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Outdoor Kitchen Burners: Top 3 Types, Considerations, & Popular Brands for 2024

dual side burner built into outdoor kitchen grill island

You’re toying with your outdoor kitchen design… And it’s at the point where you have to choose the appliances you want. An outdoor grill is a given, of course! But what about all the other cooking appliances? There’s flat top grills, pizza ovens, smokers… And to top it all off, there’s outdoor kitchen burners to … Read more

Built in Outdoor Pizza Oven: Pros, Cons & 4 Best Brands for 2024

outdoor kitchen with alfa wood fired pizza oven

Pizza ovens have become an extremely popular addition to outdoor kitchens… And we can’t say we’re surprised! There’s nothing like making authentic, great pizza right in your own backyard. With the surge in popularity came a wide variety of outdoor pizza ovens. So when getting one for yourself… There’s a lot of options to consider! … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen With Stove: Excellent Oven and Stovetop Options Plus 4 Inspiring Ideas

Outdoor kitchen with stove feature image

Year after year… The versatility of outdoor kitchen islands continues to expand. With built-in grills, flat top griddles, power burners, and pizza ovens… There’s not much that you can’t cook in an outdoor grill island! As the functionality of outdoor BBQs continues to increase… You may be wondering if there’s a stove for outdoor kitchens. … Read more

Brick Outdoor Kitchen: Pros & Cons, 7 Step How To Guide, & Inspiring Ideas

l shaped grill island with dual burner and double access doors on patio in reclaimed brick finish

When planning your outdoor kitchen… You want to make sure your grill island is perfectly tailored to your tastes.  We get it… You want your outdoor kitchen to be the stunning centerpiece of your backyard. A brick outdoor kitchen is an excellent solution for those looking to be creative with their outdoor living space.  Whether … Read more

Miami Outdoor Kitchen: 12 Showrooms, Builders, & Best Options for Your Area

welcome to Miami

If you live in Miami… The best way to enjoy the outdoors is with a beautiful outdoor kitchen. Outdoor kitchens are even sometimes called “Florida Kitchens” just because of how perfect they are for the coastal weather! But when you start researching… You’ll find an overwhelming amount of information. (And lack of information in some … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Backsplash: Best Materials, When it’s Necessary, & 9 Design Ideas

modern outdoor kitchen with concrete backsplash near lake with patio furniture

When you’re planning an outdoor kitchen project… One of the first things you’ll have to consider is the location of your island. Will it be freestanding, or near a wall? If it’s near a wall… You’ll want to consider installing an outdoor kitchen backsplash. But how important is a backsplash, anyway? And if you do … Read more

San Diego Outdoor Kitchen: Cost, Best Builders, & Material Considerations for Your Area

welcome to san diego

So you’re in San Diego… And you’re thinking about installing an outdoor kitchen. Smart idea! Weather-wise, San Diego is one of the best locations in the country for outdoor kitchen ownership. With average high temperatures ranging from 66-77°F year-round… The southern California climate couldn’t be better for outdoor cooking. And with an average of only … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Drawers: Shopper’s Guide and Top 4 Brand Options for 2024

storage drawers in built in kitchen

There’s nothing quite like a well-designed outdoor kitchen. Copious amounts of counter-space… Some awesome appliances to make the job easier… And all the tools you need to cook right at your fingertips. But when most people start envisioning their new grill island… Storage is the last thing on their mind. We admit that it might … Read more

Outdoor Deep Fryer: Expert Tips for Purchasing & 5 Best Options to Consider in 2024

person taking basket out of deep fryer

Fried food is versatile… Easy to make… And just tastes darn incredible. So it’s no surprise you’re thinking about getting an outdoor deep fryer! When you have your very own deep fryer… You can make that salty, fatty, crispy goodness to your heart’s content! Whether it be chicken, fries, pickles, beignets, or even a whole … Read more

Tampa Outdoor Kitchen: Tips for Purchasing & Top 8 Installation Options

greetings from tampa postcard

When you live in Tampa… You’re surrounded by natural beauty. There are beautiful gardens and a gorgeous bay… Not to mention the stunning museums, aquariums, and vibrant downtown. When you live in such a gorgeous area… You want your backyard to look great, too! Of course, there’s no better way to make that happen than … Read more

Dimensions for Outdoor Kitchen: The Top 5 Considerations You Need to Know

rta outdoor kitchen plans and blueprints on a wooden table

One of the best things you can do for your backyard is build a good outdoor living space… Especially one with an outdoor grill island. But whether you have a spacious backyard or a small patio… Planning out the specific dimensions for outdoor kitchen designs can be a challenge. There are so many things to … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen NJ: 7 Shocking Factors that Affect Cost

A postcard from new jersey with an rta outdoor kitchen on it

You’re looking for a way to upgrade your outdoor living space… And you’re interested in an outdoor kitchen. Being in New Jersey, that’s an excellent (and popular) choice! It’s no secret why outdoor kitchens are a fan-favorite in New Jersey. With 141 miles worth of shoreline… There’s no better way to enjoy that beautiful backdrop. … Read more

Wood Outdoor Kitchen: 5 Disadvantages & An Easy DIY Solution

outdoor kitchen with tile countertop made of wood with built in grill

If you’re reading this blog… You’ve probably been dreaming about building an outdoor kitchen and entertaining guests. You’re wanting a nice place to cook outside… And who can blame you? Outdoor kitchens are useful, fun, and look great in any outdoor area. If you’ve been looking for DIY outdoor kitchen ideas… You’ve probably seen that … Read more

How Long Does An Outdoor Kitchen Last? 7 Points to Consider

friends enjoying their outdoor kitchen after using free design tool software to create it

Imagine buying a brand new outdoor kitchen for your backyard with all the appliances and storage you could want. It’ll have gorgeous countertops and your favorite grill. You’ll have a nice spot to cook great food… A good reason to get outside more often… And a beautiful place to spend quality time with your friends … Read more

Weber Summit Grill Center vs KitchenAid Island: Ratings, Reviews, & Prices

If you’re reading this… You’re interested in a fully equipped backyard kitchen. Or in other words… An outdoor kitchen. (Smart idea!) In your research, you’ve probably come across the Weber Summit grill center and KitchenAid islands. You may find yourself on the fence between these two options. So today… Our mission is to determine which … Read more

6 Reasons Why Your Contractor is Less Expensive than RTA

an l shape rta outdoor kitchen on paver patio with multiple coyote appliances

So you’re thinking about buying an outdoor kitchen (a good choice). If you’ve started your research… You may even have a few quotes from contractors by now. There are a lot of different options to consider. You could use a contractor, buy from a company like Home Depot… Or perhaps you’re interested in RTA! We’re … Read more

Outdoor Kitchen Utilities: Your Guide to Plumbing & Electric

a woman grabbing a drink out of her electric fridge built into an outdoor kitchen

If you’re reading this… You are serious about getting an outdoor kitchen for your backyard. You’re also probably thinking about ways you can save money and may be seriously considering running utilities yourself! Considering the average DIYer doesn’t have experience with this… You’re certainly setting your sights high! Of course, it’s understandable why you may … Read more

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