine coolers, and more to browse for your outdoor bar!

However, like Newage and Danver… Once again, countertops are not included.

So… Where does Werever really set itself apart?


Rather than stainless steel or aluminum… Werever’s cabinets consist solely of Marine Grade HDPE.

This is a type of polymer that is often used on boats, because it’s not susceptible to UV damage, corrosion, or rust.

And since rust and corrosion are completely off the table… In some ways, HDPE is even more durable than stainless steel or aluminum.

So no matter your climate… HDPE should perform swimmingly wherever you live.

Now, the warranty is right on par with the previous brands! Werever also supplies a limited lifetime warranty on their outdoor cabinetry.

RTA Outdoor Living Bar Cabinets

l shaped outdoor kitchen with sink and bar seating
Product Highlights

Cabinet Type: Custom outdoor cabinets 

Materials: High Performance Concrete

Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty

Wrapping up the list, let’s take a peek at our very own outdoor bar cabinets.

Unlike all of the previous brands… RTA’s solution is not considered modular.

We offer ready to assemble outdoor kitchens and bar islands.

What does that mean?

Rather than selecting individual modules and installing them… You’ll receive a fully customized island that you can assemble in mere hours!

Let’s explain.

Your bar cabinet will be delivered to your door in the form of concrete panels. (Complete with countertops and appliances!)

With a friend and a power drill… You’ll hand-carry the panels and bolt them together with the provided L-brackets. After that, you’ll simply place the countertops and slide in the appliances.

That’s it!

But the DIY-friendly assembly is just the beginning.

While all of the other brands we’ve mentioned use high quality materials… We’d argue that RTA’s are the most durable of all.

Every single island is made with high performance concrete. And this concrete is rated for 100 years! It’s an all-weather material that won’t succumb to rust, corrosion, warping, and the like.

Plus, the use of concrete allows for a multitude of finish options. We offer 7 unique finish styles in a variety of hues. Stacked stone, reclaimed brick, modern concrete, weathered wood, plank, and modern stone are all within your reach!

But we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves. How does the design process work?

Well, you have several options. You can start with our free online design tool, which will provide you with a detailed 3D rendering in just a few clicks.

If you need more assistance… We have a suite of Design Experts ready to swoop in and help! They’ll nail down on the particulars of your project, and ensure your bar island meets your wildest expectations. (We’ll look at some examples shortly.)

Or perhaps, you’re not interested in a custom design at all. In that case, we also have a set of pre-designed islands to simplify the decision.

And as we mentioned earlier… Every RTA island includes the appliances and concrete or granite countertops. We’re truly a one-stop-shop solution… And with premium appliances from Coyote, you truly can’t go wrong.

We offer a host of appliances well-suited to your bar. Refrigerators, drop-in coolers, sinks, refreshment centers, and more are not in short supply!

And to top it all off… Our islands and Coyote appliances alike come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Outdoor bar solution

Use our free 3D design tool to create the perfect outdoor hangout spot! Get started today.

5 Outdoor Bar Cabinet Ideas

Starting to get an idea of what brand you might want to work with?

Even if not… It’s always a smart idea to get some inspiration before making a final decision.

So let’s spark the imagination with some stunning outdoor bar cabinet ideas!

Outdoor Kitchen Bar with Umbrella

l shaped grill island with pizza oven and bar island with umbrella and bar seating

If you want to take your outdoor bar cabinet to another level… This is an excellent example on how to do it!

We’ll cover every part of this island, but let’s start with the bar.

This homeowner opted to create a bar table… Utilizing the space for bar seating in addition to other functions. You’ll also see a pull out trash can and outdoor refrigerator stowed inside the bar.

Even by itself… This would prove to be a convenient bar station for enjoying a can of beer or two.

But with the rest of the outdoor kitchen?

It’s something else.

You’ve got a petite built in grill for burgers and steaks… A power burner for lobster boils and pastas… And a Gozney Dome pizza oven for insanely-good homemade pizza!

And even though there isn’t storage in the bar itself… This homeowner was able to throw in an access door and drawer storage in the grill island.

Beyond that, there’s a smart use of color in this outdoor entertaining space. Red provides a well-needed pop of color… And it’s smartly integrated between the bar chairs, umbrella, and Kamado Joe peeking through the bottom left corner.

Outdoor Bar Cabinet with Cooler Idea

Alright, now let’s look at a bar cabinet that’s a bit more true to form.

This island is truly an outdoor bar cabinet… But with a few extra bells and whistles.

