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Built in Grill DIY: Good Idea or Not? Expert Advice & 5 Ideas

built in grill DIY featured image

If you’ve got a freestanding grill that you’re particularly attached to… You might be wondering how to incorporate it into an outdoor kitchen. You already have a grill you love… So why spend the extra cash on a brand-new grill? Seems logical. But is it actually the best decision? That’s what we’re here to parse … Read more

What is a Pellet Grill? 7 Astounding Perks & Why to Buy

jet tila using his pellet grill

You’re in the market for a new grill… And you’ve been hearing a bunch of hubbub about pellet grills. They’re not like the gas or charcoal grills of old, you’ve heard… But you’re still not really sure what they’re all about. Which is making you wonder… What is a pellet grill? It’s an important question … Read more

BBQ Cleaning: 11 Simple Steps To Get Your Grill Good As New

person wiping down grill

While we’d all rather host carefree cookouts without worrying about BBQ cleaning… Unfortunately, it’s an essential task if you want your trusty outdoor grill to last. And if you’re here… It means you’ve got a dirty grill, and you’re wondering how to restore it to its former sparkling glory. The good news? Cleaning your grill … Read more

Why Freestanding vs Built In Appliances Aren’t Interchangeable: 7 Top Safety Concerns

freestanding vs built in featured image

You’re planning to build a BBQ island, and have been browsing through all the different outdoor appliance options. At this point, you’ve likely noticed that there are both “freestanding” and “built-in” models available. But… Does the configuration you choose really matter? Built-in appliances tend to sport a bigger price tag… And it may be tempting … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Texas: 3 Key Considerations & A Top-Tier Solution

customers outdoor kitchen space in texas

As the land of Texas BBQ… It’s clear that outdoor cooking is a deeply valued custom in the Lone Star State. Sure, you could always hit up your local BBQ joint to get that smoky fix… But what if you’re looking to try your own hand as a true Texas pitmaster? Well, with an outdoor … Read more

NatureKast Outdoor Kitchen: Insider Insights & 3 Important Points

naturekast featured image

At the very least, a well-crafted outdoor kitchen should do two things: Hold up to the elements. Look beautiful while doing so. Unfortunately, this throws wooden outdoor kitchens out of the running. Sure, they have the visual appeal… But maintenance is a nightmare, and they’ll decay faster than you can say “BBQ.” So, you’re left … Read more

Ribs on Pellet Grill: 11 Must-See Expert Tips & How-to Guide

Ribs on the pellet grill featured image

Ribs are undoubtedly one of the most sought-after cuts for smoking… And it’s no surprise why. There’s something about a slab of meat on the bone that activates a primal, nearly carnivorous-like instinct in us… But really, what keeps us going back is the flavor. There’s nothing quite like sinking your teeth into a tender, … Read more

10 Outdoor Kitchen Safety Risks You’ve Never Heard Of, & What You Can do About it

safety risks featured image

What could be so unsafe about an outdoor kitchen? It’s just like any other backyard upgrade… Isn’t it? Well… Not exactly. It may not appear obvious at first… But there are actually several safety risks related to an outdoor kitchen. Pretty significant ones, too! These can range from superficial burns at the grill… All the … Read more

Lynx Outdoor Kitchen: 4 Important Points & Insider Tips

Lynx Outdoor Kitchen Featured Image

You’re on the hunt for high quality appliances for your outdoor kitchen… And Lynx has crossed your radar. We’ll cut straight to the case… Lynx is an all-around solid choice for built-in grills and other accessories. But before you can fully commit… It’s important to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. More specifically, what … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Components: 6 Must-Haves For A Perfect Island

Outdoor Kitchen Components Featured image

Are you ready to start planning an outdoor kitchen? How exciting! Your backyard will soon become the envy of the neighborhood. But while fresh-grilled food and unforgettable summer cookouts are in your future… Right now, you’re just getting started. And to begin your project in earnest… You’ll first need to familiarize yourself with the essential … Read more

Austin Outdoor Kitchen: Cost, Buying Tips, & 5 Best Builders

greetings from austin

To you, Austin is far more than just the capital of Texas… It’s home. And as you’re reading this… You’re thinking about how to make your Austin home even better than it already is. More specifically, with an Austin outdoor kitchen. And we must say… It’s an excellent idea. But inevitably, you’ll have a lot … Read more

