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Kamado Joe vs Big Green Egg: Expert Reviews and 8 Key Differences

kamado joe vs BGE

If you’re a grilling enthusiast, there will likely come a day when you’re ready to level up your outdoor cooking.  So why not do so with an appliance that has persisted for thousands of years… One that will allow you to roast, sear, bake, or more… All while imparting a deliciously smoky flavor to your … Read more

Ikea Outdoor Kitchen: Detailed Guide on 5 Modular Options, Quality, & More

ikea outdoor kitchen on deck

If you’ve ever taken on a home improvement project… Chances are you’ve heard of Ikea. Ikea is best known for its wide variety of affordable furniture, appliances, and home goods. And of course… A big draw of Ikea for many homeowners is the DIY element. All Ikea designs are shipped ready to assemble… Including their … Read more

Outdoor Pizza Oven Kits: Quick DIY Overview & 5 Best Brands for 2024

man assembling pizza by gas pizza oven

There’s nothing quite like sinking your teeth into a fresh slice of wood-fired pizza. The crispy crust, tantalizing toppings, and melted cheese oozing off the sides… It doesn’t get much better than that. But you know what does improve the experience? Making that pizza with an oven you constructed with your own hands. If you’re … Read more

Argentinian Grill: 3 Unique Benefits & Reviews of Top Brands to Consider in 2024

Argentinian grill in outdoor kitchen 2

Grilling outdoors is a pastime just about everyone enjoys. It’s relaxing to be outside, flipping burgers on your BBQ grill. And while barbecuing on a gas grill is as popular as ever… You might be looking for something more. If you have inquisitive culinary tastes, that search for something deeper may lead you to an … Read more

Blackstone Flat Top Grill: Is it Worth it in 2024? Complete Product Review & 4 Essential Considerations Before You Buy

blackstone 36 inch griddle with air fryer cabinets

If the concept of griddle cooking has piqued your interest… It’s likely you’ve been considering a Blackstone griddle! While there are plenty of brands out there… Blackstone is one of the most prominent names in the flat top grill world. But is their popularity well-deserved? That’s what we’re here to find out! In this article, … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Vent Hood: When it’s Necessary, Key Considerations, & Top 7 Brands for 2024

outdoor kitchen grill with hood

When planning an outdoor kitchen project… Safety isn’t always the first thing we think about. But it’s essential! Of course, you don’t want to put your family or friends at risk. Which has likely led you to wonder… Do you need an outdoor kitchen vent hood over your island? It’s a worthy question to ask. … Read more

Mont Alpi Outdoor Kitchen: Is It Worth It In 2024? Complete Product Walkthrough & Reviews

Mont alpi black stainless steel outdoor kitchen

When you’re buying an outdoor kitchen… The brand you choose needs to check a lot of boxes! It has to look nice, be made well, be easy to install… And the price has to be right. There’s more to it, of course! But these are the primary areas homeowners look at. And for the above … Read more

Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen: In-Depth Guide & 5 Best Brands

stainless steel modular outdoor kitchen

Picture this… You get a brand new outdoor kitchen. It looks sleek and modern… And it’s clean and shiny. The cabinets and appliances match perfectly… And everything just looks good. If that image resonates with you… You might be looking for a stainless steel outdoor kitchen. While we can’t blame you… There are a few … Read more

Danver Outdoor Kitchen vs Urban Bonfire: 7 Essential Considerations, Prices, & Reviews

danver vs bonfire graphic

If you’re reading this, it’s no secret you’re interested in an outdoor kitchen. But the question is… What brand should you purchase? The answer depends on your needs! Currently, you might be thinking about a modular grill island offering. And in your research… You’ve likely come across Danver and Urban Bonfire outdoor kitchens. There are … Read more

Traeger Smoker: An Expert Reviews the 10 Best Pellet Smoker Options

rta outdoor kitchen with built in traeger

If you’re looking to add a wood pellet grill to your backyard… You’re likely considering a Traeger smoker. It’s no surprise why! Traeger is one of the most popular smoker brands available. Specializing in pellet smokers… They bring unique features and conveniences to the table. There’s a challenge, though. How do you decide which Traeger … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Roof: Starter’s Guide & 4 Breathtaking Ideas

custom galley rta outdoor kitchen under metal roof structure

There’s no better time to use an outdoor kitchen than during the summer! Warm air and a soft breeze… Fourth of July celebrations… And cookouts by the swimming pool! …But let’s pause for a moment. Is that actually what it’s like cooking outside? Or do you find yourself dripping sweat while you’re trying to cook … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Smoker: The Top 11 Built In Pellet & Kamado Options in 2024

grilling on coyote built in pellet grill

You’re in the middle of planning an outdoor kitchen… And it has come time to decide what smoker you want for your island. It’s a huge decision! You may have experience with standalone smokers… But for an outdoor kitchen, it’s a different realm. There’s a lot to consider. Today, we’ll cover those considerations… Reveal the … Read more