Starting from the left… You’ll find some double drawer storage, drop-in cooler with double access doors, a pull out trash, outdoor sink with access doors underneath, a side burner, and one more access door underneath.

That’s a whole lot of stuff!

But if you take away the access doors (which are simply just for interior access of your island)… This bar cabinet is actually quite simple, albeit large!

You’ve got the drawers for storing your barkeeping supplies and a pull out trash bin for waste… Plus, you have the drop-in cooler for keeping bottles and cans at the perfect serving temperature.

Not to mention, the outdoor sink will help make serving up cocktails easier than ever.

And while the side burner may seem like a random addition… There’s an outdoor kitchen off to the side (out of the picture) that brings it all together.

Coupled with the outdoor TV… This outdoor bar operates as an excellent serving and entertainment station.

Outdoor Bar and Storage Cabinet

l shaped outdoor kitchen with storage drawers and two kamado cookers

If you’re focusing strictly on outdoor bar storage… Here’s an excellent idea to consider!

This is an L-shaped bar island that’s absolutely maxed out on storage capacity.

You have two sets of triple drawers, double drawers with access doors, and a pull out trash bin.

Talk about plenty of space for storing supplies!

And in the case of this homeowner… They’ve paired their bar island with two Big Green Egg smokers.

So not only can you store bar supplies in the cabinet… This homeowner can also store charcoal and other grilling utensils.

This bar also effectively serves as a prep and serving station for your smoked meals. There’s enough room for an entire buffet on those countertops!

And even though this bar island is made from concrete… The weathered wood finish creates a beautiful wood bar aesthetic, without the downsides! (Wood is susceptible to rot, warping, swelling, and insect damage.)

Overall, this is a stunning example of how a simple storage bar can truly be elevated.

Outdoor Bar Fridge Cabinet Idea

outdoor bar fridge island idea with trash and three drawers

Here’s another straightforward solution.

If you’re after something simple and clean… You’ll like this outdoor bar cabinet with storage.

A pull out trash can will keep your space tidy… The triple drawer setup is perfect for stowing away all your bar supplies… And the outdoor refrigerator will keep cool refreshments on hand at all times.

It’s the perfect trifecta. What else could you possibly need?

Well… There is one thing that could optimize the storage capacity even more.

Since this bar island is right against a wall… Why not add some storage shelves for extra space?

Depending on how you utilize them… It could actually beautify this area even further!

And adding some patio furniture or a dining table to the side will ensure you and your guests chat the night away.

Outdoor Bar TV Cabinet Idea

outdoor bar island with refrigerator and tv above

Wrapping up the list… Let’s review one more elegant example.

And it’s nearly the same as our previous example! What’s different here is the setup.

You still have the fridge and triple drawer storage… But this homeowner upgraded the single pull-out trash to a double pull-out trash.

This bar island features a sleek, modern plank finish… And luxurious granite countertops.

This serves as a beautiful counterpoint to its rustic, stacked stone surroundings.

We can also see this bar island used more as an entertainment station… Especially with the outdoor TV overhead.

Drinks and snacks can be displayed on the countertop… While you grab what you need, and settle into your outdoor furniture or sectional for movie night.

Sounds like a perfect evening, doesn’t it?

It certainly does to us!

And with all that said…

Ready to Bring the Party to Your Backyard?

moks outdoor kitchen with bar and stools on patio

If you’re starting to get excited about taking your outdoor living room to the next level… It’s time to start planning your outdoor bar project!

But where should you start?

Well… Reading this article was an excellent first step. Of course, there’s more to the process before you hit “checkout” on a solution.

The next best step is to start playing around with a design.

The more you toy with different layouts and appliance combinations… The more you’ll get a sense of what you like.

And we’ll just say it… An outdoor kitchen is the perfect pairing for your outdoor bar cabinet!

If you want full functionality of your space… An outdoor kitchen bar will create a complete outdoor dining room and an entertainment area.

So we’d encourage you not to limit your vision to a bar cabinet. (But even if you do, we won’t judge!)

Sounds great, but… How do you get your outdoor bar cabinet design?

It’s simple.

Give our free online design tool a try! This is the easiest way to play around with your bar island design… Without exception.

And once you’ve settled on a design you like… We’ll reach out to you to perfect the details.

So get to designing… And we’ll be in touch!

Need Help With Your Plans?

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There are several prominent brands offering high quality outdoor bar cabinets online. Consider pursuing an option from RTA Outdoor Living, Werever, Danver, or Newage.

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