Cooking Steak on a Flat Top Grill: 7 Insider Tips & Recipe Guide

Your flat top grill has opened up a world of cooking potential… And when you’re first getting started, it can feel a bit overwhelming. In some ways… It’s almost as if you have to relearn everything you thought you knew about cooking. This cooking appliance is an entirely different beast… Hence, why you’re wondering about … Read more

Kamado vs Pellet Grill: Which Is Best? 5 Shocking Differences

Not sure what type of smoker is best for you? If you’re after unrivaled versatility and a flavorsome, smoky flair… It’s likely down to two top contenders: Kamado vs pellet grill. Kamados have been around for over 3,000 years… For good reason! And though pellet grills may be a much newer invention… These innovative appliances … Read more

Houston Outdoor Kitchen: 5 Popular Local Contractors, Plus What To Know Before You Start Planning

greetings from houston

Houston, TX… Home of the space center, the largest metropolis in the south, and filled to the brim with its own unique culture. (Not to mention a diverse food scene!) It goes without saying, there’s a lot to love about Houston! But as a Houstonian… You already know that. And you’re looking for more ways … Read more

Kamado Joe Outdoor Kitchen: 4 Key Considerations & The Best Options To Make It Happen

kamado joe outdoor kitchen featured image

Kamado smokers are visually stunning, outstandingly versatile, and all-around incredible outdoor cooking appliances. And one of the absolute best kamado smokers on the market is none other than the bright and bold Kamado Joe. Of course, a Kamado Joe smoker is a grilling powerhouse on its own… But what if we told you there was … Read more

9 Best Summer BBQ Sides That’ll Steal The Spotlight At Your Next Cookout

summer bbq sides

As you draft up a menu for your next summer BBQ party… Most of your attention is likely on the main dish. And while it’s certainly important to focus on the main event… It’s not the only part of your plate to take heed of! Even the best grilled meat will feel barebones if served … Read more

Pavers Outdoor Kitchen: 6 Reasons Why Building Your BBQ Island With Pavers May Not Be The Best Idea, & A Better DIY Solution

pavers outdoor kitchen

There are so many ways to get an outdoor grill station up and running… Truly, the options are endless! And if you’re looking for an easy and reliable route for your outdoor kitchen design… You may have heard that a pavers outdoor kitchen is a simple, durable solution. But while paver blocks are a popular … Read more

Memphis Grills: Are These Pellet Smokers Worth The Price? This Expert Review of 5 Features Will Help You Decide

memphis grills featured image

If you love deliciously juicy, wood-fired meals (who doesn’t?)… Investing in a pellet grill is a no-brainer. But before you settle for just any old pellet grill… It’s important to compare your options. (And luckily, you’ve got plenty!) Today, we’ll be narrowing down those options to focus on one pellet smoker brand in particular… Memphis … Read more

Charcoal vs Pellet Smoker: Which Is Better? A Detailed Look At 6 Major Differences, Plus The Pros & Cons Of Each Grill

PELLET VS charcoal featured image

Hot on smoky flavors? Or, are you all about a wood-fired flair? Are you a hands-on griller… Or would you prefer a grill that can do the brunt of the work for you? The type of grill that’s right for you comes down to your personal outdoor cooking style… And when you’re looking for a … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Outlet: 3 Unique Options, Key Considerations, & Insider Tips from an Expert Designer

Do you want your outdoor kitchen to run a rotisserie, blender, crockpot, or charging station? Well, in that case… You’re going to need an outdoor kitchen outlet. (Maybe several of them!) The trouble is, there’s not much information out there on the topic. How do you plan for electrical outlets in your island? How much … Read more

The Most Popular Milkshake Flavor in Every U.S. State

Have you ever wondered if your state’s favorite milkshake brings all the boys to the yard? If this thought has been on your mind lately, you are not alone. At RTA Outdoor Living, we love milkshakes and wanted to figure out what the most popular milkshake flavors are across America. To do this, we investigated … Read more

6 Reasons Why Your Contractor is Less Expensive than RTA

an l shape rta outdoor kitchen on paver patio with multiple coyote appliances

So you’re thinking about buying an outdoor kitchen (a good choice). If you’ve started your research… You may even have a few quotes from contractors by now. There are a lot of different options to consider. You could use a contractor, buy from a company like Home Depot… Or perhaps you’re interested in RTA! We’re … Read more

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