Lynx Grills vs Twin Eagles Grills: Top Reviews & Comparison

Lynx Vs twin eagles graphic

Grilling outside in the fresh air is always a great time… But it’s even better when you love your grill! When cooking is your thing, you want to make sure you have all the best tools… Including a high-quality grill. In this blog, you’ll learn all about two fantastic grill brands… Lynx Grills and Twin … Read more

Char-Broil Outdoor Kitchen: 9 Modular Options & Reviews

hood of a char broil modular outdoor kitchen grill

If you’ve been to Lowe’s outdoor living section… You’ve probably seen Char-Broil modular outdoor kitchens. They’re affordable, readily-available, and come with an assortment of appliance options. Char-Broil has also been around for a very long time… But these outdoor kitchens are fairly new! So what’s the deal with these new modular outdoor kitchen options? Are … Read more

Lowe’s Outdoor Kitchen: Best Shopper’s Guide for Beginners

Front of a lowes store

Outdoor home improvement can be difficult… Especially when you’re doing it yourself. But stores like Lowe’s can help out a lot. They offer advice… You can buy or rent all the tools you might need… And they can even help you find professionals to hire. Lowe’s is (understandably) one of the first places most people … Read more

Why Does an RTA Outdoor Kitchen Take So Long to Ship? The Top 5 Reasons

When you buy a new outdoor kitchen… You want to get cooking right away! You’ve already planned out what it’ll look like in your backyard… And you’re excited to get it set up. While you can pick up a prefabricated outdoor kitchen from a box store and install it on the same day… RTA’s outdoor … Read more

Winterize Outdoor Kitchen: How To & 4 Easy Considerations

an rta outdoor kitchen in the snow with coyote fridge

When you picture grilling outside… You’re probably also imagining sunshine and warm weather. After all, summer cookouts are a classic way to enjoy time with friends and family… And the food is unbeatable! But an outdoor kitchen isn’t like a freestanding outdoor grill that you can just store inside the garage when winter comes… It’s … Read more

Cal Flame vs KoKoMo Grills: Reviews & Which is Best

Are you wanting an outdoor kitchen for your dream backyard… but aren’t quite sure where to turn? If you’ve done your research… you might have come across Cal Flame and KoKoMo Grills. What’s the difference? Great question! You’re in the right place. While both Cal Flame and KoKoMo Grills work to create the ultimate outdoor … Read more

Weber Summit Grill vs Coyote Grills: Ratings, Reviews, & Prices

Wondering which gas grill to add to your outdoor kitchen? It’s a heavier decision than you may realize. Why? The grill you choose should last for the lifetime of your outdoor kitchen. Cutting corners is not an option here! In your research… You may have come across Weber and Coyote as potential grill options. Both … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Panels vs Modular vs Prefab Kits: Which is Best of the 3?

If you’ve spent any amount of time researching an outdoor kitchen project… (And you’re leaning toward a kit…) You’ve quickly realized there is a dizzying amount of information (and options!) out there. What should be a fun and simple process… Often turns into a source of brain-busting frustration. Thankfully, navigating this sea of information does … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Tile: Pros & Cons + Your Best Options

When considering an outdoor kitchen project… One of the first things you think about is the aesthetic. How do you want your kitchen to be finished? It’s an important question! If you don’t like how your outdoor kitchen looks… You’re going to be presented with an eyesore every time you glance out the window. (No … Read more

Coyote Grills: 6 Essential Considerations & In-Depth Review

When you’re looking to buy a new grill… There’s a lot of information to sift through. There are countless outdoor grill brands out there. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed… We don’t blame you. If only there was a master buying guide that could simply tell you which grill brand is the best. That would … Read more

Built In Blackstone Griddle: How To for an Outdoor Kitchen

So you’re in the market for a flat top griddle. That’s great! For years and years… Regular gas grills have stolen the thunder of their griddle counterparts. But recently? The tides have been changing. Gas griddles have taken the outdoor cooking community by storm in recent years. And for good reason! Homeowners love the versatility … Read more

Challenger vs Newage Outdoor Kitchen: Review which is Best

Not sure what brand of outdoor kitchen you want? We understand completely. An outdoor kitchen project requires quite a bit of time and money. You want to be sure you’re investing it wisely! It’s going to be the crowning jewel of your outdoor space, after all. From time to time… Customers will ask us for … Read more

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